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So, I got tipped off that Torchwood was actually worth watching for once and big big spoilers for Season 3 Children of Earth and potentially unpopular opinions within )
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Friday Night Lights vid recs
I haven't posted many vid recs in ages, and I have a bit of a backlog which I hope to get to soon, but as a start I have a treat (two treats!) today for the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist. And for anyone who wants to know why you should watch this show... start here, with two amazing vids from [ profile] chasarumba:

Something Beautiful is a Tami character study and an incredibly eloquent portrait of motherhood. It captures Tami's strength and determination, as well as her struggles and her fragility. It's a beautiful tribute to one of my favourite female characters on television. Tami is at once ordinary and extraordinary--I guess that's true of motherhood as well--and this vid captures that perfectly.

Let The Sun Fall Down is a vid I should have watched a long, long time ago. But for anyone else like me that hasn't seen it: it is THE perfect Friday Night Lights vid. *calls it* It's beautiful and heartbreaking and spine-tingly and full of HEART. It would have made me miss the show, except that I can just put it on repeat, stick my headphones on, sing along and tear up all over again...

Doctor Who
brief flippant comments on the Silence in The Library and whatever the second part was called )

That personality type meme doing the rounds
For anyone that's interested, this is me.
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I don't post on Doctor Who very often, mainly because I seem to view the show very differently from most real Who fans. But this was a Steven Moffat episode and I am powerless to his writing. I'm clever and I'm listening )

ETA: Minor spoiler for next season's Heroes in commebnts, which probably everyone knows anyway but just in case...
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Doctor Who is back! While I don't usually post on Who, today's eppy warranted some major squee, I felt.

You've got to earn that title )
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I am in a very chirpy mood today, since my wonderful friends list has provided me with many wonderful photos (and video!) of the two most beautiful men in the world meeting! *squee* Of course I mean Tommy and Johnny D. I am delighted by their manly handshake, Tom's earnestly impressed expression, and, most of all, Tom's stylist, who must have been working for months for this event (at least, that's what I'm fanwanking to explain his mysterious absence of influence over Tommy elsewhere in the last three months). ;-)

So while on the subject of squeeing, I also wanted to post about two shows that have made me bubbly and squeeful in the last few weeks. Like many people, I've used the hiatus to catch up on a couple of shows--in particular Doctor Who and Dead Like Me.

Doctor Who
insane squeeage, no real spoilers )

Dead Like Me
tentative squeeage )

And because there is STILL TIME before SV starts up again--has anyone got any shows they'd like to rec for me? Yes, I know I should watch Alias because I never have. Yes, yes. And don't dare come near me with those 'SG' shows. But anything else?

Oh, and fear not--I will return to SV-squeeage in due time--I'm just having a leetle holiday. *g*
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Doctor Who
The tenth doctor's series started here in Aus last night. I had seen the first six episodes of the Nine series, and despite my reservations was really enjoying the complexities that Eccleston brought to the character. And I was hyped for David Tennant, having seen snippets in the UK when I was there. But I didn't expect to instantly love him as much as I did. I was squeeing crazily. Already! And Ten was catatonic for most of the episode. *blinks* Even so, DT managed to convey the wonderfully mercurial quality of the Doctor, and he's just so wee and slight and fragile and fey. I just want to squish him! Eee! And glasses! *dorks* Is love. What can I say?

(And y'all are killing me with your 2.13 DW posts! I can't even imagine how much better it gets...)

So I have to kill time until I see POTC2 tonight, but luckilly I have a few memes to do. Memes often irk me, and these ones are particularly bossy. So despite what they say below, please only consider yourselves tagged if you want to be!

From [ profile] mskatej, Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with six random facts about yourself. In the end you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names
six random facts )

From [ profile] carpenyx, Once you are tagged you MUST write a journal/blog entry about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.
six weird habits )


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