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A very generous anonymous person upgraded my Dreamwidth account, which means I can start migrating my icons here! \o/ (Damon and Stefan approve!) It was such a lovely surprise (and hee, yes, ok, I'll get better at posting here! point taken!), and got me thinking about how grateful I am for all the good things in fandom this year. It's my happy place again! :D

I had thought that maybe the Vividcon bubble would burst and I'd come back down with a thud, but honestly I'm in a happy place right now--both in RL and creatively. In some ways I still feel the blanket of warmth that I found there wrapped around me.

[profile] wistful_fever posted that she had held off on posting her premiere because part of her didn't want Vividcon to be over... I feel the same way, but I'm not sure it is over for me, or I'm choosing for it not to be. I still have other posts I want to make about it and I don't care whether they're only for me or not. I have vids to rec. Yeah, I'm dragging things out, but when it might be a one-off experience (I honestly don't know) it's hard not to. And creatively I think what Vividcon gave me more than anything was the courage to engage with people in conversation again, to trust myself again, at least a little bit. And those conversations I'm having at the moment with people, by email or comments or chat, are fuelling me and keeping me determined and brave in not letting go of this creative energy. So, thank you, fandom! Thank you, world!

Any way, I want to take time to rec Fabella's Whatever You Need, one of the best vids out of Vividcon 2010, in my opinion. My little personal story with it is that on the first day, when [profile] wistful_fever told me she had vidded Boys Over Flowers for her premiere, I was so excited and in some strange way I felt instantly more at home. In my time away from Western fandom, I'd watched a lot of K-dramas and J-dramas (and Bollywood movies) and I hadn't expected to have a little of that show up at Vividcon. It was one of those rare joys--and then [profile] wistful_fever's vid rendered me speechless during premieres. It is so full of warmth and love and emotion, and, yes, romanticism. I put on an awful front about not being a romantic, but stuff like this totally makes me come all undone. Aesthetically, I love the use of colour and texture in this vid, and also the tender use of hand imagery from the source. It's a vid that rewards re-watching and will be treasured by me for long to come.
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Revise, Wollongong, December 2010
Australian vidders and vid fans! Although we had to abandon plans for a formal Australian vidding convention this year, [ profile] nushanakt has just announced details for Revise: The Art and Science of Contemporary Remix Cultures and we'd love to have an informal gathering of vidfolk there. Sing out if you are interested in attending and meeting up and we can organise some stuff around the conference. :)

If you haven't already heard, Vidukon is on the cards again in the northern hemisphere spring next year. A poll on dates and location and interest in helping organise over here.

Pilots Memorial/Revival Festival
Twitter results in some strange devlopments it seems... in a surprising (?!) turn of events, [ profile] taragel, [ profile] indigo419 and I are plotting some kind of Kara/Lee celebration/commemoration in the new year, probably around Feb 14 (pilots = love *g*). OK, I'm a bit foggy on dates (I wasn't in charge of that bit!), but stay tuned... Tara and Indi have it covered, I'm sure. :) Fics, vids, meta and squee will all be welcome but you'll have to answer to me if you so much as mention THAT FUCKING PIGEON.

I have pledged to make something for said festival... (IT'S WEIRD TO ME TOO! But they were very persuasive!) ... which brings me to the poll. I have recently, finally dug my BSG DVDs out of the closet of pain I shoved them into after the finale. And to my MASSIVE surprise, I actually have vids I want to make with them, but I am currently dithering about which to start with. Help!? cut for poll )

Where are the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist?! Get yourselves to this amazing, poignant and totally EPIC Songs for a Girl by [ profile] jarrow. It's a Tyra/Landry vid in three movements, handling the nuances of their relationship--yes, even the part that made us think the show had jumped the shark--with exquisite restraint and delicacy. If you like the show and/or either of the characters AT ALL, watch it! Non-FNL-viewers: watch to see what you're missing. Some of the best vidding I've seen all year.

Also in my 'best vids of they year' category: [ profile] absolutedestiny's Running Away, a gorgeous tribute to childhood imagination, friendship and shared dreams. The source is the movie 'Son of Rambow' but you do not need to have seen the movie to adore this. It is totally joyful.

LJ fail

Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:01 am
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I wrote a post offering Dreamwidth codes and mentioning the whole Twitter/Facebook thing (summary: LOL timing, Bop, to mention your Twitter for the first time on the day LJ pisses everyone off with offering crossposting--not that it matters since my Twitter is fannish).

LJ ate the post.

There's a message in this for me somewhere. *squints at it*

Nope. Still too lazy to migrate myself probably. But more power to those of you angry enough to do so and anyone wanting codes should sing out.

ETA: I honestly don't care that deeply about this stuff but those little repost buttons? Annoy me on principle, even when they are greyed out. *frowns at them*
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Wow. This feels so weird. Posting. I haven't done so for so long.

Basically, this is a long-overdue apology/disclaimer. I more or less vanished from LiveJournal for the last four-five months. I should have probably been upfront about that but at the time I wasn't really aware it was happening or how long it would last. The short story is that from being a place of enjoyable escapism originally, LiveJournal became a Very Unhappy Place for me (for reasons not worth going into). And while I do miss my friends here, I'm sorry, but there's not really a lot of point in LJ when it makes you miserable. (I hope you'll agree!) I guess you could call it an extremely localised depression.

In fact, 95 per cent of my depressive symptoms in the last months have centred on online life, weird though that may seem. While it's meant I vanished from here, probably disappointing and pissing off a bunch of people in the process (sorry!), it's actually had an overwhelmingly positive effect in the rest of my life, since work, home life, health, friends, etc have been depression-free zones!

some of the benefits of internet freedom! )

What does it mean going forward? I have no idea. I may still not be around for some time to come. I'd say expecting nothing from me would be a good idea. If I do come back, I probably will not be posting the way I used to. brief notes on status of current personal fandoms )

I'm still vidding, because vidding (the process not the fandom) is joyful. I may not show you the results though, I really don't know. I'm not very audience-oriented right now and haven't been bothered to update my BAM links though I did see that BAM went pfft.

One thing I feel I should do though is say that since I'm unlikely to be around, ANYONE is welcome to pick up the idea of 'vid chats' if they want to and run with them. This should hopefully be clear anyway--they were always free to be borrowed/adapted/done with as you will... but just in case anyone's hung back thinking I might be annoyed to be 'copied': no, man, I'd be delighted! I just probably won't be there. :) Apologies for dropping the ball--but please don't wait for or feel limited by my absence.

This may all seem very selfish. I'm sure it is. I have guilt and shame about it. I encourage you to defriend me. Really. No hurt feelings! Shoo! :) And I hope you are all as happy in your real lives, and by some lucky star in fandom too, as I am.

(Disabling comments because I'm not very interact-y these days. I assume anyone who really wants to talk to me will email or PM me, which you're still welcome to do.)
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Hey guys! Welcome to 2010! It's going to ROCK! :D

I'm excited about the year ahead because of my determination to focus on the Things That Really Matter. In '09 I spent a lot of energy getting my freelance career off the ground--now I can focus more on quality of life.

You may see some changes around here on my journal. It's been a while since I felt comfortable in fandom, and part of that is that I've outgrown some old aspects of my online activity.

So... first up, I'm cutting my friendslist. I would like to be able to read and keep up with it without filters or GUILT, so sadly that means substantial cutting. Four years of impulsive friending caught up with me! It doesn't mean I hate you. It doesn't mean I'll never visit your journal. But if we don't interact much, you haven't updated in ages or our interests have completely diverged, then I may have deleted you. Don't worry! You are still welcome here. Most of my posts are and will continue to be public, so you're not missing out.

Also, tip to anyone that actually wants to be mutual friends with me: just talk to me. Comment, email, PM, whatever. I respond well to interaction. *g* But I'm going to have to put myself on a very strict 'no auto-friending' policy for a while because friending waaaay too quickly in the past got me into this unmanageable situation.

Secondly, you may seem some content changes. Since my fandom interests kind of nose-dived in 09 (BSG tanked, TSCC got axed), I'm not sure how much meta there will be. If something sparks my interest, I'll post, but I'm not forcing it. I am, however, going to post about movies and books I'm reading, because that's where my attention is. I haven't used my books filter for eons, but I've decided to just post about books publicly instead--if you're not up for that, scroll past or remove me, it's cool. I just need to be a bit more 'me' on here.

I will also continue to post about vidding and get (roving) vidding chats rolling again from the end of Jan (I hope).

I watched some stuff! Reactions to: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Red Cliff, Legend of the Seeker )

and I read stuff: The Disappeared and In the Country of Men )

Now off to Brisbane for a music festival: should be fun!
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To the many people who told me to suck it up and watch Dollhouse... thanks! I actually enjoyed that ep as much as I've enjoyed any episode of Dollhouse. cut for brief thoughts, since I feel I owe my f'list that after the counselling session (spoilers for 2.1) )

In other news, I watched the first episode of Community and am completely charmed! cut, but not very spoilery--just squee )

And I've been reading! Joining the BSG crowd in reading Hunger Games (thanks, Tara!). cut for thoughts on the first book including the shipper issue )
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So... confession... I can't bring myself to watch Jamie in Dollhouse. I'm totally nailbiting about it. I was so upset when he got cast because the idea of watching him play a misogynist makes me shudder... he's a really good actor, I'm sure he'll carry it off, and I just really don't know if I can deal with that. *is a massive emotional coward*

So, people that know me well? Will it make Bop :((? (do NOT tell me how hot he is, my f'list is managing to convey that quite nicely already and it's still not enough to make me watch it...)

Sigh. It's so much easier to watch him in Law and Order. *missing my Matt/Alesha*

In other news... *glances at f'list* ... WOW that is a lot of wank! I'd forgotten what it was like when the shows are actually on. ;) But even BSG is still bringing the wank. Amazing! Still, SV scoops the wank awards as usual... bless.

ETA: Lots of spoilers for Dollhouse 2.1 in the comments.
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It seems timely to update my things to know about me. It's been (gulp!) nearly four years since I wrote it. Most of it is still true but since my fannish activities have changed over the years and since I've recently been friended by a few people and we're about to enter the US TV cycle again, I thought people might like to know something a little more recent. ;)

It comes with a blanket defriending amnesty. I almost never mind when I get defriended. For realz. And if I do, well who cares? You don't have to hear about it anymore. :p My friendslist is getting to the totally unmanageable stage for me so I'll probably go through and defriend a few journals at some point based on diverging interests or not corresponding over a long period of time. As always, it's not an indication that I hate you. 95% of my posts are public so you're really not missing out on much.

cut for ten things to keep in mind about me in fandom )
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Apparently it's a long weekend in the States. So if you're bored, check out the The Itty-Bitty Viddy Ficcy Thon ... prompting open for another few hours, or you can snag someone else's prompt and make a teenie wee vidlet or ficlet. I might just do that myself (so, you know, if you have some ten-second crack you want to see vidded, now's a good time to ask!).


May. 4th, 2009 09:05 pm
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I has it. Dreamwidth that is. I'm predictable:

I have a paid LiveJournal, though, so I don't plan on moving any time soon. I may eventually cross-post. Who knows?

Actually my LiveJournal is in need of an overhaul and I feel like I'm in a bit of transition time with many of my shows, my interests, and my focus in posting. Which may be why I'm procrastinating a lot about posting anything at the moment.

However my little vent about being stuck with vidding resulted in a burst of productivity, so maybe if I declare my journal in need of refreshing publicly, I will suddenly get off my ass and refresh it! *hopeful*
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So it turns out I *do* still want/need to talk about Battlestar Galactica. I'm actually desperately itching to write a serious meta post on the big-picture problems with the finale. I'm reading a lot of response posts and seeing so many good points being made and I'd really like to collate them together. I've also read a few responses from people that liked it and they are fascinating in a headtilt-y, huh! kind of way. I know my response was very personal: it could be summarised as cut for spoilery description of reaction )

I also want to write a post to my fellow Kara/Lee shippers and Lee fans. cut for very short version of said post )

I'd also like to write:
- my reaction post to TSCC 2.19 (eeeeee!!! So much to say! So much to process...)
- a post of unpopular vidding fandom opinions (which has been percolating for a long time)
- a squee post about Skins (which I recently mainlined and LOVE)
- a post about the problematic Dollhouse (1.6 didn't really do it for me, kids, though I saw how it was meant to)
- a post on how Kings is not really doing it for me either
and any number of other posts...

And that's not to mention the VIDDING I want to be doing.

You know what all this means? It means I have no time for such activities. I have two days or so in which to respond to comments and then I will be away from the 'net for the next couple of weeks. So all my love in the meantime and I kind of hope you will still be interested in some/any of those proposed posts when I get back. :)

See you on the other side! :p
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So my life is somewhat manic at the moment and will probably remain so until April and possibly beyond. I apologise for being behind catching-up on my f'list--point me to anything important! *g*

A few very fleeting thoughts on various fannish matters:
-Smallville: Season 9? I think I just feel exhausted. Do they actually have anything left they can ruin? Oh wait. Yes they do.
- BSG: WTFUCKITY fuck? Srsly that show gets more batshit by the week. I tried a new tactic this week and pretended I'd never seen an episode before. It still made no sense but the characters were slightly more sympathetic and I really liked the Cylons. The humans were shit though and I wouldn't have tuned back in. *BG* Which brings me to...
- Law and Order UK: Thank god Jamie has another show! \o/ A show that actually APPRECIATES him. OK, they do have him playing someone markedly less well educated than he really is, but at least they a) showcase his looks, b) let him do action, c) have him onscreen almost constantly (or it felt like that in comparison to BSG!) and d) gave him flirty moment with Freema, who, hi, is a total babe and I am shamelessly shipping them already. :D I don't give a toss about the plot. I may watch with the sound turned down. It will still be more interesting than that stuff RDM is churning out.

Tomorrow is another high alert day for fires and there are still many around Melbourne. I think we're all holding our breath hoping against another Black Saturday. Please no.
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It's back to work for me this week, but I'm not going to dwell on that. I've been busily pursuing my resolutions, hooray.

I went to my first concert of the year: Lykke Li at the Prince of Wales. She was fabulously charismatic and I was impressed with her thoughtful approach to the concert. But the crowd was weird. Lots of over-dressed, overly-made-up 18 year olds. I saw someone take a friggin' wine glass into the front row. WT...? Kids these days. *tsks* And no-one danced. Of course. (Clarification: I danced and so did my late-20s companion.) The support band was one of the worst I've ever seen. Yes, even including The Bumblebeez.

I am feeling completely lukewarm (at best) about the impending beginning of Season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica. I found the Gaetasodes too boring to continue with. When the last one gets released I'll mainline them. However [ profile] taragel's battlestarbook completely delights me.

I'm making a vid that is totally devouring about 80% of my brainspace on a daily basis. It's ... challenging. I don't know if I can pull it off but the exercise itself is so interesting I can't give up. My desire to vid is so strong I have to use it as a reward for other behaviour (since there's a lot on that '2009 to do' list *g*). Speaking of which... *toodles*
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1. Haircuts!
I am getting one tonight and can't wait because I kind of left it months due to lack of cash. Meep! Hairdresser will not approve. My curls need organised.

2. Clois dreams!
Thank you, subconscious, for giving me a break once in a while from the usual nightmare or Lee-centric fare. Clois porn is FAR preferable!

3. Vidding
It would be even better if I had time but exciting new epic SV vid proceeds excitedly in my brain, if nowhere else, not to mention the ten other vid bunnies in various stages of gestation.

Things of a less-awesome nature:
- Haven't seen this weeks's Sarah Connor Chronicles and don't know when I will.
- Have much f'list reading to catch up on.
- Will be late for SV this week due to a friend's birthday.
But all this can be solved by a lazy Saturday at home, yes? Yes!
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Attention Clois fans! There be fic. (Why am I talking like a pirate? NO CLUE other than the fact that my job is frying my brain. When is Friday again?)

Kate's Secrets She'll Never Tell is deliciously Lois-centric Clois, with a very Season 8 flavour and lots of hot sex. Yay! It even sells me on the dynamic I was less than happy about on the show initially. (Yes, I've moved on from my hissy fit now!) It's also uplifting as all get out! (I was powerless to stop the grinning while betaing.)

In semi-related news I had a nightmare last night about Clark having to wear a green jacket (fashion ew!) secretly laced with Kryptonite, but he didn't realise he was wearing it. Chloe took advantage of this opportunity to snog him and I was ragey and wrote 'FUCK YOU SMALLVILLE' in my journal.

In my dreams I'm way more ragey and territorial than in real (fandom) life. ;) I thought you'd like to know.

Wow, I have to stop this stream-of-consciousness shit. What DID they put in my coffee?

*slopes off to read f'list*
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Ok, there is officially waaaay too much TV these days. And I want to talk about all of it! But clearly this is beyond the capabilities of my schedule. So. You get to choose!

You're not escaping my Smallville posts--it hurts me enough that I haven't posted a full 8.03 review yet! So they are non-negotiable. And I'm unlikely to have much to say about Mad Men or Pushing Daisies--and they may slip to my 'catch up with when I can' list. But I can't decided how to prioritise the following shows--so I thought I'd gauge the interest level from my friendslist to decide.

[Poll #1274643]

How surprisingly democratic of me! *beams*


Aug. 17th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Hi LJ peoples! I have been much absent of late. I found myself indifferent about the remainder of the film festival this year--it felt very mediocre, which is perhaps reflective of a year that I've found mediocre overall as far as films are concerned. In fact, the film I've most enjoyed recently was not at the film festival at all. Forbidden Kingdom was an entirely satisfying film, despite it's teen flick status. The fact that it stars both Jackie Chan AND Jet Li should speak for itself. They both have a heap of fun in their roles. I particularly enjoyed seeing Li play the Monkey King, and Chan was at his perfect comedic best as the wine-drenched Daoist immortal. All in all it was a lot of fun, giving a new take on a classic tradition. And I could watch Jet Li forever. *happy sigh*

Other than that, I have very little to comment on at the moment. I have been much preoccupied with real life matters, but am looking forward to the end of this US summer hiatus... I miss my TV! The only things I've been watching are Middleman and Mad Men. I enjoy the first and wince at the second, but find I have nothing of note to say about either.

I hope you are all well and hope to rally up a little more online energy soon. ;)
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Drive-by post from moi, as I am shortly off to see The Dark Knight at IMAX (having finally convinced their booking system to give up a seat).

Dr Horrible was kinda fun, yes? It made me realise something (spoilery) about my (very biased) taste in Joss-works. )

What else is news? I watched an anime so boring/mad that I started shipping one character with a duck. (Don't ask!) I downloaded Middleman but am hesitating to watch it because it seems like it's about to get canned (feel free to persuade me otherwise!).

And it's that time of year again... the Melbourne International Film Festival started yesterday. This year, I just got a mini-pass (10 flicks) so it won't be as manic as last year and my first session is not until the weekend. I teamed up with a friend to slice through the impenetrably long program and come up with some priority viewing material... it got easier to be decisive after a few glasses of wine, but the results could be ... interesting. I'll report back. :p

random thing that made me LOL )

And finally, a shoutout/invitation to any BSG fans interested in running challenges during this here hiatus we're in. [ profile] bsg_hiatusthon is yours for the co-opting!
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I once had someone on my f'list who wrote all their posts as numbered lists. I could say that this post was an ironic tribute to them, but actually it's also a convenient way to precis a great deal into a short space. :) This is all the stuff I could have posted about recently, but didn't.

cut for stuff going on with Bop, in point form )

So what's up with you guys?
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I had one hell of a fucking bad day. I could do without fandom being fucktard-ish as well.

Kate says it better than I could.

I can't help seeing in this the sort of catty politics that teach women that you shouldn't ever put yourself forward, that you should be modest and wait for other people to notice how wonderful you are. Because if you DO put yourself forward other women will tear you to shreds for your audacity. How lovely.


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