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This post is about the finale of Battlestar Galactica. Don't click if you haven't seen it, and even if you have, don't click unless you want a rant.

pigeon poop )

Yeah, I know the whole of BSG fandom has probably talked the finale to death by now but I wasn't here and apparently I'm still ragey.
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Wow. It actually got worse. I didn't think that was possible! *blinks* Damn, I wish I'd bailed when you did, [ profile] mskatej!

no real spoilers, just personal reaction to 4.17 )

If anyone is in any doubt about what, exactly, my issues with BSG are, they are what she said (and kudos to the wonderful [ profile] queenofthorns for actually still having the energy to write about it!), except a whole lot more so.

I'm really glad I have this icon. :D
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spoilers within )
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I am meant to start my Insane Vidding Project today, so this is the world's worst timing... but BSG produced an enjoyable episode this week! ([ profile] mskatej, I'd still wait until they do so consistently if I were you!) I mean, the show was still batshit, but in a FUN way.

cut for spoilery chatter )
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This is the post I've been meaning to make for a really long time. It's confession time. I have had it with Battlestar. I will be watching the rest of Season 4 because I'm a completionist and part of me needs to know just how fully and completely they massacre the show I once loved. But I may not be the chirpiest little fangirl on your f'list this season, so if you're here for squee, you might want to skip my posts.

I still love the fans though! The thing I was most sad about in losing the show, ultimately, was how cut off it made me feel from the other fans. So I'm vowing not to let it. I'm still here, and if you are squeeing your little hearts out I'll be smiling from a distance and maybe commenting occasionally when I can agree/join in. (Let's hope there are at least a FEW instances of that in the remainder of the season!)

But I need to get this off my chest first. This post is for me, and is not directed at anyone in particular. I'm not really asking for debate here (which is unusual for me and indicates a complete disengagement with the material)--this is just how I feel.

big warning for unpopular opinions, ragefulness and apathy--seriously, don't click if this will annoy you, spoilers for 4.0 and one or two of the webisodes but none for 4.5 and please don't spoil me )
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But I'm posting about a BSG thing.

chitty chat re. BSG season 4.0 deleted scenes. Well. Scene. )
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Honestly I should chuck tantrums with the show more often: you guys are awesome. :p

Seriously, though, I do want to thank everyone who commented on my post. I have been overwhelmed by the interesting debate it inspired and moved by the sympathetic responses it provoked. Not to mention the icons! (Thanks [ profile] dianora2!) You guys ROCK.

I think I really need to do a follow-up post as my thinking on the episode and the overall issues has grown and been influenced by the debate. I was particularly fascinated to discover how diverse people's expectations about the end of the show are, even at this point in time.

Unfortunately I'm a little short on time this week and with the Smallville series finale looming I'm going to be (I hope) consumed by my other show. But I will get back to these thoughts. *nods*
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I haven't been talking about it. I've been afraid to do so. But I've been really struggling with Battlestar this season. If you're feeling the love, you probably want to skip by this post.

cut for discussion of 'Faith' and general Season 4 issues )
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I had seen a few comments about this episode being scattered and having too many plot threads being juggled but I actually thought it was pretty well tied together by the central theme of the desire for absolution. something in the universe loves me )
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I've been working on my post about my holiday but it's loooong and in the meantime my thoughts keep flying back to BSG. Not helped by the fact that [ profile] wisteria_ has posed some terrific burning questions about the first two eps. I couldn't really answer any of them but I do have more to say on the subject of pilots.
tl;dr ramblings, with a warning for sap )
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I'm a believer )

ETA: Also, I fangirl [ profile] dionusia's brain.
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So the internet fairies delivered me the extended version of Unfinished Business, and since it's been so very long since I had anything new to chatter about with BSG, I'm eager to talk about it. Anyone else seen it yet? Be warned, though, that my reaction is highly shippy--this being the K/L-shippiest episode of all time, it was kinda unavoidable. ;)

cut for spoilers for extended version of UB )

Oh, show! Come baaaaaaaaack, I missshhhs you!

Razor meta

Nov. 14th, 2007 09:02 pm
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*drumroll* [ profile] dionusia and [ profile] bitterlatinist met Jamie Bamber at the Razor screening! That is SO COOL. While I'm delighted to hear he was gracious and gentlemanly (even while needing to pee) I'm a little saddened that he was lacking his usual sparkle. Clothing wise, I mean. What?! I heart the random sparkle!

There's been some great meta on Razor so far that I've wanted to rec:
- I appreciated [ profile] asta77's thoughts on Lee and Adama here (she also makes an interesting observation about Maelstrom)
- [ profile] brokenmnemonic traces the strategic significance of the mission very clearly in this review and follows up with some speculation on the er, anvilly thing (how does one describe that in a non-spoilery way?)
- [ profile] canadiangirl_86's review is full of infectious squee

I'm also fluttering my eyes at some other people on my f'list whose locked reviews I have greatly enjoyed. I think you know who you are. Unlocky?

ETA: [ profile] hazyshade makes some lovely observations here.
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more thoughts, and spoilers of course )

BSG: Razor

Nov. 1st, 2007 09:13 pm
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I'm friendslocking this, at least until others have seen 'Razor'. This post is as spoilery as you can get. Seriously don't click if you don't want to know. ETA: unlocked now

spoilery spoilery spoilers and much heavy thinky for Razor )
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I don't know why I delayed watching these. Maybe because the first one broke my brain. But I'm definitely enjoying these more than the Occupation webisodes. Maybe because there's more flying. :) cut for thoughts on flashbacks 2 and 3 )
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I don't have much to say but am posting for the simple joy of posting about Battlestar again... Read more... )
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*fly-by reccing*

It's been a good week for Lee meta! [ profile] brokenmnemonic has written a two-part essay on two of my favourite topics: Lee Adama and heroism. Fantastic read! Links:
- Part One
- Part Two.


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