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I'm yet to see most of the treasures from Vividcon, but must insta!rec [personal profile] barkley's Welcome Home, a Friday Night Lights ensemble vid for all five seasons.

It reminds me why I love the show so much, why I love the characters (Tyra, Matt, Tim, Vince, Jess, Tami ... etc) and why I love vidding. May our hearts soar us high as these kids!
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This many tears must mean I finally watched the Friday Night Lights finale.

This week has been horrible in a self-inflicted way... sometimes recently it's felt like my heart is constricted between or under some bricks or something, and it's hard to break through the walls of anxiety.

Somehow it felt like a good time to watch FNL... maybe because it gives me something safe to sob about.

spoilers for final season arc within )
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Hi LJ! I have been kinda ignoring you this past week or so. I blame dance performances and slumpy biorhythms (seriously they ALL plunged at the same effing time--what is this shit?!).

Anyway, here's my quick quick thoughts on TV...

Friday Night Lights 5.4
Read more... )

Dexter up to 5.9
Read more... )

The Vampire Diaries: 'Rose' and 'Katerina'
Read more... )

Smallville 10.1-10.3
*coughs self-consciously* Yeah, I finally plucked up nerve to watch the first three episodes of the season! they weren't bad but they were kinda confusing )

Lip Service 104-106
Read more... )

In other news I have been watching the first season Farscape. flaaail )
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Oh, my goodness! Vince is trying to surpass Matt as my most beloved Friday Night Lights boy. And I love Vince/Jess more with every episode.

that's what character is, it's in the trying )
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Favourite show is back! FAVOURITE! \o/

Coach was my Coach )
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Yeah, believe it or not I watched all of these in one sitting. I think I shall call this experience 'Cryfest 2010'. ;)

You're hard to stay mad at )
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Longer thoughts herein.

still so impressed with this episode )
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insta!reaction post )
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I really suck at life balance. I lurch from prioritising one thing totally over all else to prioritising something else completely... for six months or so it was work, and then a month ago I realised that the rest of my life had fallen into ruin, so now I'm on a 'get fit/healthy, get organised, get a life back' kick. Who knows if I can strike a balance at any stage?

Anyway, I'm struggling to fit fandom in, in either case, and am falling ever more hopelessly 'behind'. There are so many things I could or should be doing and I am not doing... sigh. I have lots to post about at the moment (had I the time!) so this is going to be one of those terrible, catch-all, catch-up posts... that won't really catch me up very far at all! :p

First up... Smallville. cut for description of where I'm at with it emotionally after 9.8 )

I went to see the new Twilight movie for the LOLZ. and they were bountiful (spoilers) )

Watched Friday Night Lights 4.4, cut for brief spoilers )

I did watch the Doctor Who special but found it too OTT.

I'm up to speed with Dexter but it's been patchy all season for me.

Community continues to please me. Abed and Troy's duet FTW this week.

Have read a few good books and have several more I want to get to! Wish I had time to natter about them. Hmm. Wishlists are going round, yes? Wave a magic wand for more time for me? :D
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Friday Night Lights has returned! I still can't quite take it in, so much so that I forgot to post about the first couple of episodes. Making up for lost time! you've lost your inner pirate )

In other news, signed up for [ profile] festivids and am excited to get my assignment! :)
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I'm a long time overdue for a post about Friday Night Lights. It's been increasingly hard to resist making one, though, as season 3 has gone from strength to strength. Even though I haven't been posting myself, I've been pleased to see that acknowledged on my friendslist. I fell a bit behind in my FNL watching these last couple of weeks and sat down to watch episodes 3.09-3.11 all at once. Wow! I forgot how much tears that would involve!

cut for spoilers for all of season 3 to date: up to 3.11 )
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Earlier this week, I replied to [ profile] mskatej's post about crying, saying Friday Night Lights frequently made me tear up. Yet, somehow I forgot that when I decided to watch 3.04 while premenstrual. BIG mistake! spoilery waffle )

I need to make a longer FNL post about this season when I get time but I think I'm going to go hug a pillow for a while.

[ profile] mskatej, now is a bad time to watch "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", yes? (I have it on my harddrive...)
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I am still around! I've been pretty slack at posting of late, due to work commitments but also to a reclusive mood that has settled on me of late. However, I do have stuff to say about the latest Friday Night Lights.

spoilers up to 2.10 )
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Since the first screenings of Razor have now happened, I've unlocked my Razor meta post and some follow-up thoughts. My thoughts have evolved a lot further than this thanks to some great meta discussions already, but I've had little time to pull them together into a post. I see a few others unlocking their posts--I want to rec a bunch of great (currently locked) posts at some stage so that's exciting!

The last few days have been horrendous for me and I owe a lot of people a lot of things--comments, posts, feedback, emails, time. Sorry, guys! Thanks for bearing with me.

However, I do have some good news! You remember my whinge about the BSG hiatus? (It wasn't really that, but you know what I mean.) Well, thanks to everyone suggestions, I've set up a new community: [ profile] bsg_hiatusthon. I hope it can be a place where we can organise some ficathons and challenges for the fandom as a whole (NOT just K/L shippers, despite the way my f'list is slanted :p) over the coming months, and I have ideas for the first one already. I was going to wait until then to pimp it, but [ profile] siljamus has done such a lovely job with the layout, you should check it out. More details to come as soon as I catch my breath!

super speedy thoughts on Friday Night Lights 2.06 )

brief squee about Dexter 2.07 )


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