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Thank you, everyone!! It's been great fun seeing all the entries come in and I was particularly pleased with the range of entries--multiple fandoms, multiple genres. Here is a handy list of all the entries.

I am disappointed that I didn't get time to contribute myself--the last three weeks proved to be very busy for me. I know there are others out there who struggled with the deadline too--you have my sympathy! I, for one, would still be interested in the resulting works as I thought the prompts list was fantastic. So while the challenge is formally closed, I hope it will continue to provide inspiration for your muses. ;) And because I'm nice like that, I am happy to list late entries here. :D

Meanwhile, congratulations and huge thanks to the following contributors!

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Real life is still beating up Boppy, so I'm keeping this short. :)

Quick reminder that the Character Study Challenge closes this Saturday October 6. Today we got the first vid entries which was very exciting! There's still time to contribute and so as to be fair to all of you not first into the future like us Australians, I should clarify that the competition will close at midnight LA time (which is actually 5pm on Sunday here in Australia). Hopefully that little extra time will help any of you running late. ;)

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See you on the flipside of Smallville!
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Well time is flying and a couple of weeks into the Character Study Challenge we already have about 35 entries in over 10 different fandoms. A reminder to everyone else that the challenge is due to close in a week's time on October 6. If you haven't contributed yet, there's still time! I haven't contributed yet myself and though I'm running out of time to vid, more's the pity, I'm still thinking of writing some little somethings. :)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and I look forward to seeing more entries this week!
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Here it is at last! Thank you to everyone for the wonderful prompts: now begins the real fun!

1. You can enter as many times as you want.
2. Multiple people can use the same prompt.
3. You can use your own prompt.
4. The Challenge will close three weeks time on 6 October, when I will make a masterlist of all submissions, by fandom.
5. You can submit any time between now and the closing date.
6. Your submissions can take the form of fic, meta, vids or other fanart, as long as you can argue that it explores the character and the prompt.
7. Post your submissions as comments to this post. Please title your comment with the relevant prompt, so that they are easy to see.
8. If your submission fits within a comment length (approx 4300 words, I think), then you're welcome to just post it here. However, there is no word limit so if it is longer than this, please post a link to your journal post where the completed work is posted. For vids or art, you may prefer to just post a link in your comment here (although if you prefer to post directly here that's ok too).
9. No WIPs please! Only completed works.
10. All submissions must be new works, specifically for this challenge, not reposted from elsewhere.
11. Anyone's welcome to submit: you don't have to have submitted prompts or ever have participated in a challenge before. Newbies are more than welcome.
12. If you don't want to submit yourself, you can still participate by pimping and, most importantly, leaving feedback on the submissions.

Any questions, just sing out! and HAVE FUN!

I would encourage everyone to think creatively about their responses. Remember that the one prompt may be used by multiple people--it could turn into a fic or a vid. Fics may vary in length considerably--and that's fine! Do not be put off if someone has already used the prompt you're interested in.

If you have written or seen a prompt you particularly want to see a response to, remember to pimp it to your friends and send them over here!

Prompts are listed alphabetically by fandom and then character. Crossovers (something I hadn't anticipated but don't mind including) are listed with the fandom from which the individual character comes. Fandoms that begin with 'The' have been listed under 'T'. RPF prompts are listed at the very end of the list.

Note: If you don't see your prompt in this list, please let me know. I hope I have got all of them, but you never know. ;)

mega-list of prompts
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I am all glowy from the feedback on Middleman: I had honestly abandonned all hope of provoking such amazing, thinky, insightful responses from people. You guys ROCK! BSG fans (and Lee fans in particular) FTW! \o/ I'm so chuffed it resonated with some of you--I knew it wouldn't be a vid for everyone but that it meant a lot to some of you means a lot to me (if that makes sense!).

And Smallville fans: in terms of number of prompts, you guys are beating all other fandoms so far in my character study challenge. I'm very amused. Dying fandom? Obviously not! ;)

It's fascinating seeing the prompts come in and I've been delighted to see them from so many varied fandoms/sources. There's a good range of BSG, BtVS, AtS, FNL, DW and DS prompts and a very wide range of prompts overall. But we can still have MORE! So this is a little reminder that I'm accepting prompts until midnight Saturday. That's my time so it's 2pm London time and 9am NY time. And while I probably won't mind if some come in 'overnight' my time, I will definitely be cutting them off Sunday morning so that I can collate them all and get the big list posted. :) So if you've been meaning to leave prompts and haven't, make sure you remember before Saturday! Especially if you have something specific in mind that you want to do. And remind your friends as well. :) The more the merrier!
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Welcome to Stage 1 of the multifandom Character Study Challenge! Prompts accepted here!

Everyone can take part in this stage: all you have to do here is provide prompts. I'll be collecting them on this post until midnight next Saturday, Aus time. I'll then post a collated list of prompts (grouped by fandom/character) on Sunday. You'll then have until Saturday 6 October to complete your entries. You can enter as many times as you like and multiple people can use the same prompts. Using your own prompts is also fine.

There's been some confusion about what form your entries can take. Basically if you can argue that it's a character study, then you can submit it: so that means fic, art, vids, meta, whatever. I imagine most submissions will be fic (drabbles or longer pieces) or vids, but I guess we'll see. :)

Guidelines for prompts:
1. You can post as many prompts as you like.
2. All fandoms accepted (TV, books, movies, RPF, whatever); het/slash/gen all accepted.
3. If you could list fandoms in alphabetical order, that would make my life easier. :)
4. You should only name ONE character. If you want specific other characters included, they should be named in the description prompt.
5. Prompts should take the form: fandom, character, description prompt of up to 15 words. You don't have to include a description prompt--if you just want to name a character who you are interested in, that's ok. But more detailed prompts will provide contributors with inspiration. They can be one word or several, thematic or specific. Here are some examples:

Battlestar Galactica, Sam Anders, post-Crossroads II
Doctor Who, Sally Sparrow
Friday Night Lights, Tyra, family dynamics
RPF, Blur, Damon Albarn, Mali
Smallville, Lois Lane, teenage years growing up on a military base
Smallville, Ryan, what did he see in Lex's mind and why did his feelings about him change?
Supernatural, Dean, death

Spread the word, post your prompts, and send others here too! Let's make this work!

My fandoms

Sep. 6th, 2007 07:52 pm
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I hope you are thinking up prompts for the challenge! :D Full details/instructions will be posted on Saturday when I start accepting prompts, but if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to drop me a line.

Personally I'm hoping to see lots of submissions from 'my' fandoms: Smallville and Battlestar Galactica. It's funny: I watch a lot of other shows and I interact with other fandoms quite often, but I still think of those two as my main fandoms. Anyway, I think there is HEAPS of potential for character studies in both fandoms, so this is my personal appeal to my f'list to think about participating. Remember, it doesn't have to be all earnest and serious--if you want to write a comedic character study (Gaius maybe? Shelby? *giggle*) or, for that matter, a porny one (I know [ profile] mskatej can be relied on there!), then go for it! Newbie writers/vidders/artists are also very welcome!

Both my main fandoms have served up excellent examples of character studies in vid form this week.

For BSG, [ profile] daybreak777 has posted rec lists of Kara vids and Lee vids. (I'm particularly excited about the Lee list! *predictable*)

And in Smallville news, [ profile] capnzebbie has posted an incredible Lex vid: Put Your Lights On. From the song choice on, this is a vid I could never have imagined myself, and every moment of it felt like a revelation--there was not a predictable second. I find now that I'm vidding myself, I appreciate that even more in other people's vids. It's so easy to fall into predictable choices. Well, this vid carves out new ground, I believe. I've been dying to see some big Lex-as-villain vids, and this one puts his turn to the 'dark side' in context. I'm missing the show so much, and this brought all my love for Lex flooding back--even though it's a very dark vid.
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Thanks to everyone who voted in the character study poll. It's not too late to do so!

I'm comforted to hear that it's not just me who finds it hard to define 'character study'. *g* However, some people's definitions were much better than mine!
- "a character study tends to focus on a particular character rather than a relationship, and any plot action is more for the sake of illustrating character traits than for other purposes." ([ profile] norwich36)
- "a piece of work that helps illuminate or define some aspect of a character" ([ profile] transtempts)
- "a piece that explores (an aspect of) the internal life of a character by extrapolating from the information we get from canon" ([ profile] mskatej)
- "a piece that's primarily interested in letting us get to know a character better" ([ profile] slinkling)

I am only slightly daunted undaunted! A Character Study Challenge will be held. :) This is a rough outline of my plan:
1. Collect prompts from Saturday 8 September on--prompts to specify fandom, character (anything goes, even RPF), and a short sentence prompt if you want to be specific.
2. Post masterlist of prompts (15 September).
3. Submissions: enter as many times as you want, multiple people can use the same prompt and you can even use your own prompt!
4. Challenge to close three weeks later on 6 October. I'll create a masterlist post of all the entries submitted during that time.
If it's successful, we can do another round (I know the timing's an issue for several people.)

So get thinking about your prompts! Who do you want to read about?! Which character do you desperately want to see a vid about?!

And if you think it's a good idea: pimp it to your f'list! The more participants, the more chance there is that you'll get that breathtaking Dean piece you've been imagining, the fic exploring Clark's emotions about Martha's miscarriage or the Sally Sparrow vid you've been longing for! *G*


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