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I have spent the last days in a haze, wondering how I could possibly write what is in my heart, concerning my characters.

Now I don't have to because [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s gave it vid form in Movie Screens. So I can just sob my heart out to it instead.

under the cut for spoilers specific to 2.2 (but just as a record of my mental state, nothing more interesting) )
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This episode review is coloured by the fact that I know spoilers for the rest of the season, so don't read it if you're not spoiled.

good things happen to good people )
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Some asshole spoiled me (rightly or wrongly it doesn't really matter--pisses me off equally much) for Season 2 Lip Service, which starts today. In a comment to 'I'm not yours' on Youtube. Which... ok, I know comments sections on YouTube become more like public forums than LJ posts but it still feels like someone spat in my face after I handed them a bunch of flowers. :(

ME: 'Here, have my soul in vid form!'

I am so upset right now! :(((((((((((

This was the ONLY show that I thought might give me something I really care deeply about in the rest of this whole year ... TGW is gearing up for a Peter-focused finale (ugh), OUAT remains ludicrous, GoT is chronically disappointing to me ... I was so fucking THRILLED that I was getting a show I really loved back again.

And I'm sorry--I'm built like that, I care about not being spoiled when it's a show I really really love. I want to have a chance to live the whole journey. Of course there was every chance that season 2 wouldn't live up to the promise of Season 1, but regardless I wanted that experience...

spoiler behind cut :(((((((((((((( )

PS. Yes, I will remind myself that probably that spoiling person was just in their own pain or whatevs and didn't mean to hurt or annoy others. Rational brain is rational. But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
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Hi LJ! I have been kinda ignoring you this past week or so. I blame dance performances and slumpy biorhythms (seriously they ALL plunged at the same effing time--what is this shit?!).

Anyway, here's my quick quick thoughts on TV...

Friday Night Lights 5.4
Read more... )

Dexter up to 5.9
Read more... )

The Vampire Diaries: 'Rose' and 'Katerina'
Read more... )

Smallville 10.1-10.3
*coughs self-consciously* Yeah, I finally plucked up nerve to watch the first three episodes of the season! they weren't bad but they were kinda confusing )

Lip Service 104-106
Read more... )

In other news I have been watching the first season Farscape. flaaail )
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OK, ok, I'm transitioning out of detached amusement at how Lee/Kara this show is, and moving more into OMGILOVETHISCHARACTERSOMUCH mode. And, if anything, Frankie was even MORE Kara to me in this episode.

cut for spoilers for episode 3 )


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