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I'm yet to see most of the treasures from Vividcon, but must insta!rec [personal profile] barkley's Welcome Home, a Friday Night Lights ensemble vid for all five seasons.

It reminds me why I love the show so much, why I love the characters (Tyra, Matt, Tim, Vince, Jess, Tami ... etc) and why I love vidding. May our hearts soar us high as these kids!
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[profile] m_a_r_i_k_s has posted her Vidukon premiere, Merry Go Round--for those of you who didn't attend, you can now see this extraordinary piece.

It's a vid that is deeply personal to me as a viewer, and one I recommend without hesitation for anyone interested in Lee. I will probably write at length about it at some stage, as it's a vid which I am still in the process of discovering myself. I was lucky to have the first viewing of it in private with [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s and [personal profile] brokenmnemonic, a second viewing during the premieres show, and now endless rewatching in the intimacy of my own home... this last feels very appropriate because it is a vid about a character's inner world, and specifically the inner world of an emotionally withdrawn character, one whom many people misread or fail to connect with. It's a vid to take one's time and patience with, if you have an open heart. I don't think I can put into words how privileged I feel that [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s shared it with us--it would take a vid to convey that. Maybe. :)

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this piece is how full of love and beauty it is despite the violence and pain, directly or indirect, in it. It's what makes me cry and marvel and feel underneath a deep happiness.
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Yeah, yeah, I'm sure everyone has recced already, but I don't care. :p I am so excited with this year's [community profile] festivids I just have to squee!

First, mine is QUITE CLEARLY the most awesome. It's for 'The Fall', my all-time favourite movie, and it's called Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, which is a brilliant title if you know the movie. Lyrically this is a fantastic song choice--so resonant for the source--and I am totally mesmerised and in love with the vid and I'm only being vaguely restrained because I want to pour over it and write commentary for it in detail later. \o/ Even if you don't know the movie, you should watch the vid because
a) the vidding is EXCELLENT--so subtle, so clever
b) it is extraordinarily beautiful source
c) it has Lee Pace in it and he's VERY pretty
d) it will make you want to watch the movie, which you TOTALLY SHOULD DO.

Other faves so far:
L.E.S. Artistes, Sarah Connor, Terminator movies--gah, great song choice for her

Space Oddity, Troy and Abed, Community, to one of my all-time favourite songs, so quirkily perfect.

Jaded, Velvet Goldmine, a gloriously sophisticated yet gritty take on this visually sumptuous movie.

We Won't Run, Children of Men--I'm thrilled by this because Sarah Blasko is one of my favourite Australian songsters and the movie one of my favourites. Gorgeous use of Sarah's haunting track--made me cry!

Tik Tok, Back to the Future movies--INCREDIBLY good fun! Great, crack-y song-source match.

Hurt, Batman Beyond--really striking, powerful storytelling.

TV taught me how to feel, Abed, Community--yessss, another Community vid, BUT IT'S SO GOOD. Really brilliant song for Abed.

Amnesia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind--again, a brilliant song-source match, and sensitively vidded, really captures the movie (which I love).

There is a WEALTH of other awesomeness out there and I've got lots more watching to do. Isn't [community profile] festivids THE BEST?!!
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[personal profile] diarmi made a Devdas vid! It's like an early Festivids present for me! AISHWARYYYYYA! Sooooo much beautiful AISH! (with some peripheral but appropriately supportive, moonstruck Shahrukh!) I love [personal profile] diarmi's vidding so much, she's got such a lovely touch with emotion, and so to see her vid one of the world's most stunning movies makes me overjoyed! \o/ Watch for the pretty even if you don't know the movie!
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Coming down off a massive high from Adam Lambert's Melbourne concert (despite us being a cold enough crowd that we warranted only 'Mad World' as an encore *hmph*)... The whole concert felt off-kilter, as I thought it would, what with the management stuff-ups with the venue. But anyway, I danced despite getting shushed and yelled at by old dudes around me, and got my catharsis. Adam's voice is so incredible live, but he seriously did NOT click with the crowd. (Hey, me neither, Adam! Don't judge all of Melbourne by that, please!)

It's been a rollercoaster day for me emotionally since I watched the most affecting vid I've seen all year this morning. [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s's Like O, Like H, a study of Kara's abuse at the hands of Socrata, broke me so completely I had to go to the hairdresser's with a blotchy red face from the crying. And I came back three hours later and threw myself on my bed and cried some more without even watching it again. Highly HIGHLY recommended, but watch with caution if you're sensitive to abuse.
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[personal profile] talitha78's Up Where We Belong (Community, Abed/Troy) It has been my not-very-secret wish to [personal profile] talitha78 into Community since it started, and I am so gratified that she's (finally :p!) on board! This is the vid I've been waiting for! (But I am still looking forward to moooooore Community vids. *nudges certain people*)

[personal profile] danegen's Power (True Blood, Russell) Yes, you read that right: Russell. Russell as Kanye. It's inspired! Go there. You know you want to. (Spoiler: he ain't gonna let you finish)
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A very generous anonymous person upgraded my Dreamwidth account, which means I can start migrating my icons here! \o/ (Damon and Stefan approve!) It was such a lovely surprise (and hee, yes, ok, I'll get better at posting here! point taken!), and got me thinking about how grateful I am for all the good things in fandom this year. It's my happy place again! :D

I had thought that maybe the Vividcon bubble would burst and I'd come back down with a thud, but honestly I'm in a happy place right now--both in RL and creatively. In some ways I still feel the blanket of warmth that I found there wrapped around me.

[profile] wistful_fever posted that she had held off on posting her premiere because part of her didn't want Vividcon to be over... I feel the same way, but I'm not sure it is over for me, or I'm choosing for it not to be. I still have other posts I want to make about it and I don't care whether they're only for me or not. I have vids to rec. Yeah, I'm dragging things out, but when it might be a one-off experience (I honestly don't know) it's hard not to. And creatively I think what Vividcon gave me more than anything was the courage to engage with people in conversation again, to trust myself again, at least a little bit. And those conversations I'm having at the moment with people, by email or comments or chat, are fuelling me and keeping me determined and brave in not letting go of this creative energy. So, thank you, fandom! Thank you, world!

Any way, I want to take time to rec Fabella's Whatever You Need, one of the best vids out of Vividcon 2010, in my opinion. My little personal story with it is that on the first day, when [profile] wistful_fever told me she had vidded Boys Over Flowers for her premiere, I was so excited and in some strange way I felt instantly more at home. In my time away from Western fandom, I'd watched a lot of K-dramas and J-dramas (and Bollywood movies) and I hadn't expected to have a little of that show up at Vividcon. It was one of those rare joys--and then [profile] wistful_fever's vid rendered me speechless during premieres. It is so full of warmth and love and emotion, and, yes, romanticism. I put on an awful front about not being a romantic, but stuff like this totally makes me come all undone. Aesthetically, I love the use of colour and texture in this vid, and also the tender use of hand imagery from the source. It's a vid that rewards re-watching and will be treasured by me for long to come.
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Revise, Wollongong, December 2010
Australian vidders and vid fans! Although we had to abandon plans for a formal Australian vidding convention this year, [ profile] nushanakt has just announced details for Revise: The Art and Science of Contemporary Remix Cultures and we'd love to have an informal gathering of vidfolk there. Sing out if you are interested in attending and meeting up and we can organise some stuff around the conference. :)

If you haven't already heard, Vidukon is on the cards again in the northern hemisphere spring next year. A poll on dates and location and interest in helping organise over here.

Pilots Memorial/Revival Festival
Twitter results in some strange devlopments it seems... in a surprising (?!) turn of events, [ profile] taragel, [ profile] indigo419 and I are plotting some kind of Kara/Lee celebration/commemoration in the new year, probably around Feb 14 (pilots = love *g*). OK, I'm a bit foggy on dates (I wasn't in charge of that bit!), but stay tuned... Tara and Indi have it covered, I'm sure. :) Fics, vids, meta and squee will all be welcome but you'll have to answer to me if you so much as mention THAT FUCKING PIGEON.

I have pledged to make something for said festival... (IT'S WEIRD TO ME TOO! But they were very persuasive!) ... which brings me to the poll. I have recently, finally dug my BSG DVDs out of the closet of pain I shoved them into after the finale. And to my MASSIVE surprise, I actually have vids I want to make with them, but I am currently dithering about which to start with. Help!? cut for poll )

Where are the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist?! Get yourselves to this amazing, poignant and totally EPIC Songs for a Girl by [ profile] jarrow. It's a Tyra/Landry vid in three movements, handling the nuances of their relationship--yes, even the part that made us think the show had jumped the shark--with exquisite restraint and delicacy. If you like the show and/or either of the characters AT ALL, watch it! Non-FNL-viewers: watch to see what you're missing. Some of the best vidding I've seen all year.

Also in my 'best vids of they year' category: [ profile] absolutedestiny's Running Away, a gorgeous tribute to childhood imagination, friendship and shared dreams. The source is the movie 'Son of Rambow' but you do not need to have seen the movie to adore this. It is totally joyful.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand [ profile] bananainpyjamas (aka dragonchic) joins the Smallville Vidding Renaissance!

Using a quirky mash-up (what I associate with the Jackson 5 and Oasis has been forever shifted!), this vid captures Clark/Lois at their sexy, upbeat, joyful, funny best, with an underlying emotional trajectory built on Clark's growing interest in Lois that makes my shipper heart do cartwheels. (GOD, CLARK, GET A CLUE FASTER! *ahem*)

Like all good Smallville vids should it strips away the surrounding nonsense and gives us the essence of what we love most.

I Want Your Wonderwall. Watch it. Dance to it. Steal your boyfriend's food to it.
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Honeythief by [ profile] m_a_r_i_k_s

*hangs on to [ profile] m_a_r_i_k_s and cries* You made it! We made it! We're going to be ok.

I don't have any words to rec this vid with--it means too much to me personally to be in any way objective. Most of all: [ profile] m_a_r_i_k_s made a vid again!! But to rec it only for that reason is to detract from how eloquent it is (of course). It's Kara's view of Lee in the early seasons.
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is the best shit EVER!!!!! Seriously, it is gorgeous!! It's so cute and upbeat and totally captures Lalita perfectly! Gorgeous music choice and so joyful and *me*! I feel like the vidder must know me or something?

And there's more Bollywood glory in the form of a Chak De! India vid. :D It's gorgeous! There should be more festivid-like challenges so there can be more Bollywood vids. *nods vigorously*
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This post has a sneaky double purpose. It is the long-owed meta post I promised [ profile] talitha78 on her masterpiece [ profile] talitha78's That's Not My Name but it doubles as some pre-season-9 reflections on Smallville and, most importantly, Clark Kent. cut for a lot of gushy Clark love )
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I am still swimming against the current of Vividcon vids, via the DVDs, and trying to get round feedbacking. Apart from the humour panel (what? I have my priorities straight!) I've not got to the vidshow playlists yet. Seriously, I don't know how anyone with a full time job catches up with this stuff within a month. I'm trying to remind myself I've got a whole year to catch up. *wipes brow*

Anyway, it seems timely to make a few recs for posterity of my personal favourites from the con premieres. I like each of them for different reasons. cut for recs )

There were many other vids I enjoyed, particularly some lovely character study work. There are also some pieces I'm still reflecting on and ones I think may grow on me in time. I'm not a one-view kind of person so while the above vids grabbed me very fast, I expect there to still be other favourites to come.

AMV recs

Aug. 22nd, 2009 06:04 pm
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Memo to self: don't break your silence about vidding fandom in the middle of a work crisis.

I've got a backlog of comments, as I'm sure you understand, and have barely managed to step off my own LJ in the last day or two, but it's been a wonderfully rewarding conversation, both personally, and hopefully for the community I love as well. :)

I plan to make a follow-up post in a few days, when things are a little calmer, as lots of interesting suggestions and ideas have come out in the comments.

Some commenters discussed AMV and possible differences with vidding. As an extension of that discussion, [ profile] supacat has posted some recs of different types of AMVs to address stereotyping. Even if you're not interested in the wider discussion, I highly encourage you to check out the vids if you don't know them already--they are all AMAZING. I know it is an extra step, but it really is worth registering at AMV to download (and it's not that harder than having to ask a vidder for a password to a protected site, right?).

*goes back to the backlog*
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OK, I caved. Only over my breakfast and only one vid, but ... [ profile] talitha78 posted her Clark masterpiece and ... and ... *flappy hands*

Mostly it makes me go into this kind of hypnotic state of euphoria. (Welling's face does kind of have that effect generally.) It makes me forget all Smallville's faults. (Oh, Smallville! How could I ever leave you? Season 10... bring it!) And it delights and moves me.

It's fucking awesome just on the sheer clipping front alone. Eight seasons, people! Eight twenty-plus episode seasons.


Oh, Clark! Oh, Tom! Oh, CLARK!

*heads back to work happy*
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[ profile] chaila43 is making vids I can watch again! \o/ (I still can't watch BSG. I just can't.)

Shelter From the Storm is a thoughtful Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid, focused on Ellison. It's not so much a character study as an exploration of his point of view and his relationship with Sarah, his search for answers to the big questions and the role Sarah plays in this. (ETA: I don't mean to say it isn't a study of Ellison--just that it takes us inside his point of view on Sarah to create understanding of his character. Rather poorly expressed: sorry! very tired!) For me, it was a new lens through which to watch the show since I rarely slip into Ellison's point of view naturally (even when the show itself constructs it that way). While it might have greater (or different) resonance to Ellison fans, I feel this vid plays well to anyone interested in the overall meta of the whole show. It certainly made me think a lot about Ellison's plot and purpose. I particularly liked seeing scenes I knew well in a slightly different light.

Also! Attention vidders, students, freelancers and anyone else requiring round-the-clock work abilities! New discovery of awesome in the energy level department: homemade affogato!

Ice-cream (sugar) + triple shots of espresso (caffeine) = all night wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Not that I'm working round the clock or anything... really... *whistles*)
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Ahh, my vid rec Wednesdays must be cursed at the moment! (Heavens know how I'll catch up with VVC approaching--I'll have to institute vid rec WEEKS!) This week, my time for them got gobbled by contributing to [ profile] strangefandom. So instead of reccing vids, I'm reccing it. Which means I'm reccing vids!

Let me explain. This is a community for the Stranger in a Strange Fandom Project. The premise is that people watch vids of shows they know nothing about and try to interpret them from the vid alone. The results are both hysterical and fascinating in a 'see how the transmitted message gets warped' way. LOVE!

I stumbled onto [ profile] strangefandom only recently, and devoured the previous rounds (which are linked to in a handy template on the userinfo page. I rarely lurk, but in this case I did since the rounds happened a fair time ago. So to anyone that participated, global fb comment: OMG, too brilliant! *giggles*

This community also hooked me up with some awesome off-the-beaten-path vids, which is always a good thing.

Anyway, the latest round is about to close (after some probs and an extension) so bookmark it to check out when the summaries get posted. :) It definitely deserves more support because it's a brilliant idea. *shoos people over there* Maybe one day they'll do Nodame and everyone will hve to try and work out the role/meaning of the mongoose! *G*

Also I am betaing something that is making me squee delightedly and that is always good. :D
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No vid recs this week because my vidding geerkery has been taken up with completing my submission to [ profile] vid_commentary: a commentary on [ profile] bradcpu's Tear You Apart. My commentary is here and I'm trying not to feel nervous about it (hint: you can scroll really fast through it and make reassuring noises at me if you're super nice!)

Back next week!

Vid recs

Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:56 pm
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This week I'm reccing some vids for smaller or nascent fandoms that I'm personally interested in. Hopefully the handfuls of people on my f'list who share those interests will be glad of the finds! And if you're adventurous, each of these vids contains the flavour of the shows they use as source--try a taster!

Law and Order: UK
Yes, already! [ profile] tearful_eye's Private Goes Public is an elegant Alesha-focused vidlet. I really liked the intimacy and the sense of sense of tension that was built from relatively little material.

Ah, Middleman! Amusing delight of last season. I miss you! [ profile] arefadedaway's Wake Up reminds me of all your whimsy.

Mock if you will, but those dudes were hot. I liked Friday and I liked the penthouse treehouse! Every so often I break out [ profile] talitha78's Freedom and remind myself of the silly and ok, badly written, escapism.

Big Love
I find I can't watch much of it without feeling queasy, but every so often I find an episode or two of Big Love interesting. And even if I'm not an avid viewer, I think [ profile] xandra_ptv's They is a terrific ensemble vid.

True Blood
I'm sure this fandom is going to result in some terrific vidding--it's fantastic material--but there's surprisingly little out there as yet. [ profile] rae1013's Alcoholic Friends is my favourite so far, with its snarky look at Sookie and the vamps.
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So, Wednesday vid recs lapsed pretty fast thanks to probable swine flu (the government won't pay for tests any more so can't know for sure but probable since I caught it at an infected location). Here's what I was going to rec last week.

Some favourites from the end of last year...

[ profile] mranderson71's Goodbye Mr A (The Matrix), which was on near-constant cycle at my house during a particularly bad period of my worklife, due to its uncanny ability to make me happy-clap senselessly like an infant for reasons I still can't completely explain. There should be more humour in vidding. And it should look like this.

[ profile] chasarumba's Skin, a Casino Royale vid, as slick as Bond himself. Hypnotically compelling editing, and the perfect way to relive the movie and all it's beautiful framing of the male body scenery.

[ profile] millylicious's remastered release of Counting Bodies (Angel/Connor/Darla vid) originally released in 2005. It's just breathtaking. I used to get hate texts in ad breaks from RL friends for being a Connor fan, but I remain unapologetic. He still has the power to break my heart and Milly's definitive and huanting vid takes me back to that place I lived in emotionally when the arc originally aired.

And some recent faves...

[ profile] charmax's Marvellous Party. Put on your best toff-y accent and chink glasses, dah-lings, for this multifandom period drama debauchery!

For those with an open enough mind to embrace Clana, do not miss [ profile] netlynn's One Moment More, which captures the nostalgic purity of their romance movingly.


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