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What's been going on for me in the last six or so months )

Vividcon... I rolled over my membership, so I can, in theory, attend this year (I'm registered) but financially it's going to be a streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch. I'm not ruling anything out yet though. It's cool to see everyone getting hyped for it anyway. :) And since I got over my Club Vivid anxiety last year (memo to self: always to just do it anyway, YOU ALWAYS FORGET, DUMBFACE!), I have signed up again for this year and am having a blast with my idea. I'm not completely convinced I'll actually have a vid by the due date but the journey is fun so far. :)

shows and stuff )

bonus anecdote: Bop re-enacts part of the BSG finale against her will )
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To prove that I learnt something at Vividcon, I am finally getting round to posting my notes on watching vids on a large screen with an audience for the first time. While hopefully more widely interesting than my tl;dr social rambles about the con (part 1 and part 2), these notes are still highly subjective. I am sure other people's relationship with vids differs from my own (even surer of this after the con than I was before) and I suspect to those more acclimatised to watching vids in group settings these notes may seem naive and obviously 'newbie'. However, I remember searching for an explanation somewhere of the differences in viewing experience and coming up terribly short. While I found lots of 'oh, it's very different' statements from congoers, there was little in the way of an actual explanation of how for someone a) thinking of attending and b) trying to work out how to make a vid that would work in this context. So hopefully someone out there will find this useful.

If nothing else, you can be amused at my naivety again.

Quick background on my own viewing habits at home (for context) )

Things I noticed about viewing vids in a con setting )

Summary: I didn't feel like viewing at the con invalidated the choices I make at home as a viewer; I feel it expanded my possibilities and freed me up in a positive way, as well as teaching me more about myself and others as viewers.
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* You thought that was the last post, didn't you? HAHA YOU WERE WRONG.

This post is dedicated to [ profile] jarrow who said WRITE, WRITE, WRITE and inspired me with his epic poetry con reports from 2007. I feel like every time I turned around at the con, he was there on my shoulder, like a kind of snarky guardian angel, prepared to give advice and (if necessary) give me shit about 'dissing' Vividcon/vidding fandom last year. The humour and honesty made me feel instantly welcome.

the pre-con jitters, in which Bop confesses her neuroses to a select few )

the first day shakes (in which you can marvel at Bop's naivety and mock her first-day-at-school-like nerves) )

The actual program begins, and blows Bop's mind )

in which Club Vivid results in rather spectacular bad behaviour on Bop's part )

Since this was kind of the turning point of the con for me, I'm going to leave the rest for another post. To be continued...
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Earlier this month I headed to the USA for the first time (three days in Disneyland at age 12 doesn't count). When I first started planning/saving to go, some years ago, it was largely Vividcon that was the impetus for the trip. However by the time life and particularly money allowed me to go, I was--quite frankly--so over fandom that it had become nothing more than a faint excuse to get myself to the States and then go see some other cool stuff (San Francisco and New York were on my 'must see during my lifetime' list and I was very excited about both). But I signed up anyway and kind of figured it might give me some kind of closure about fandom/vidding before sinking into silent lurkerdom and reclusiveness (I would have happily deleted my journal and vanished earlier this year were it not embarrassingly flounce-a-rama).

Closure is not what I got. *rotfl*

Vividcon turned out to be the highlight of my trip. Read more... )

I'm also going to write some other posts about the intellectual and creative insights I gained at the con, which should (hopefully) be more accessible and interesting to people who didn't attend but are interested in the con. I'll also write thoughts on what it was like to be a first-time attendee with very ambivalent feelings going into the con. a preview overview of what the con experience was like for me )

The intangible overview )

I'd also like to say if anyone, especially non-attendees, has any questions they'd like to ask about what it was like, feel free to fling them my way and I will answer with complete honesty. Just bear what I've said above in mind. I was tripped out and sleep deprived most of the time I was there and my experience was no doubt different to anyone else's.

More soon... :)


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