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Soooooo clooooooooose.

I love him playing at being an 'Aussie' in this boardshorts. LOL. And I'm glad he got to bask in the glorious weather we've been having this spring.

It's so good I'm not a stalker. I had no idea he was in my hometown. (THANK GOD.)
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My pimping this probably comes as no surprise given how much I love Jamie--click here to find out how you could get a unique special edition of the magazine Factory with Jamie Bamber on the cover. There's a long story behind this, consisting basically of [ profile] asta77, photographer Howard Webster, and, of course, Jamie himself, being ace. :-D

[ profile] norwich36 has posted the second part of her Smallville essay: parallels between 'Promise', 'Reckoning' and 'Lexmas'. Mmmm, parallels! *geeks*

I spent all day cleaning, which was not at all fun, so I treated myself to pizza and DVDs this evening. I finally saw 'Jet Li's Fearless'! I've been ridiculously loathe to see this movie, Jet Li's last, because I'm in denial that he's retiring. But DAMN have I been missing out! 'Fearless' is awesome--beautiful, funny, classic, moving, and it contains unbelievably shithot fight sequences (no surprise with Woo-ping Yuen as choreographer). Way to go out with a bang, Jet! I'll miss you.
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Ok, OK, I don't care if you've already been spammed with this link already. It must be shared! Never let it be said that my journal is only the place of boring dry meta... :-p

Sit down and get yourself a glass of water and a fan before you click on this. Seriously!

How much do I LUFF HIM?! *whimpers helplessly*
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It's Michael Rosenbaum's birthday, and [ profile] mskatej has a tribute picspam and is inviting us all to tell her why we like Mikey so much. You'll have to mosey over there if you want to see my extended thoughts, but Happy Birthday, Michael! I blame you for my LJ addiction *cough* attribute my participation in fandom pretty much solely to you and your mesmerising performance as Lex--but it was the fact that you are so UN-Lex-like that really hooked me in and made me require a place where I could scream 'omg! he's so insanely dorky and great!' ten times daily to people who would never get bored of it. Hee!

Apart from this, my week has been dominated by work work work. And work politics. My brain is on hiatus, or rather is sucked dry of all un-work-related thought, which is frustrating because I wanted to post on a number of things. So, with much effort and struggle and labour I bring you Thoughts--one per topic. Please treasure these. They took much brain. :-p

Thought 1: Pirates of the Caribbean
One for the fans )

Thought 2: Bleak House
Youth, Hope and Beauty )

Thought 3: Jamie Bamber
I'm not even cut-tagging this one. Probably everyone that cares already knows that Jamie was on the cover of August's Out and the article's online, complete with strange but oddly endearing photos. There's a slightly spoilery comment about Season 3 right at the end of the article. But I just want to say that I love Jamie to bits for being so comfortable with his gay male fans and for championing the idea of a gay character on BSG. For those of you too lazy (or spoiler-phobic) to read the whole thing: "There’s no reason, in a world that is gender-blind, on the Battlestars and across this fleet, that we haven’t had an overtly gay relationship come to fruition. It should be there, and it should be as unabashedly honest as the heterosexual relationships." I choose the best people to fangirl! Jamie's such a honey. *chuffed*

I lied. That was more than one thought each. My bad!

ETA: During the time it took me to post, my f'list exploded with MR picspam. I'm doing that head-whirl movement from my icon all over the place--I don't know where to look first!!
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For some time now, I've been threatening [ profile] kristiinthedark with conversion to Jamie-Bamber-love. Well, here's my official conversion-attempt, missy! Others are welcome to join this party--either as the converting or the converted!

Bamber picspam and factfile )

And a non-spoilery Lee/Kara coda )


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