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I'm so proud of my best friend. [ profile] supacat has made the leap from fanfic to original fic, and her fic, 'Captive Prince' (at [ profile] freece) has gathered quite the following.

It's original slash slavefic, with the premise: Damen is the true heir to the throne, but when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity and sent to serve the prince of a rival nation as a pleasure slave. It's a WIP, but trust me, it is very well plotted and will be finished.

I've had the great pleasure of betaing and it's been a lot of fun. Slavefic's not really my thing, *cough*, but that hasn't stopped me appreciating it. It even has it's own Playmobil toy set--is that not awesome?!

[ profile] freece doesn't need me to rec it--'Captive Prince' has got a life of its own, justifiably, and I know that some of you on my friends list are already reading it (amusingly/predictably? enough, largely Clex fans! *g*), but I've wanted to for ages.

Chapter 10 just got posted, and now's a REALLY good time to catch up if you think this is at all something you'd be interested in. :D

Chapter index this way.
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Happy New Year, all!

Confession: Every so often when I feel weird, I check my daily biorhythms to see what's going on. Today it told me that in physical terms I 'feel beaten and you'd prefer to lie down all day' but that intellectually 'you can finish demanding tasks without any great concentration efforts' and 'have many good ideas'. Now does that sound like a day to spend on LJ, or what?! :)

We had a BBQ party for NYE which turned into an exhausting karaoke battle. I think it was fun, but got too wiped out to really know. (And my slaved-over party playlist was underappreciated! *sniff*) My puppy still has a hangover.

I'm having rather the love affair with The Sarah Connor Chronicles at the moment, thanks to a particularly challenging vid bunny. cut for rewatch reactions )

It's resolution time, and yes, I have several. I am trying not to think too much about how they potentially conflict with/undermine each other. cut for resolutions )

Finally, birthday fic! [ profile] daybreak777 completed Circuit for me, a five-part BSG fic. It's a very original look at different incarnations of Kara and Lee--check it out, if you haven't already done so!
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Attention Clois fans! There be fic. (Why am I talking like a pirate? NO CLUE other than the fact that my job is frying my brain. When is Friday again?)

Kate's Secrets She'll Never Tell is deliciously Lois-centric Clois, with a very Season 8 flavour and lots of hot sex. Yay! It even sells me on the dynamic I was less than happy about on the show initially. (Yes, I've moved on from my hissy fit now!) It's also uplifting as all get out! (I was powerless to stop the grinning while betaing.)

In semi-related news I had a nightmare last night about Clark having to wear a green jacket (fashion ew!) secretly laced with Kryptonite, but he didn't realise he was wearing it. Chloe took advantage of this opportunity to snog him and I was ragey and wrote 'FUCK YOU SMALLVILLE' in my journal.

In my dreams I'm way more ragey and territorial than in real (fandom) life. ;) I thought you'd like to know.

Wow, I have to stop this stream-of-consciousness shit. What DID they put in my coffee?

*slopes off to read f'list*
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Thank you to everyone who wrote such kind words on [ profile] wisteria's Secret Snap Cup. I hardly ever put my name up on those things so I feel a little embarrassed, but thanks!

And although this is hopelessly late I also wanted to publicly thank [ profile] dionusia for writing me The Last Light She Sees, which is a beautiful, tragic-in-a-good-way Kara/Lee AU piece based on the events of Maelstrom.

In other news, I have my vid back! And now I remember what hard work it was. :( Turns out it's waaaaaay more fun to beta other people's vids. Especially when they're as exciting as [ profile] brokenmnemonic's Thoughtless, a hypnotically dark Kara vid.

I have a cold for the first time in two years. I forgot how annoying they are! I think all people with colds should be given some kind of house-elf-like creature to bring them hot lemon and honey drinks. That is my Deep Thought for the day. :)
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... I think I might be getting my life back again. It's Day 2 of having my boss back again (and therefore no longer being boss-person myself) and I'm on cloud 9. I LOVE HAVING A BOSS!!! *bounces* And to make this fandom-related... I think I finally get why Kara didn't care that much about being CAG. Because hello, it is WAY more fun to be the slightly loud-mouthed and rebellious offsider than the guy that has to do all the paperwork and answer for shit at the end of the day. :D And yeah, I may seem diplomatic online but in real life? Huahahaha, no. I have an unfortunate habit for telling the truth in meetings and a low tolerance of idiots--this does not get you far in management, I have found.

So what's going on round here?! :) I missed stuff! I owe some people mail--and I promise I'm working on it. My inbox is kinda scary... *guilt*

I do have some posts to pimp though. I'm always a big fan of people focusing on what they like and not what they like to whinge about... and in that spirit, I have really enjoyed:
- [ profile] asta77's post on why she loves Lee Adama
- [ profile] wisteria_'s post on why she loves Kara Thrace
- and [ profile] daybreak777's post on falling for the Kara/Lee ship.

Also, Kara/Lee fans who haven't read this extremely hot fic by [ profile] elzed are missing a treat. *g*

I feel kinda bad not having anything SV-related to pimp... but seriously, people, is there anything out there?!

Oh, and before I forget, I apologise to anyone who tried to dl my new vid the other day when the link wasn't working. I have fixed it now. And I'm even feeling thick-skinned enough (or stupid enough) to stick my name up on the vidding truth meme so if anyone feels inclined to tell me where my weaknesses are or how I could improve... pipe up. :) I do appreciate that it takes time and care to give people proper concrit, so if anyone does, I'll be very grateful.
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This is fun! I should TOTALLY have birthdays more often. :D (Even if I'm days late to collect my presents...)

[ profile] wisteria_ wrote me a lovely gentle, intimate Kara/Lee ficlet.

And... so... this new S4 promo that's doing the rounds. How spoilery is it? Is it one of those things that's going to be totally everywhere and unavoidable anyway? *bites lip* I did end up watching the S3 promos before S3 aired. Is it about that level of spoilery? Or worse? (Yes I AM paranoid, thank you, and happy to stay that way!) There's still three or four months to go... I don't want to suddenly become a spoilerwhore... Er, that's ok--I won't be watching it.
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[ profile] mskatej WROTE ME CLOIS SMUT. With Playstation! And cheese! :D

*flails helplessly*
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First off, thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards, and to [ profile] snarkist for her OMG!AWESOME mix CD, which I am pouring over right now. (*hugs* You rock!) The mail's been slow here so I keep getting cards every day. *bounces* At this rate, Christmas will last til Easter... :)

I also got b'day prezzies in the form of fic! [ profile] daybreak777 posted the first part of a very intriguing BSG fic called Circuit and [ profile] smact46 wrote me a little Kara/Lee ficlet. I am very lucky. *g*

And it's not a present, but it may as well be because it's so scrummy and because I got to beta it... [ profile] brokenmnemonic posted a lovely new Kara/Lee vid.

I wasn't going to do this, but I got inspired by [ profile] boom_queen's 2007 vid rec post and [ profile] bradcpu's 2007 round-up, as well as [ profile] bananainpyjamas's post (from which I snagged the format). Also, I'm procrastinating.

cut for my 2007 vidding summary )
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It's been at least a week since I watched a vid and at least a month since I uploaded an icon. :(

In my super-fast sweep of LJ, I found I had missed some lovely posts. So I hereby linkspam you. :)
- [ profile] vibrantharmony made me a Lois picspam as part of her advent calendar posts. Other highlights include her 12 Fangirl Days of Christmas and Chuck (the show) squee/pimp post.
- [ profile] mahaliem reminds us of some important (visual) reasons why we love Smallville.
- [ profile] fleegull found a picture of KK in glasses. *crushed bad*
- [ profile] mskatej served up snowy Clex-y seasonal fic.

I found some great BSG posts as well.
- [ profile] wisteria_ wrote some lovely drabbles.
- [ profile] elzed posted a fantastic Razor-based fic that explores Lee's perspective
- [ profile] suffolkgirl wrote an interesting exploration of the 'Apollo' callsign
- [ profile] bsg_hiatusthon is going really well--thank you squillions to everyone who's met their posting deadlines at this very busy time of year. I have been really enjoing the diversity of entries. One of my favourites so far is this poignant Laura piece
- Oh, and the Lee Adama advent calendar is cheerifying. :D
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*beams* BSG fandom is such a lovely generous place.
- [ profile] smact46 wrote me a drabble inspired by the Season 4 promo
- [ profile] wisteria_ posted 33 ways Kara told Lee she loved him--with some wonderful additions in the comments as well.
I was going to make a Lee equivalent in return, but [ profile] ez_as_pi has beaten me to it.

Oh, and [ profile] daybreak777 has a lovely post on ways we love our favourite characters.

My plans for an all-BSG-fandom ficathon to cheer us up in the hiatus are coming together. However I'm looking for volunteers who could help with a banner and/or layout. *makes pleading puppy eyes* Anyone?
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Today I lived up to my rep as a fainter. Despite the pathology nurse lying me down to have my blood test, I still fainted. *facepalm* My shame reaches new levels! She was left plaintively asking if at least I felt a bit better than when I sit up and then faint. I told her yes, but truthfully? No. The same sickening nausea and dizziness came over me, I lost all colour and flaked out on her while she was trying to hold a conversation with me. The nurse was very reassuring--she claims she has people of all ages and sizes fainting on her regularly.

I retired to a cafe after that and got my caffeine shot for the day with a truly wondrous cappucino.

I'm now snuggled under a blankie on my sofa and have been reading my f'list in leisurely fashion as I have a rare day off work . \o/ I decided cheerifying things were in order due to the faint, so I'm sharing some of the standouts:
- [ profile] wisteria_ posted picspam of Kara Thrace's natural beauty.
- [ profile] pandora_576 has made two beautifully uplifting BSG vids. You can find both of them here.
Free is a glorious ensemble piece--Lola is wonderful at selecting emotionally resonant clips and this vid is full of them. It's moving and mood-lifting.
Faith Alive is a Kara vid, which delves into her dark areas but which has a beautifully hopeful message despite that--and the clips match they lyrics so seemlessly you'd swear they'd been written for each other in places. *g*
I still need to leave proper feedback for these--but I recommend both of them to fellow BSG-viewers suffering the hiatus drought.
- [ profile] brokenmnemonic wrote a post-Crossroads drabble that he claims is just a rough draft, and which is rather angsty, but which made me happyful anyway since it was pitch-perfect Lee.
- These were posted some time ago but they made me so happy they need pimping again: [ profile] alissabobissa posted picspam of Lee facial expressions with adorable captioning, appreciative of Lee in all his many guises: part one, part 2A and part 2B.
- [ profile] indigo419 has cute Kara/Lee exhibitionism ficlets.

SV fandom is quiet at the moment. *pokes it disconsolately* But THIS is gold:
- Snagged from several people on my f'list: The Gayest Superman/Batman comic EVA. This amused me endlessly and cannot be pimped enough. Firstly, the writer gets points for coining the term 'whine-spree'--I'm going to have to adopt that one. ;-) Secondly, this: every time something like this happens in this comic, you think that it cannot possibly get any more gay. But brother, we've got thirteen pages left on this trolley ride, and it just gets better from here sounds EXACTLY like Smallville to me. Every time we think it cannot get more gay, or the gay has died, WHAM! they pull out a slash classic like 'Nemesis' with its fanfictastic premise ('trapped in a cave-in'). Never, ever think it can't get gayer in the DC universe...
- and [ profile] mahaliem is hosting a badfic drabble-a-thon--always amusing! :-)

Oh, and don't feel too sorry for me with the fainting. I got hot dreams to compenstate. :-p
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Temporarily emerging from my self-imposed posting hiatus (hahaha--I lasted one day!) to fangirl [ profile] mskatej. It's an important cause! Kate is one of my closest friends in fandom and one of only three people on my f'list who I've met in person. (And yes, she is even more awesome in person!)

Earlier this week, Kate posted an awesome Lana-centric fic: Seule et Amoureuse. Lana is a character who is reviled by many, ignored by most, but Kate created a thoroughly engaging and sympathetic character study of Lana which was both convincingly consistent with canon and porny as hell (well, it's Kate... *g*).

Now, she's made my week a little brighter by posting this excellent post on sexism in fandom. It covers many issues that get me particularly growly and I'm glad to see someone tackling it. There's some great discussion in the comments as well.

Kate, you are happy making! *g*


Apr. 25th, 2007 08:08 pm
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*coughs for attention*

I would like to present to you the brilliance that is [ profile] dionusia and her BSG crackpoetry, as exemplified by: La Belle Kara Sans Mercy.

Summary: 'What happens when you combine Keats' verse with "Unfinished Business"? A ballad about pilots that's become a bit more R rated than the original, that's what.'

Highly recommended for any and all lit-geek BSG-fans with a sense of humour. (Oh, come on, I know there are lots of you on my f'list! *nudges*)

Lee is 'palely loitering'... that's never going to get old! *giggles*
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I'm super-anxious this week as we'll likely (finally) find out whether we have to move or not. But fandom's proving very effectively distracting.

Battlestar Galactica
I read a superlatively wonderful and poignant Lee/Kara fic last night that's still haunting me--it's Lee's pov, and the characterisation's spot-on. Highly recommended! A Sunny Day in Tartarus.

I don't often get my Clois-fondness satisfied, but [ profile] shopfront has written a very cute Clois fic. And as if that wasn't enough, [ profile] lucky_biatch made an adorable Clois vid. Awww, Smallville!

And no, I'm not completely neglecting the Clex! ;-) [ profile] bipolypesca's posted a lovely constructed-reality happy Clex vid, which made me go 'aww', and also made me giggle. *g*

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day, Australia's commemoration of getting our asses whipped at Gallipoli. Which means I get to spend the day at home, vidding! \o/ Hooray for mid-week public holidays! And I might walk Bob Bob to the dawn service...
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I am in an extremely good mood. Why? Because fandom is providing me with many giggles.

[ profile] dionusia wrote me giggly, tickly Kara/Lee for [ profile] oxoniensis's 'Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses' ficathon. It's so great! Ticklish pilots = love! :-D (ETA: Ohhh, long version posted in her journal. *G*)

You should also check out her BSG crackpoetry, for it is very amusing indeed and should be encouraged! *nods* And [ profile] bitterlatinist has written a Anders/Lee limerick. Is crack!poetry the new black? o.O

[ profile] bitterlatinist is also responsible for linking me up with a very amusing Laura/Lee telenovela.

I'm completely addicted to [ profile] martoufmarty's Sims 'Whores Family' saga: Part One, Part two, Part three. I was shipping Sylar and Apollo but apparently Sylar really really hates Apollo (hee!). Mohinder, Peter, Jack and Boone get up to much mischief too. And Lee mopes and apologises a lot. *hearts* :-p

On the not-so-cheery (but still silly) side of things, I am pissy that Tom appears to be losing his big showdown with Wentworth.

Anyway, I promised to rec some Smallville crackfic or humourfic to the uninitiated (and nameless, in case they want their identities kept secret ;)), so this is the most super-speedy reccing I've ever done, but off the top of my head:
Wabbit hunting by my very own [ profile] supacat (someone turns into a rabbit, I'm not giving away who)
Hideaway by [ profile] rivkat (Clark and Lex on holiday--from a 'Lois and Clark' plot originally)
Switch by [ profile] rivkat (Clark and Lex bodyswap fic)
The Els of Krypton by [ profile] mahaliem (Clark's Kryptonian parents struggle with his... er... issues)
Secrets, Lies and Misunderstandings by [ profile] mahaliem (Lex overhears something and takes it the wrong way)
Revenge by [ profile] astolat (comics!Lex gets cranky)
Dirty Campaigning by [ profile] belmanoir (SV/Colbert report crossover)

You know what else is amusing? Doctor Who! Which I am about to watch right now. Whee!! *moseys*
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cut for much squee about Ep 8 of Friday Night Lights )

Oh, and if anyone missed it, I highly recommend [ profile] scribblinlenore's Heroes/Smallville crossover. It's Lex/Peter with (very well done) hints of Nathan and the premise is perfect.

SV fic rec

Jan. 9th, 2007 10:22 am
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Now, I know there are some of you out there on the look-out for Clark/Ollie fic, so you will be pleased to hear that [ profile] transtempts has finished a Clark/Oliver fic full of the boys snarking at each other and with some great insights into their, er, relationship. Bonus well-characterised Lois and Martha!


Oct. 18th, 2006 10:37 am
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Perfect coda to Wither by [ profile] romanyg. Her fic is far more eloquent than my meta, and totally working to the same end. *dies content*
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How to improve the worst work day ever in ten easy steps:
1. Take two nurofen.
2. Take three pastries.
3. Buy new pyjamas on your lunch break.
4. Visualise yourself in said pyjamas in XX minutes time to get you through the last painful hours.
5. Be sweet to your boss because he's woobie, be gracious to the people that are shitting you to tears, make the sekrit signals of support for your fellow pressured editors before leaving--so your conscience is clean.
6. Bitch about them all for a good hour or two when you get home.
7. Have a long bath and get into the pyjamas.
8. Eat a yummy food.
9. Read the fic at [ profile] a_clexian_tale and marvel at the treasures to be found there. (Seriously, Clex peoples, this isn't just a courtesy rec--there's awesome fics there! get thyselves there pronto! It is agony to work out which fics to vote for though.)
10. Drink the hot chocolate of goodness, and realise several hours later, that ... maybe things aren't all that bad after all.

*happy sigh*

But you know what would make we really happy? Comment in [ profile] echoicons to this post with my username and I will get an icon as a reward! Go on! Puh-lease?! You know how I do love icons so. *does the pleading puppy eyes*

ETA: Thank you everyone! I have my maximum 5 icons requested now. *squee*
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Whee! It's [ profile] the_mas's Comment Day, which I am kicking off 'early' since it's well and truly Friday in my part of the world.

For those of you who are new to this event--it's basically an excuse to spam LJ with comments, because we all love them! And so I can garner 'em myself, I've even done a couple of memes.

Music meme )

Icon meme )

Also, I want to pimp a couple of people who've delighted me this week:
[ profile] elsmoka whose icons I have discovered, and who granted permission for me to use the fab Jake 'goodlooking revolutionaries' icon. Mwah!
[ profile] lastscorpion who wrote Ponyville which made me laugh myself silly (it's a Smallville/My Little Ponies crossover-lol!)
As always, the fabulous [ profile] estrella30 and [ profile] mskatej for upping my porn quota for the week.
[ profile] radioreverie for amusing me with her oh-so-honest unpopular opins (I luv rebels) and for converting me against my will to Jonny-Greenwood-appreciation.
Also... any Chlex fans on my list should check out [ profile] sinecure's icons. And encourage her not to abandon SV! ;-)

There. If the MASsians on my f'list can't find *something* in this post to comment on, you lose at Comment Day! *pokes tongue* (Bonus points to anyone that comments in my crazy but beloved [ profile] mahabarata comm!)


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