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So far 2011 has consisted of a lot of low-grade annoyances. Apart from killing my laptop, I have also lost my mobile phone and may have killed my coffee maker (eeeeek!). A big job fell through when I really need money for travel. And now my landlords are thinking about selling, which is a BITCH because it means months of inspections and then a potential (best case scenario) rent increase or (worst case scenario) move. There is no way in hell we'd ever find an equivalent place to live for the price/location, so my standard of living could take a sharp downturn. Naturally I feel all these things are TOTALLY MY FAULT and KARMIC REVENGE for being a shit person, so my self-loathing is in overdrive and I approach every day as a kind of mano e mano battle with this part of my self. *wields baseball bat at it*

I saw Black Swan, finally, the other day, and it was marvellous. thoughts beneath cut )

2011 also seems to involve a lot of asking for help... so in the spirit of that... I was given a sewing machine for Christmas (yes, I'm horribly spoilt), and I have been playing around with it. My last experience of a sewing machine was some horrible old clunky thing in textiles class, with which I managed to sew right through my finger (the needle broke off halfway through and poked out the other side). This contraption is a million times more marvellous and can perform such wonders as buttonholes and zips! \o/ I am greatly enjoying playing around and so far have achieved very simple pillow covers, a drawstring skirt and a wrap skirt, all reasonably ugly. I am giving myself six months to create something non-ugly. That seems reasonable, no? So I am very much in need of SEWING ADVICES!!!! Any tips for beginners with no natural talent?!

I have been scowering the net for help, with varying success. Two main problems so far:
a) the overabundance of fugly twee craft things that I would never in a million years make
b) so far I only know how to sew non-stretch fabrics (even though machine can sew stretch I am scared of it!) and it's hard to find even semi-attractive non-stretch fabric in the regular stores. This second one I've made progress with by shopping online or at a place near me where Project Runway get their supplies, but even so... I am also slightly hampered by my own shaky sense of style. I am sure if I had better taste and visual mind I'd be able to think up better creations! Any tips for developing these?
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On Monday I went to see the Australian movie Tomorrow When The War Began. I have conflicted feelings about it, to say the least. I don't know how big a splash it has made or will make overseas, but here it's a Big Deal to a lot of Australians of my generation and younger. It's probably safe to say it was the first blockbuster Australian YA series, and it still holds its ground today as the most successful Australian YA series.

about the books for those that don't know them )

Now there's a movie, indeed a movie franchise. And my feelings have shifted from 'meh, not for me' to 'waaaah, conflicted, I wish this DID work for me!'

Because the movie is good. Damn good, for Australian cinema.

the good and the bad of the movie )
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Hey guys! Welcome to 2010! It's going to ROCK! :D

I'm excited about the year ahead because of my determination to focus on the Things That Really Matter. In '09 I spent a lot of energy getting my freelance career off the ground--now I can focus more on quality of life.

You may see some changes around here on my journal. It's been a while since I felt comfortable in fandom, and part of that is that I've outgrown some old aspects of my online activity.

So... first up, I'm cutting my friendslist. I would like to be able to read and keep up with it without filters or GUILT, so sadly that means substantial cutting. Four years of impulsive friending caught up with me! It doesn't mean I hate you. It doesn't mean I'll never visit your journal. But if we don't interact much, you haven't updated in ages or our interests have completely diverged, then I may have deleted you. Don't worry! You are still welcome here. Most of my posts are and will continue to be public, so you're not missing out.

Also, tip to anyone that actually wants to be mutual friends with me: just talk to me. Comment, email, PM, whatever. I respond well to interaction. *g* But I'm going to have to put myself on a very strict 'no auto-friending' policy for a while because friending waaaay too quickly in the past got me into this unmanageable situation.

Secondly, you may seem some content changes. Since my fandom interests kind of nose-dived in 09 (BSG tanked, TSCC got axed), I'm not sure how much meta there will be. If something sparks my interest, I'll post, but I'm not forcing it. I am, however, going to post about movies and books I'm reading, because that's where my attention is. I haven't used my books filter for eons, but I've decided to just post about books publicly instead--if you're not up for that, scroll past or remove me, it's cool. I just need to be a bit more 'me' on here.

I will also continue to post about vidding and get (roving) vidding chats rolling again from the end of Jan (I hope).

I watched some stuff! Reactions to: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Red Cliff, Legend of the Seeker )

and I read stuff: The Disappeared and In the Country of Men )

Now off to Brisbane for a music festival: should be fun!
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I really suck at life balance. I lurch from prioritising one thing totally over all else to prioritising something else completely... for six months or so it was work, and then a month ago I realised that the rest of my life had fallen into ruin, so now I'm on a 'get fit/healthy, get organised, get a life back' kick. Who knows if I can strike a balance at any stage?

Anyway, I'm struggling to fit fandom in, in either case, and am falling ever more hopelessly 'behind'. There are so many things I could or should be doing and I am not doing... sigh. I have lots to post about at the moment (had I the time!) so this is going to be one of those terrible, catch-all, catch-up posts... that won't really catch me up very far at all! :p

First up... Smallville. cut for description of where I'm at with it emotionally after 9.8 )

I went to see the new Twilight movie for the LOLZ. and they were bountiful (spoilers) )

Watched Friday Night Lights 4.4, cut for brief spoilers )

I did watch the Doctor Who special but found it too OTT.

I'm up to speed with Dexter but it's been patchy all season for me.

Community continues to please me. Abed and Troy's duet FTW this week.

Have read a few good books and have several more I want to get to! Wish I had time to natter about them. Hmm. Wishlists are going round, yes? Wave a magic wand for more time for me? :D
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It's Film Festival time in Melbourne again. It snuck up on me as I had the flu and had felt flat about the festival by the end of last year. But the line up this year is far more interesting to me (though the Festival at a whole has been plagued by political controversies and several movies have been pulled--thankfully none that I really minded about!).

So far I've seen three movies.

A simple, poignant tale of a Turkish brother and sister abandoned by their father. not much to say )

Action Boys
Oh, man! I LOVED this. Korean documentary by and about stuntmen working in the Korean movie industry. Quirky narration and absolutely hysterical. fangirling within )

Thai martial arts flick about a chocolate-scoffing autistic girl kicking a whole lot of gangster ass to pay for her mother's chemotherapy. in every way lived up to the expectations that premise generates (warning for un-PC content) )

Star Trek

May. 13th, 2009 06:07 pm
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I have resolved to post more often, so you may find that I post about a whole lot of random things you did not know I like for a while. :) Skip on if it's not of interest!

I watched the new Star Trek movie yesterday. I'm so grateful for not knowing anything about it going in, so... cut for spoilers )

*token Adam Lambert icon* (blame [ profile] supacat!)

Also, I am doing the I-have-work! I-have-work! happy dance. :) Freelance rocks!

ETA: Link me to your review of Star Trek if you have one.

The Fall

Aug. 30th, 2008 08:57 pm
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I would like to announce that The Fall is the most beautiful movie I have seen in years, or possibly ever. I think it's a love-it-or-hate-it movie, so I warn you in advance that I'm completely smitten to the point of ridiculousness. I am not rational about it AT ALL.

10 reasons to watch The Fall )

Like all very beautiful things, when I finish it, I feel empty and instantly begin longing for it, or something like it, again. So if anyone wants to rec me any similar movies (ha!), feel free. Otherwise, I'll be on the sofa watching it for the third time in 24 hours...


Aug. 17th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Hi LJ peoples! I have been much absent of late. I found myself indifferent about the remainder of the film festival this year--it felt very mediocre, which is perhaps reflective of a year that I've found mediocre overall as far as films are concerned. In fact, the film I've most enjoyed recently was not at the film festival at all. Forbidden Kingdom was an entirely satisfying film, despite it's teen flick status. The fact that it stars both Jackie Chan AND Jet Li should speak for itself. They both have a heap of fun in their roles. I particularly enjoyed seeing Li play the Monkey King, and Chan was at his perfect comedic best as the wine-drenched Daoist immortal. All in all it was a lot of fun, giving a new take on a classic tradition. And I could watch Jet Li forever. *happy sigh*

Other than that, I have very little to comment on at the moment. I have been much preoccupied with real life matters, but am looking forward to the end of this US summer hiatus... I miss my TV! The only things I've been watching are Middleman and Mad Men. I enjoy the first and wince at the second, but find I have nothing of note to say about either.

I hope you are all well and hope to rally up a little more online energy soon. ;)
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Have not been around much due to house guest and film festival. The festival's been kind of underwhelming overall, but thought I should update anyway.

Evangelion 1.0 You are not alone
Remastered big-screen version of the original Evangelion series )

Urban martial arts flick, Bend-it-like-Beckham style )

Dirge-like boring Chinese doco about the Japanese shrine that commemorates war criminals )

A German documentary about dust )

I've got three more movies to go this weekend.
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Well, I'm off to a great start with the film festival, due largely to the queuing. Each year, the queues are probably the most annoying part of the entire process: they stretch whole city blocks for most sessions. And this is in the middle of winter--so cold and rain are definitely an issue. And as a solo film-goer, it is always a dilemma: do you buy that cappucino to keep you warm (and awake) or do you grab a higher spot in the queue?

Not this year! This year I have: PRIORITY QUEUING. OMG the joy! I get to walk past 200+ freezing people and sweep into the cinema ahead of them. :D Totally worth the MIFF membership $ (even before you consider the other discounts we get)!

Anyway, the films...

Terror's Advocate
Documentary about Jacques Verges, French lawyer who defends terrorists such as Carlos the Jackal and war criminals such as Nazi Klaus Barbi or the Khmer Rouge )

California Dreamin'
Romanian farce-tragedy about a train of American soldiers waylaid in a small Romanian town during the Kosovo-Serbia war )

Animation With Dogs
self-explanatory: 8 short animated features involving dogs )

Three down, eight to go!
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I saw The Dark Knight. I loved it. cut for spoilers (briefly) )

Dear people that told me to watch The Middleman: THANK YOU! It is awesome and cute and adorable and I have only seen one episode and must watch the rest straight away. :D
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This week's been pretty frantic for me, getting the house back in order and returning to work, so I only managed three movies. Got more lined up tomorrow though--just one week of the festival to go. My early luck with movies seems to have worn off somewhat, but there's still a few to come that I'm looking forward to.

Grace is gone
John Cusack plays a military husband whose wife dies in Iraq )

Azur et Asmar
animated French inter-cultural fable with an Arabian Nights aesthetic )

appallingly dull Dutch movie made worse by projection failure )

MIFF day 3

Jul. 30th, 2007 09:12 pm
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By Day 3 I was getting kinda tired (late night drinkies the day before hadn't helped) but still had lots of stamina. Alas, it was to be my last full day at the festival for a couple of days as I got word that we could move back into our renovated home and the following day was spent moving and cleaning.

The Mourning Forest
winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes this year--a melancholy, introspective Japanese mood piece about mourning )

The War Tapes
three US soldiers film their year in Iraq--incredible documentary )

A Mighty Heart
Michael Winterbottom directs Angelina Jolie in the true story of an American journalist kidnapped by terrorists )

Black Sheep
New Zealand comedy-horror in which genetically engineered mutant sheep turn on humans )

MIFF day 2

Jul. 29th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Day 2 proved more sociable, since I caught up with friends between movies and went out for drinks after the last movie--alcohol was definitely required after that one. *g*

Your Mommy Kills Animals
complex documentary about animal rights activists and animal welfare advocates in the US )

My best friend and his wife
Korean observational drama )

My Kid Could Paint That
intelligent and funny documentary about a four-year-old heralded as an artistic prodigy )

A Savage Grace
Julianne Moore stars in a society murder story based on real life )
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Hello LJ! I missed you! :-) This is the first of my film festival posts, hurriedly uploaded from an internet cafe. ;-) I managed to do five consecutive sessions on Day One. I think that'll be my daily record for the festival. As it was, I wound up with a headache. (Note to self: don't forget to pack nurofen tomorrow!) Met up with a couple of friends for Once and Scott Walker and heading off to meet them again today. So far mental health relatively intact. *g* I've tried not to be too spoilery in these reviews.

Tuya's marriage
quirky and poignant Mongolian romantic comedy )

Behind the Veil / Eve and Marilyn
Magnum Photos documentary focusing on Eve Arnold )

reconstructed narrative of the death of Chinese illegal immigrants in the cockle industry in the UK in 2004 )

superlatively awesome modern Irish musical )

Scott Walker: 30th century man
definitive documentary about the enigmatic musician )
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I went to see Pirates on Friday night. cut for spoilery though shallow and no doubt unpopular reaction )

There has been quite the explosion of Pilot-love on my f'list, which is joyful and happy-making in the extreme:
- [ profile] wisteria_ has an extremely fun interactive piloty picspam (or picspasm, to coin [ profile] dionusia's apt slip of the keyboard!) post.
- [ profile] queenofthorns traces early Pilot love in pictures
- [ profile] dionusia wrote a delightful post on pilots as complementary forces and their reciprocal influence on each other. I am eagerly awaiting her Part II.
- [ profile] katiebugs18 wrote a lovely little drabble: Kiss (I'm also fond of her first ever piece: Hands).
[ profile] sasa_hq (new Kara/Lee comm) seems to be blossoming, and mods [ profile] canadiangirl_86 and [ profile] dionusia will be pleased to hear that [ profile] latteaddict has been firmly/kindly lecturing me on the subject of Kara's true affection for Lee. :-p

I watched the first three episodes of Rome yesterday. cut for spoilers )

[ profile] c_mantix has started reading The House of Niccolo series by Dunnett--my favourite novels ever. Period. It's been ages since I've hooked anyone on them and I'm totally chuffed. While I don't expect her to reach my feverpitch adoration for them (it's out of control), I really enjoy reliving that first reading experience through her eyes. I may have to re-read along with her. Anyone else want to get on board? *bats eyelashes*

Finally, by a strange coincidence, my landlords have chanced on late July for the renovation of our house--which requires us to move out for a couple of weeks. The coincidence is that this is when the Melbourne International Film Festival is on. Some of you may remember this from last year... I usually get a mini-pass and drive myself into illness and mania by seeing way too many movies in a short period of time while also holding down a job and meeting other life commitments. Well, looks like this year I'll get to live out my dream of taking time off work to go to the Festival. I've always shied away from taking that leap into complete movie-geek madness, but have secretly wanted to. The timing seems too fortuitous not to take advantage of it. I'm not sure whether I should be congratulated or pitied for this... I do know I'm insanely excited. *manic grin*
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Among the very few things I accomplished this weekend was going to see Spiderman III. cut for spoilers )
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My pimping this probably comes as no surprise given how much I love Jamie--click here to find out how you could get a unique special edition of the magazine Factory with Jamie Bamber on the cover. There's a long story behind this, consisting basically of [ profile] asta77, photographer Howard Webster, and, of course, Jamie himself, being ace. :-D

[ profile] norwich36 has posted the second part of her Smallville essay: parallels between 'Promise', 'Reckoning' and 'Lexmas'. Mmmm, parallels! *geeks*

I spent all day cleaning, which was not at all fun, so I treated myself to pizza and DVDs this evening. I finally saw 'Jet Li's Fearless'! I've been ridiculously loathe to see this movie, Jet Li's last, because I'm in denial that he's retiring. But DAMN have I been missing out! 'Fearless' is awesome--beautiful, funny, classic, moving, and it contains unbelievably shithot fight sequences (no surprise with Woo-ping Yuen as choreographer). Way to go out with a bang, Jet! I'll miss you.
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It's a public holiday here in Melbourne, and I'm revelling in it because the next few days will be spent 'bonding' with my colleages at a staff conference. *shudders* While I fully intend to insulate myself with books, iPod and laptop, I'm not sure how successful I will be at avoiding the usual spectacle of watching one's superiors get shit-faced and ugly.

First, some post-Maelstrom meta links, because I'm still very thinky on such matters. (Two essays not enough? Sheesh, K!)
- [ profile] daybreak777 has some questions on Kara/Leoben (little k--you around?).
- [ profile] wisteria_ has a screencap review with a poll.
- [ profile] marenfic has a wonderful post on Jung and mandalas which I found enlightening.
My cursor has hovered over post-Maelstrom fic and vids, but so far I can't bring myself to click. *stays safely in metaland for now* I'm still ridiculously emo and will be lining up drinks before the next eppy just in case.

In other news, I saw Pan's Labyrinth last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been hyped to death, true, but I'm a sucker for fantasy, tragedy, fairy-tales and little-girls-lost-in-the-woods, not to mention the gorgeousness of the set designs and cinematography. Cut for spoilers )

Finally, we've all seen the infamous Justin Hartley-gets-a-handjob clip now, yes? Ah, Smallville, you know how to cast them! How much would I give to hear Michael or Tom give him shit over this? A LOT. The very fact that this was set in a barn amused me no end. Someone get Justin a show, pleeeeease! I miss Oliver. :-(
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Emo!Lee still makes me giggle SO MUCH.
This post has a lot of cut-tags... *muses*

I have resolved to see more movies this year. Somehow my movie-going habits slid away from me in 2006, and I regret that. Last night I tried to see 'Little Miss Sunshine' but it was sold out, so I wound up seeing 'The Queen' instead. I enjoyed it a great deal more than I thought I would.

Meta-y thoughts on The Queen )

Meanwhile, Friday Night Lights is killing me with emotion. I've just finished watching 1.06 and 1.07 and if I wasn't still sniffly, I'd power on for more. But it packs such an emotional punch, I think I need a break first. Cut for spoilers for FNL through 1.07 )

Tomorrow the Boy and I are starting a healthy-eating/lifestyle plan. cut for boring personal stuff )

And finally, I need to guilt myself into vidding. Cut for vidding traumas )

Oh, and I've cut my friendslist somewhat. I finally hit that point beyond which I can't actually keep up with it. If you think you've been defriended accidently or would like to be added back again, please drop me a line. It was not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings.


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