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Hi! *waves* I'm Bop. I'm presumptuous. I didn't used to be. (Or maybe I did? *ponders entry into Smallville fandom with essays*) But anyway, I am now.

I've seen the word 'presumptuous' used several times in regards to vidder commentaries on their own vids. And I just want to say: I totally get that it feels like that. So if you are a vidder doing a commentary on your own work and feeling self conscious? Just remember that you're not alone. And that there are more presumptuous people than you out there: ME. I'm doing two. Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at the actually presumptuous person. I'm also doing one on someone else's and I can tell you now, I am waaaaaay more excited about doing the viewer commentary. But! I want more vidder commentaries to read and watch, and I kind of figure the more people do them the less 'presumptuous' it will look or feel. Also, there's nothing in the rules (as far as I understand them) that says you have to have reached a certain threshold of interest level in your vids to make a commentary. I'm pretty sure only two people will be interested in one of my commentaries. But does that matter? Should I not take up 'space' by doing that? I had to struggle with that anxiety before signing up, but I think it's good for the vidding fandom to have more diversity of commentaries as well as diversity of vidders.

If I have recced your vid? Chances are I would like a commentary on it. If I've commented at length on your vid? Ditto. If I watch your vid obsessively and you don't even know it? Same. And I will bounce up to you and tell you so if I run across you worrying about whether to commentary or not. I also can't wait to watch vidder commentaries of vidders I don't know because that seems cool. So, hi, I'm your audience of one. Please don't dismiss me!

In other news? Vidlets are also cool.
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I'd like to thank everyone who has participated / is participating in the discussion in my post about inclusion and exclusion in vidding fandom. I would like to acknowledge that it's not an easy topic to discuss, and I think overall it's been a very positive (if emotionally draining!) conversation.

I also apologise for conflating approximately 100 different issues into one post--that was not ideal, although it was kind of awesome to see people identify with lots of separate parts! I still feel a bit overwhelmed by the responses but I'm making this post in the spirit of moving forward, especially since I personally find myself in a very different emotional place after the post than before. And you'll see that a great deal of this post is framed personally, because... well it always was a deeply personal post/subject, though definitely one I hoped would be constructive for others in the community and the community as a whole.

Personal notes
this is what I personally take away from the discussion )

Personal resolutions
again, just things I'm personally vowing )

my last words on this personally )

Aus/NZ vidding con, reccing, social community )

Thanks all! :)

PS. If I'm slow to respond it's because I still have Work Crisis, not because I hate you or am a snob. :)

ETA: Adding 'investigate possibility of [ profile] vidukon recurring to 'do do' list'.
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Here for five minutes. Kate was awesome again. :D She says everything that I would say, but with less words and more punch. *nods*
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I want to thank everyone who took my poll on archetypes and especially to those of you who responded with comments. It was a really interesting process for me and confirmed some ideas I'd had, as well as raising some things I hadn't considered. Drawing conclusions from the results is very hard, given that a) the poll was badly constructed (yes, it was! I know it!), b) my readership is probably skewed towards introspective type people *g*, and c) these things are so unquantifiable. Still, it's fun to speculate...

cut for highly subjective chat about the results )
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I'm in a chatty mood but have nothing to chat about! This NEVER happens to me. How very strange! Consequently, I'm overcompensating by drawing together various ideas that have been swimming around in my head recently.

I've been thinking a lot about archetypes recently and why we're drawn to certain characters or pairings. I'm sure most people have particular archetypes or relationship dynamics that they're continually intrigued by, but in fandom we spend more time than most analysing them and obsessing over them. I know for me this has meant that on several occasions I've had 'epiphany-like' moments where I realised what my interest revealed about my own personality or life. Am I alone?

The counterargument would say that fiction and reality are completely separate and what we find amusing for entertainment purposes has no connection to our own psychology or life circumstances. Maybe that's so.

take the poll and assuage my curiosity! )


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