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I know my f'list is already exploding with excitement about the premiere, and if you aren't already there, head to [ profile] mskatej's End of Countdown PARTY!

And that's not all! [ profile] amandajane5 and [ profile] herohunter share their favourite Tom and Michael shots for the final day of Picspam wars.

[ profile] amandajane5 has also generously shared some of the video clips she has gathered over her years in SV fandom--if you haven't checked these out yet, you really should! There are some absolute gems.

And [ profile] norwich36 has posted an SV Meta Greatest Hits post at [ profile] eat_crow. Where are my meta girls?!?!?! Go there to share your favourite essays and ep reviews from the first five seasons. It's going to be my first stop after getting this post up.

If you think you've missed something during the week (chances are you have! chances are I have, there's been so much going on!), these are my: Project Smallville: The Countdown posts.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from everyone this week, and I have to thank SO many people! *takes a deep breath* [ profile] amandajane5 and [ profile] herohunter for their Picspam Wars, [ profile] kristiinthedark, [ profile] teot, [ profile] toadstoolsmiles and [ profile] alichica886 for the Season Celebration posts, [ profile] carpenyx, [ profile] norwich36 and [ profile] alichica886 for character celebration posts, [ profile] aelora for running the spoiler chat, [ profile] mskatej for the party I'm missing RIGHT NOW, and absolutely everyone who turned up, made their own posts, commented, squeeed and generally made the week the huge success it has been. I hope you had even HALF as much fun as I did. *waves to new friends* It's been great getting to know you!

To the lucky peeps who get to watch SV in a couple of hours: I hope it's all we're hoping for! And please cross your fingers for a fast torrent for me tonight. (And if anyone gets a fast one, K would be most grateful to hear of such! ;-) )

::group-hugs f'list::


ETA: [ profile] arianstarr has finished her series of Season 5 icons.
[ profile] yavannuk has posted fic of Clex through the five seasons.

And my f'list is about to become the 'no-fly zone' in case of spoilers for the (aired) ep, so if you want me to link to something, you better drop me a note in the comments--I'll be hiding. ;-)
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OMG, OMG, only a day to go!! And that means today we're celebrating Season 5. Our host for the Season 5 celebration post is [ profile] alichica886.

In Day Seven of picspam wars, we have Smallville shots, and watch out for Favorites tomorrow in [ profile] amandajane5 AND [ profile] herohunter's journal!

In other news, [ profile] _touched has posted:
LANA LANG: THROUGH THE YEARS FAN MIX and LANA LANG (KK): THE PROMO'S BABY!!! If you haven't checked out the fanmix yet, I definitely recommend doing so--even if you're not a Lana fan, you'll admire the effort [ profile] _touched and [ profile] alichica886 have put in to this.

All the earlier posts for the week can be found here.

Nearly there! Tomorrow I'll do a round-up post, and later in the day [ profile] mskatej will be hosting a pre-premiere party in her journal.

ETA: How could I forget that I have comm pimping to do?!?! For Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day, [ profile] chimosa and [ profile] kristiinthedark set up the comm [ profile] 50_in_50, a Clex Fanfiction challenge. They really outdid themselves--go forth and join them in their endeavour! (more fic, more fic!! *bounces*)

And [ profile] radioreverie has opened a comm specifically for Smallville's Lois Lane, [ profile] loislane_sv, where you can post meta, fic, fanart, pictures, etc. related to SV's Lois. \o/

ETA2: Meta girl that I am, I'm super-excited about this next one: [ profile] norwich36 has taken over administration of [ profile] eat_crow which had lapsed into inactivity. This used to be THE place for SV meta, and we can make it so again. To vote on what you'd like to see in the comm, go here, and I know Nora's got lots of great ideas. *g*

ETA3 [ profile] cinderella81 has more goodies at her journal for Day 7--and I think she should get a special prize for posting something every day of The Countdown! [ profile] arianstarr has more icons from our 5 favourite Season 5 eps at her journal.

And [ profile] ladydreamer has posted a Chloe-tribute picspam, which means we've now had multiple posts for Lana, Lois and Chloe! \o/ YAY!
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Eeeeep! I am late late late with this. Many apologies. I got carried away with the Season 5 episode commentaries, which I am dying to post about. But I must finish Season 4!

First of all, updates:
Day Six Picspam Wars: EYES
As part of our character celebration series, [ profile] norwich36 has posted a Chloe picspam, and [ profile] carpenyx has Part II of her Erica picspam.
[ profile] cinderella81 has also posted more goodies dedicated to the Project.
And I am probably the last person on my f'list to see this post, but if you haven't made it to [ profile] mskatej's genius Red Screencappery, then be rushing there now--it had me in fits. *g*

On to Season 4, Part II )
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Let me say upfront that I know that Season 4 wasn't fandom's most popular season. And I guess it's pretty well-known that I loved it! Personally I got to watch it all in the space of a few days so it was a lot easier to zoom through the poor eps, and to see the season as a whole, even though at times the construction was admittedly jarring. It's actually NOT my favourite season (that's Season 3), however it does contain some of my very favourite Smallville eps. Hopefully today I'll give you a glimpse of it through MY eyes--there were a lot of great moments. Really!

Two things that I found it useful to keep in mind when watching Season 4:
1. Never apply logic to the Smallville universe.
2. When all else fails, look for the pretty! (one of the things I love is how great the production quality was by Season 4--so much love for the visual direction)

Warning: this got looooong
Without further ado )
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Is it Day Six already?! Wow! I guess it is. Coming up in a moment, we'll have our Season 4 celebration post--this time by me. :-) But briefly, I wanted to pause and recap.

These are the previous posts, and since there have been lots of updates and additions, I recommend you check back through them. In particular, check out (and congratulate!) some of the brave souls who took the plunge on Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day. And it's definitely not too late if you've been procrastinating! ;-) Also, check the welcome post--new fans are still strolling in and introducing themselves, so check out their intros! Someone accused the Welcome Post of crashing their browser, and for that I am deeply sorry. Well, sort of sorry: it got kinda long!
Welcome Post
Day One Season 1
Day Two Just flailin' around!
Day Three Season 2
Day Four Season 3
Day Five Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day

[ profile] herohunter and [ profile] amandajane5 are waging their Picspam Wars of Greatness! And I believe things are also going well on [ profile] aelora's spoiler threads, though I would not know as I stick my fingers in my ears and hum when I see the word 'spoiler'. ;-)

The word on the street is that Heroes was awesome. I will try and find out for myself super-soon, but meanwhile I have exciting news of my own: I went completely crazy (you noticed?!) on the weekend and bought a MacBook, which is shiny, and today my Battlestar Galactica and Smallville Season 5 DVDs arrived! *squeeeeeeeee*

With all of those activity, I have actually nearly FORGOTTEN that the season premiere is in a couple of day's time! How is that possible?!! Distraction = good for the impatient!

ETA: New Chloe picspam from [ profile] norwich36.
And the second part of the Erica picspam is up.
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We're taking a break from the season celebrations to focus on Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day for this Monday, 25 September (though I know it's still Sunday for some of you!).

You can catch up on the Season Celebrations and other fun (including character tributes) by checking the previous posts:
Welcome Post
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

Picspam Wars continue today with Pre-SV (oohhh I love that theme!)

Posts dedicated to Project Smallville keep pouring in--I'm so delighted people have chosen to participate with their own work. Today we have the following (so far!):
[ profile] duskwillow has made 'best of Smallville' icons (including this one!) They are so so perfect for the Countdown!
[ profile] acampbell has posted the second part of SV: Favourite Scenes and Moments, Transference.
[ profile] arianstarr has posted the first set of icons of our top five favourite episodes of Season 5 (I hope I got that right!): Reckoning
[ profile] 7timesfate has posted a fic: Remember when?
And [ profile] stir_of_echoes has written a bit of a Tribute to SV fandom.
Reminder: Spoiler chit-chat at [ profile] aelora's journal!
(Comment to let me know if I missed something you posted.)

Oh! And you know what else Smallville fandom does really well?! crack!fic! crack!fic with bunnies! *cackles evilly* (ok, so this was posted for [ profile] summercon, not Project Smallville, but I'm still going to pimp it because I betaed it and it made me cry actual tears of laughter.

Now, on to the day's events!

Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day
Instructions/suggestions were given here, but to recap, the idea is to try something you've never tried before. It can be something to do with LJ, fandom, or Smallville in particular. It can be something you make or something you do. Once you've done it/made it/posted it, link us to it in the comments. Or post it in the comments (if it's an icon or other graphic, for example). And you can tell us a little about why it's your 'first', if you like. *G*

We all know that a first time can be a little nerve-wracking, but it's way way better when there are people to giggle about it afterwards with! And this will only work if we ALL give it a go. And lend others a supportive/reassuring hand. :-)

I've had lots of people say that they don't think they've got any fannish virginity left (no surprises!) but that's ok! Take a retrospective look at your 'first'. Link us back to your first fic, your first LJ post, your first icon... for example, this was my first ever post about Smallville. *blush* And earlier this year, I made AN ICON (Yes, just one. What?! Shuddup! It took me 12 hours, ok!?).

*bounces* Come play with me!! I'm counting on you guys!

ETA: Clarification! Please to be posting your things here in comments to this post. Or if you really can't, then linking to them in the comments to this post. *g*
Warning: Comments section has consequently rapidly become non-worksafe and NC-17-y. ;-)
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Today it's Season 3 that we're celebrating. Thanks to [ profile] toadstoolsmiles for posting our Season 3 Season squee post. Hee! Head on over to relive your favourite season three moments.

Also today, we have the first in a series of posts on Erica Durance (Lois Lane) from [ profile] carpenyx, which I'm very squeeful about because I love Lois, and [ profile] carpenyx has found some great Erica material, with more to follow!

And in Day Four of Picspam Wars, the theme is: Scruffy

Remember to check out the earlier posts for activities and celebration posts you might have missed:
Welcome Post
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

And final reminder: tomorrow is Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day.

Thanks again everyone! (And yes, we did make it over the 1000 comment mark and people are still posting. Hooray!)

ETA: [ profile] cinderella81 has posted an icon and fic, and [ profile] svlurker has posted a new fic in her Love Songs series. Thanks guys!

ETA2: [ profile] digitalwave has a new piece of art (worksafe): It's a bird! It's a plane!
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So far:
Welcome Post
Day One
Day Two
And we're back with another edition!

Today in Picspam Wars, we have [ profile] amandajane5 with Hands. Hey, does anyone else feel like a total whore when they are all 'oohh I think Tommy won this round' in [ profile] amandajane5's journal but then 'oh, MR for su-ure!' in [ profile] herohunter's? Just me?! ok. *shuts up* Is not my fault I likes them both!

We'll be celebrating Season 2 today, so keep an eye out on [ profile] teot's journal for a season celebration post: Part One and Part Two.
And [ profile] frelling_tralk has posted Season 2 clips.

Now... on to our Special Event: Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day
This will be held on MONDAY, but since it may take a little while to pluck up your courage decide what you want to do, this post is a starting point. So you've got the weekend to plan = no excuses! ;-)

Here's a list of suggestions for what you could do:
1. Write something (a fic, a drabble, some meta, a poem, anything you haven't written before--try out a new pairing or a new genre)
2. Make something (an icon, a manip, a banner, a fanmix)
3. Post something to LJ (a photo, a picspam post, a youtube vid, a poll, a music track, a rec)
4. Read or watch something new (challenge yourself by trying a writer or genre you don't usually read, watch a vid of a character or pairing you don't usually watch)
5. Participate in something (take part in a challenge--try [ profile] summercon for lots of possibilities, post in our Welcome Post, post something to a relevant community, enter a discussion, leave someone detailed feedback on a fic, vid or piece of art you really enjoyed, volunteer to do something for one of the comms you like, beta for someone)
I'm sure you can come up with a stack of other ideas. There are no hard and fast rules for this--use your own discretion--if it feels 'new' to you, then it counts. This is about taking a baby step out of your comfort zone and trying something new. In fact, the more creative you can be about which 'Virginity' you are losing, the better. If you really, REALLY think you've got no virginity left at all, then you can link to a past experience--share your first icon with us. Share your first piece of writing, share you first LJ post! And yes, you can lose more than one 'Virginity' on this day. It's SV fandom: we're flexible like that. ;-)

Now remember--on Monday we are going to have a post here on my journal to share the experience with others. So for now, just get thinking. And if you need any help (e.g. you don't know how to post a photo in your journal), then feel free to ask in the comments below. The chances are there is someone who'll be able to point you in the right direction. *g*

(KK icon used in honour of [ profile] alichica886's KK picquotespam from yesterday.)

Hey, and you guys are just teasing me with the 993 comments on the Welcome Post, right? There are new people! Go say 'hi'! I trust we will be over the 1000 mark when I wake up tomorrow. *g*

ETA: Thank you!
[ profile] acampbell has dedicated her post of Favourite Scenes and Moments from Transference Part One and Part IV of Crossroads to the Project. *loves*

And [ profile] cinderella81 has dedicated a manip and fic to the Project.

[ profile] _touched has posted a huge Lex and Lana through the years picquotespam Warning: contains Season 6 spoilers
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Today we're celebrating Season One. And you guys are doing us proud by hitting the two pages mark on that post already! Whee! Maybe also because little k posted it early, but that's ok because we LUFF her. So if you haven't already checked it out, head over to this post and share your own Season One favourite moments. Got Season One icons, vids or fics to share? That's the place! And if you need a refresher, [ profile] frelling_tralk has posted Season One clips.

We also have Day 2 of the Picspam Wars on [ profile] herohunter's journal. The theme is Smiles.

And remember that the Welcome Post will be open all week to meet and mingle with other fans.

Thanks to everyone for pimping this event and most of all for turning up and having fun. YAY!

ETA: [ profile] digitalwave has followed up on her manip for Project Smallville yesterday (Obsession, NC-17, Lex) with a manip of Clark: Up, Up & Away (NC-17).

Special Actress Celebration: Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang)
HEY! Don't run away! Seriously, people. I know its Lana, I know we like to bitch about her (I have!), but I'd like you all to consider putting that aside for a moment and checking out [ profile] alichica886's post on Kristin. You just might be surprised by the content! (I, for one, am totally converted to KK's cuteness in real interviews--and quietly optimistic about Lana's character development.) Consider it today's Challenge! ;-)

ETA2: In honour of Project Smallville, [ profile] theclexfactor has posted clexcest recs.

ETA3: [ profile] mailerose has made icons from the Pilot episode.

I can't tell you how happy it's making me to see people getting inspired to do their own tribute as part of Project Smallville. *G*

Have I missed anything? Let me know! *bounces*
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SV fandom, I love you! The Welcome Post is bustling with action as people introduce themselves, pimp things, greet and friend and squee.

And look what [ profile] laurab1 made us!!

Now, on to activities for Day One

[ profile] kristiinthedark has posted her Season One Celebration post. So go relive all your favourite Season One moments (can you cast your mind back that far?!).

[ profile] aelora has kicked off spoiler chat.

[ profile] oh_i_er_oh wants to speculate about the deZodification of Lex.

And don't forget, [ profile] amandajane5 has Day One of the Picspam Wars up!

Did I forget anything? Lost and confused? Let me know in the comments and we'll try and rectify the situation! *g*

ETA: [ profile] arianstarr is polling for the top 5 eps of season 5 - but only til Saturday midnight (US) EST. What for, you ask? Icons! 5 icons a day for the last 5 days of the countdown based on the top 5 episodes of season 5. (5 overload!!) The poll is here, so hurry on over while you can. *g*

And [ profile] norwich36 has posted unscheduled picspam for Lionel since after reading a lot of people's intro posts, since she felt like he also needed some love!

ETA2: [ profile] digitalwave has posted Posession, with a new manip of Clark to follow tomorrow.

And [ profile] frelling_tralk has posted some Season One best-of-Clex clips.

And [ profile] acampbell has dedicated her SV: Favourite Scenes and Moments posts of the week to the Countdown! Whee!
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I've waited long enough!! The trouble with timezones is that it's been September 21st for 14 HOURS with me, but it's still September 20th in the US. *headdesk* TOO BAD. Anyone up late can just start early. *g*

Today's the day! [ profile] mskatej says we must rock out and I think that is EXCELLENT ADVICE! Thanks to everyone who's volunteered, given advice, provided inspiration, pimped and generally encouraged with the requisite amount of squeeage. *g* Special thanks to [ profile] svmadelyn whose Smallville Glee Week last year is our inspiration.

Q: What IS this Project Smallville: The Countdown?
A: A week of special celebration posts and activities across LJ to countdown to the Season 6 Smallville Premiere on September 28.

Q: So, is there a comm for this or something?
A: Nope, coz I am lazy because we thought it would be more fun to spread the love around a lot of different journals. *g* I'll be posting updates of what's on daily on my journal, so wave people over here throughout the week! All pimpery welcomed--got someone on your f'list who's new to SV? Send 'em on over! For anyone that friends me for the week to get updates on your f'list, I give you my word that I will not take it personally if you defriend at the end of the week. *G*

Main events
Ready! Set! Go! Right here, right now, there's an Introduction thread, so you can get to know other fans/make your personal Smallville declaration for Season 6/make friends and find out who else you might bump into during the week. This is the perfect place to find new friends, catch up with old friends, and generally kick off the squee-fest! Scroll down for more details.

Thursday-Thursday Spoiler chat with [ profile] aelora! This is the place for all of you that want to squee, moan and chat about the upcoming season. Please remember that some of us are spoilerphobic, so if you want to talk spoilers, do so HERE rather than in other posts.

Thursday-Thursday Tommy/Michael Picspam war, hosted by [ profile] amandajane5 and [ profile] herohunter. Get ready for the Pretty, folks--and keep your fans handy--it may be too much to handle! ;-) Day One: Chests, Day Two: Smiles

Friday-Sunday and Tuesday-Wednesday Season Celebration posts. It is a COUNTDOWN, so we will be casting our minds back over Smallville's five seasons, a season a day. [ profile] kristiinthedark will kick us off tomorrow with Season 1.

Monday Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day.
Ever wanted to write but never had the courage? Never made an icon? Thought it would be just too damn hard to make a poll? Had a meta thought but figured it was daft? Well, we've ALL been there! First times are waaaay less awkward when you can laugh about them with a friend and share a little squee of joy at having done something new. Supportive fangirls will be on hand to help you over the jitters, and for those more, er, experienced among us: we'll be inviting you to share one of your firsts with us! More info to follow shortly. But start thinking now about what you'd like to do!

Thursday The good news is that noone's going to be at a loose end as we wait for the premiere episode to air. Forget fidgeting around on your own, and come PARTY with resident emcee [ profile] mskatej!

Other events
Did you think we left the girls of Smallville out? Fear not! Throughout the week, I'll be announcing posts celebrating Kristin/Lana, Erica/Lois and Allison/Chloe.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: Jump up and down and wave your hands in the air. \o/ No, seriously, if you have a post celebrating Smallville in some way that you'd like us to include, comment here and I'll link people to it. If you're lurking or somewhat new to fandom, now's the perfect time to comment and introduce yourself to your fellow fans!

Many thanks to the lovely [ profile] norwich36 who suggested the following template. Fill in the following in the comments section below--and check out everyone else's comments as well. Say hi to them! Pimp something! This might just be the place you make a friend for life. *g* Last year I met some very special people this way (you know who you are!) and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here doing this now if it wasn't for them. Think I'm overstating things? Give it a try! I DARE YOU. Check back here over the next few days to see what cool-new-people-you-absolutely-must-have-on-your-f'list have commented.

Hi SV fandom, I'm (username, nickname, general identity info):
Why I love Smallville:
Characters I love on Smallville:
Characters I dislike on Smallville:
Pairings I like on Smallville:
Favorite seasons (or favorite episodes):
If I got to be in charge of one episode of Smallville, what would happen in that episode?
Something SV-related I'd like to pimp (a story, vid, icon-maker, someone who writes good SV commentary, etc.):
An interesting thing about me:

Wheeeeeee!!!! \o/
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It's less than two weeks until the Smallville Season 6 season opener airs on September 28, and I know heaps of us are Very Excited about this. *g* Many of you may remember [ profile] svmadelyn's SV Glee Week that was held last year around this time. (For those of you not familiar with it, you can check out some of the fun and games that went on here.

This year a few of us thought it would be fun to run a 'Countdown' in the week prior to the Season premiere. This means that as of next Thursday 21 September, we'll be starting Project Smallville: The Countdown at an LJ near you! ;-) And everyone's invited--it's a great chance to meet other fans just in time for the new season airing. Activities will include actor picspam, season celebration posts, an intro post for meeting other fans, much merriment and a big party on the day of the premiere. And much more! (You don't REALLY think I'm going to give it all away yet, do you?!)

Last year, the wonderful [ profile] amandajane5 and [ profile] herohunter ran Tommy and Michael 'Picspam Wars' and they're going to do so again. (YAY!). And they are even offering us the chance to have input into which themes they should have in a poll. So go and vote now!

And I'll be posting details of more fun and games as they become available. So start dusting off your party hats, SV people!! Hope to see you there!

VERY IMPORTANT ETA: Everyone should go here now and leave a comment (follow instructions) to be revealed on Day 1 of Project Smallville. Heeee!! GO!


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