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Oct. 31st, 2007 10:30 pm
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Five vids I can't get enough of right now
First up, Big City Life by [ profile] halcyon_shift is a hypnotic Dark Angel vid. It helps that I like the track a lot, but this was always a show which I thought had a lot of potential and it's great to see someone draw it together in such an attractive way. You definitely don't need to have seen the show to get a lot out of the vid--so slick, so powerful.

Now I'm going to shock everyone on my f'list by reccing a Supernatural vid! I assume everyone actually IN SPN fandom has already seen this, but I'm really delighted by Things that make you go hmm by [ profile] deirdre_c. So this pimp is directed at those of you who don't watch the show but have maybe always secretly hoped that someone would vid all the amusing slashy moments together in a humorous and cutely edited fashion so you could perv without being distracted/frustrated by the bad dialogue. This is the vid for you! :)

Battlestar Inferno: So Ghetto, So Hood by [ profile] super_kc is totally addictive. It has the funniest use of Papadama's slow-clapping ceremonies EVER and also brilliant use of Roslin handing the bottle to Ellen which I always adored. And it has a really distinctive aesthetic. Yum!

[ profile] m_a_r_i_k_s has been excitingly prolific of late and I totally owe her feedback but everytime I watch Heaven I get so emotional that I can't actually compose a reply. It's a beautiful and heartbreaking BSG ensemble piece which explores the importance of destination and 'Earth' for the BSG characters. I'd recommend it to all BSG fans. For those of you looking for something lighter (or sexier!), you might want to also check out I'm Your Gun for gratuitous Lee ogling.

Finally, [ profile] bradcpu's Goodnight moon has eaten my brain. Which is apropriate since it's a Heroes vid. And watching this vid, I'm the most excited about Heroes I've been since early season one. It's fantastically meta-dense and layered as well as being gorgeous and creepy. I doubt I'm going to be able to articulate everything I'd like to about this vid, but I've got to give it a shot as I feel I've got to write it out of my system in a way that I usually only feel after episodes of show's I meta. cut for meta on 'Goodnight Moon' )
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I finally got some downtime this Sunday and caught up on all this new TV floating around...

Heroes )

Pilot eppys...
Bionic Woman, Journeyman, Reaper, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, House--cut for my probably upopular views )
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cut for season finale spoilers )
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Heroes didn't really do it for me last night, so bear that in mind before you clicky. Hmmm )

Heroes 1.20

May. 2nd, 2007 09:53 am
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I had to watch this eppy quick before work (ahh, such an addict), and I missed the title, but I've mentally dubbed it The future is hotass )
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Oh, I'd forgotten how much fun this show is!

Read more... )
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My insomnia may make me snarky ... however, I did LOVE this episode )
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Heroes just levelled up )
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I'm home sick, which means I've actually had some time to catch up on my shows. :-)

I get what I want with this show, apparently )
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I love my new show! spoilers for Friday Night Lights 1.14 )

Finally caught up on Heroes! So THAT'S what all the squee was about: spoilers for Heroes 1.14 )

And last but not least, I have personal news. My Smallville review may be late this week, but for a very exciting reason. We're going on a roadtrip on Saturday to pick up our new doggie! He's in the next state so we've got a long day of driving, but I'm so excited about meeting him. He will come for a two-week trial with us and if it doesn't work out can go back to the rescue agency. I just hope my cat doesn't completely freak out! Apparently Bob is good with cats. *crosses fingers*
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And finally Heroes is back!! Yatta!! )

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brief thoughts )
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Ramblings within )
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HA! )
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I have net traumas. Boy went fishing (no, really) and our wireless network instantly started to play up. It's as if it's missing him! *frowns at it* I have fiddled and wheedled and pleaded with it to no avail. So it's possible I won't be able to see Smallville or BSG until he returns on Sunday. That's worse case scenario--I'm working on a rescue plan!

politics )

Heroes 1.07 )

Heroes 1.06

Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:51 pm
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Bop's coping mechanisms for Death of iPod:
1. Denial
2. Pizza
3. Beer
4. Heroes
5. Posting about Heroes and attempting to be coherent while drunk...

Oh shoot, what was Lana's name again? )
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My reactions to this show appear to be polarising: my love for it is increasing, but the things that irk me are irking me more. Thankfully the love outweighs the minor irks, but it's an interesting phenomenon.

How much do I love Nathan?! )

How much do I NOT love 'Lana'?! )
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Yay! I finally got to see it!

The girls kick ass and 'Lana' still bores me )


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