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You thought this was forgotten forever, right? Unfortunately no. My completionist soul is going to see it through to the end. Thanks to [ profile] stargirl220 for kicking me and [ profile] norwich36 for betaing.
Previous parts are collected here and I've started this part with a recap, since it's been a looong time between parts.

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Look! The wonderful [ profile] khohen1 made me PCB!Lex icons!!

And now... Part Seven (7?!) of PCB!Lex.

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Hooray! It is the 20 December (well, it is where I am!) and this means that I can post [ profile] mskatej's present. Yes, that's right, hon! I am your Secret Santa for [ profile] the_mas's Secret Santa exchange thingy. [ profile] nehallania and [ profile] toadstoolsmiles may smack me for posting early, but, damn it, I have had a VERY bad day and I am posting now before I chicken out. So there. :p

My present is a fic.
Title: Douce Nuit
Pairing: Clex (it's retro!Clex, ie no season 5 angst) set circa Season 2
Rating: R for 'Really, I mean it. Do not click if offended by slash. *g*'
Warnings: smut, schmoop and santa hats but no real spoilers (Kate: it turned out way more with the schmoop than I originally intended, but ... *points at porny bits* see those?! those are for YOU!)

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ETA: Thanks to [ profile] rakshanda for explaining the incomprehensibility of 'fairy lights' to a US audience. Oops!
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Thanks to everyone who rushed to sympathise with my pain in the previous post. I'm still in an angsty place but have been distracted by having more PCB!Lex beta-ed.

Part 6: Copying will resume when unit has warmed up (beta'd by [ profile] supacat)
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For [ profile] toadstoolsmiles and [ profile] nehellania who wanted more happy. Thanks to [ profile] supacat for beta-ing the angst (and the inappropriate punctuation) out. *g* This is the place of cheery flirtation only.

Friday night drinks
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A little more...

Earlier Silliness
Part 1: Paper jam
Part 2: Toner emergency
Part 3: Maintainance call

And now...

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Had network probs all day, but finally back on... except wouldn't you know it? It's already time for bbq. Guests arriving momentarily! *types superfast*

Anyway, there is more of the Silliness. Thanks again to [ profile] supacat for beta-ing.

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Umm... yes, more complete silliness here! Thanks to [ profile] supacat for beta-ing.

First part here

Day 2: Toner emergency
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Title: Umm... 'The office adventures of Lex Luthor, Photocopy Boy'?
Notes: Part one of a WIP. Vaguely spoilery through to Season 5, no pairing as yet but there will be...
Disclaimer: Don't own, first time author, beta'd by [ profile] nehellania (thank you!!), this is a damned silly fic!
Dedication: To [ profile] the_mas girls, en masse!

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