Aug. 13th, 2013 01:22 pm
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I just realised the vid connection point for a song I've been listening to for over a year obsessively. *FLASH* Suddenly the entire vid is brought to life before my eyes... and of course it's for a source I would loooooove to vid but never have. *heart thud*

If only I could take time off from the world and make it... at least my inner mind can build castles ...

ETA: *relistening* HOLY SHIT, this is THE song for this source!!! *immediately YouTube searches to see if it exists*
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A highly unproductive year! Which I am relatively calm and zen about. :D YAY ME!

summary beneath cut )
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Hello LJ/Dreamwidth peoples! I have been extremely absent of late... eaten alive by work and guilt about work... which isn't at all fun and must be rectified soon!

Breaking internet silence for selfish reasons, but I can't overlook this because it is so precious and rare and beautiful to be given such a gift:

[personal profile] tree has compiled an incredible vid commentary of Some Time Around Midnight. It's beautiful (visually and emotionally!) and very thoughtfully put together and gives me that extraordinary gift of being able to see my own work through someone else's eyes.

I hope you are all well and that your lives are rich, creatively and otherwise. ;)
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Help, oh wise and wonderful f'list!! :)

For Vidukon, I will be running a panel on character study vids. It's a 1.5 hour panel and I'd like to show at least parts of a couple of vids as examples or discussion points. For this reason, and also simply for research and preparation purposes I would love to get recs of any character study vids (in any fandom) that you consider exceptional. Even if I don't end up showing the vids in the panel (there won't be time for many) it would be really helpful to know which vids leap to peoples' minds as the 'best' character study vids out there.

As part of the panel I want to discuss different approaches that can be taken with character study vids, so I'm also looking for character studies that are unusual in some way--either in the way they convey character, in use of an unusual structure, a 'reveal', mood over narrative, point of view, anything you can think of really. And I'm not wed to any particular definition of the genre--if you consider it a character study and think it's great, let me know! :)
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This, my fourth vidding year, was far and away the hardest, the best, the worst, the most fun and the most ridiculous since I started. I learnt more this year than I did since my first year (I pretty much feel I learnt nothing for a good three years--I just languished around feeling dissatisfied--which probably explains the cranky malaise with which I entered this year). It's definitely a weird (and interesting!) year to look back on, but it doesn't really show in the vids I actually released... :p

Previous years: 2007, 2008, 2009 <<--watch me get more and more miserable

At the start of the year I thought I would give up vidding. I should remember that because it is a sign of how far I came in a year. I started fiddling with a few vids privately as a last-try to see if I cared enough to continue.

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This week I went to Revise 2010 a two-day academic conference about remix cultures in many different forms, in Wollongong. Organised in part by the lovely [profile] nushanakt, it was a unique event, bringing together academics and artists in a wide range of remix fields.

brief overview of event and particularly the vidding-oriented aspects )

Also! ::GETS OUT MEGAPHONE:: More details are now available about Vidukon April 2011! Registration will open this coming week! So if you know anyone in the UK or Europe (or anywhere!) who may be interested, give them a nudge! :)
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Just writing my way through some creative issues... may not be of interest to anyone but me. saying more with less )
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I'm at that stage with my current vid project where I have a nearly full timeline and things are starting to come together structurally. My brain's desperately trying to play catch-up with all the decisions I've made based on intuition, kind of trying to hunt them down and detect whether they are actually sound or don't serve the vid well at all. No doubt when I play back my vid over breakfast tomorrow I'll realise I'm a lot further off target than I think I am ... but... I love this stage of a project. My head buzzes, I can't really think about anything but vidding, I'm constantly tossing things over in my mind to make sense of them.

You should hear the way my brain works sometimes (thoughts on Lee, anger and Kara, late S2 )

brief additional thoughts on vidding problematic source )

Can I just stay here forever and not do the boring horrible months of polishing and reediting and tweaking colour and making horrible fucking credits?! Please? (Hee! No, I want it finished for myself too but I do love this stage and it's fun to wallow while it lasts.)
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Maybe it's the migraine but I wasn't that thrilled by Community this week. Shirley was the most sympathetic to me with her 'skinny bitches' snark.

On the other hand, one show never fails to deliver...

Vampire Diaries 2.5
This episode started slow but boy did it deliver! So much happens in every episode! And it used my bulletproof kink! THANK YOU, SHOW!

were you two having a moment? )

In other news, [personal profile] kuwdora is the most amazingest friend ever and talked me down off a ledge when she correctly detected that I had clipped my entire new vid project the wrong f-ing way. Having a Mac-vidder friend at last is AWESOME!

And I am all hyped for Festivids! [personal profile] fan_eunice has a really good post explaining why the brilliance of Festivids in detail, but I shall precis and say that I had a blast last year. I got to vid a character I wouldn't have otherwise vidded, which also meant I kept vidding at a time when I was in a creative slump. I also discovered how amazingly pretty Vampire Diaries is to vid (really people! you need to get on it!) and by the time it came to posting I'd almost forgotten, in all the fun, that I was getting a vid in return. The reciprocal joy out of this event is such a wonderful thing. And then you can watch everyone else's vids too. Everyone wins! :) Go forth and sign up!
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Recently I've been noticing and trying to trying to deconstruct the many layers of fear I have wrapped around vidding. cut for boring introspective stuff )
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Revise, Wollongong, December 2010
Australian vidders and vid fans! Although we had to abandon plans for a formal Australian vidding convention this year, [ profile] nushanakt has just announced details for Revise: The Art and Science of Contemporary Remix Cultures and we'd love to have an informal gathering of vidfolk there. Sing out if you are interested in attending and meeting up and we can organise some stuff around the conference. :)

If you haven't already heard, Vidukon is on the cards again in the northern hemisphere spring next year. A poll on dates and location and interest in helping organise over here.

Pilots Memorial/Revival Festival
Twitter results in some strange devlopments it seems... in a surprising (?!) turn of events, [ profile] taragel, [ profile] indigo419 and I are plotting some kind of Kara/Lee celebration/commemoration in the new year, probably around Feb 14 (pilots = love *g*). OK, I'm a bit foggy on dates (I wasn't in charge of that bit!), but stay tuned... Tara and Indi have it covered, I'm sure. :) Fics, vids, meta and squee will all be welcome but you'll have to answer to me if you so much as mention THAT FUCKING PIGEON.

I have pledged to make something for said festival... (IT'S WEIRD TO ME TOO! But they were very persuasive!) ... which brings me to the poll. I have recently, finally dug my BSG DVDs out of the closet of pain I shoved them into after the finale. And to my MASSIVE surprise, I actually have vids I want to make with them, but I am currently dithering about which to start with. Help!? cut for poll )

Where are the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist?! Get yourselves to this amazing, poignant and totally EPIC Songs for a Girl by [ profile] jarrow. It's a Tyra/Landry vid in three movements, handling the nuances of their relationship--yes, even the part that made us think the show had jumped the shark--with exquisite restraint and delicacy. If you like the show and/or either of the characters AT ALL, watch it! Non-FNL-viewers: watch to see what you're missing. Some of the best vidding I've seen all year.

Also in my 'best vids of they year' category: [ profile] absolutedestiny's Running Away, a gorgeous tribute to childhood imagination, friendship and shared dreams. The source is the movie 'Son of Rambow' but you do not need to have seen the movie to adore this. It is totally joyful.
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To prove that I learnt something at Vividcon, I am finally getting round to posting my notes on watching vids on a large screen with an audience for the first time. While hopefully more widely interesting than my tl;dr social rambles about the con (part 1 and part 2), these notes are still highly subjective. I am sure other people's relationship with vids differs from my own (even surer of this after the con than I was before) and I suspect to those more acclimatised to watching vids in group settings these notes may seem naive and obviously 'newbie'. However, I remember searching for an explanation somewhere of the differences in viewing experience and coming up terribly short. While I found lots of 'oh, it's very different' statements from congoers, there was little in the way of an actual explanation of how for someone a) thinking of attending and b) trying to work out how to make a vid that would work in this context. So hopefully someone out there will find this useful.

If nothing else, you can be amused at my naivety again.

Quick background on my own viewing habits at home (for context) )

Things I noticed about viewing vids in a con setting )

Summary: I didn't feel like viewing at the con invalidated the choices I make at home as a viewer; I feel it expanded my possibilities and freed me up in a positive way, as well as teaching me more about myself and others as viewers.
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is the best shit EVER!!!!! Seriously, it is gorgeous!! It's so cute and upbeat and totally captures Lalita perfectly! Gorgeous music choice and so joyful and *me*! I feel like the vidder must know me or something?

And there's more Bollywood glory in the form of a Chak De! India vid. :D It's gorgeous! There should be more festivid-like challenges so there can be more Bollywood vids. *nods vigorously*
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Squeezing in under the bell for 2009...

Summary: My third year of vidding was a bitch. :(

cut for details )


Dec. 3rd, 2009 08:52 am
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... get your asses here so I can fangirl you.


Oct. 24th, 2009 07:08 pm
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So my one week holiday from Melbourne turned into a couple of weeks away from Livejournal. When I got back, all my online time went into writing commentaries for [ profile] vid_commentary. Speaking of which, it's quite the commentary explosion there at the moment. And now that I'm finished mine I get to READ/WATCH OTHER PEOPLE's. \o/ \o/ *throws streamers around* I CAN'T WAIT.

[ profile] acridnym wrote an incredible commentary for Clint Eastwood which has allowed me to achieve ZEN about it at last. (My own blatherings on it are here.)

And I got to write a commentary for 45 by [ profile] bananainpjyamas, and I am proud to say achieved unprecedented levels of non-hatred for Bill Adama. (Aside: Does anyone else have the thing after writing a commentary of someone else's vid that it makes them want to watch it even more times?! You'd think watching a vid 100+ times for commmentary purposes would max you out, but nooooooooo! The opposite seems to happen for me: regardless of how much I liked it before, it rockets up my 'most likely to watch when have a random few mins to kill' list after writing about it.) Dragonchic's own commentary is here and it has cute graphics and vidding formulas!

Less excitingly, I made my first audio commentary: for Middleman. Quite honestly, I'm never likely to make one again. It was sort of hell and I got to say way less than I would have liked, which is pretty funny seeing I struggled to cut it to under 18 minutes. Sigh. I need to work on that tl;dr (or is it tl;dl?) thing. Dragonchic, I envy you your succinctness: I guess 'chic' isn't in your name for nothing. ;)

Other vidding-related announcement: vidding chats will recommence in November. The first chat, the weekend of 7-8 November, will be hosted in my journal but co-moderated by [ profile] lim and it will be on visualising effects. (Seriously, you would be mad to miss that!)
The weekend of 14-15 November, [ profile] heresluck will host a chat on creative growth.
The following weekend, 21-22 Nov, I'll host one on audience.
And I have several other chats almost confirmed--hopefully there will be one a week up until Xmas!

Reminder: Suggestions for topics gratefully received (from anyone!) here and sign-ups eagerly pounced on here.

So what did I miss? How is everyone? Chillaxed? I will be very grateful to anyone who links me to Stuff I Probably Wish I Hadn't Missed (vids released? important personal newses of friends? lolarious things?).

I have watched a lot of TV (duh!) and will post on that soon, no doubt.
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Hi! *waves* I'm Bop. I'm presumptuous. I didn't used to be. (Or maybe I did? *ponders entry into Smallville fandom with essays*) But anyway, I am now.

I've seen the word 'presumptuous' used several times in regards to vidder commentaries on their own vids. And I just want to say: I totally get that it feels like that. So if you are a vidder doing a commentary on your own work and feeling self conscious? Just remember that you're not alone. And that there are more presumptuous people than you out there: ME. I'm doing two. Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at the actually presumptuous person. I'm also doing one on someone else's and I can tell you now, I am waaaaaay more excited about doing the viewer commentary. But! I want more vidder commentaries to read and watch, and I kind of figure the more people do them the less 'presumptuous' it will look or feel. Also, there's nothing in the rules (as far as I understand them) that says you have to have reached a certain threshold of interest level in your vids to make a commentary. I'm pretty sure only two people will be interested in one of my commentaries. But does that matter? Should I not take up 'space' by doing that? I had to struggle with that anxiety before signing up, but I think it's good for the vidding fandom to have more diversity of commentaries as well as diversity of vidders.

If I have recced your vid? Chances are I would like a commentary on it. If I've commented at length on your vid? Ditto. If I watch your vid obsessively and you don't even know it? Same. And I will bounce up to you and tell you so if I run across you worrying about whether to commentary or not. I also can't wait to watch vidder commentaries of vidders I don't know because that seems cool. So, hi, I'm your audience of one. Please don't dismiss me!

In other news? Vidlets are also cool.
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If you ever wanted to hear me crap on more than I already have about one of my vids, now's a good time to ask. [ profile] vid_commentary's new challenge is for combined vidder and viewer commmentaries. I'm hopefully going to be doing viewer components for a couple of vidders, but if you'd like a vidder commentary on anything, let me know. :)

ETA: I appear to be sorted for E's and wizz commentary.
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Pimping vidding polls!

[ profile] vidukon is the community for Vidukon, a fan vid convention that took place in October 2008. We're now polling to see if there's enough interest for another one in 2010/2011. Get the word out! Have your say on dates/location here.

I'm also polling on vidding chats. More votes craved! Also, in the comments, several people suggested having 'roving' chats in various people's journals instead of in a community. If you like that idea best, let me know in the comments as I was not smart enough to include it in original poll.

Also, [ profile] vid_commentary are polling on their next challenge. I love this comm! Now's a great time to head over, join, and have your say about where it can go next.


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