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*lays down four clips of new vid*

*cries inconsolably*

Oh Fuck. So that's how it is.


HI! :D

I never update my journal nowadays so but what the hell, I shall randomly do so today. :) What follows are where my fannish attention is these days...

The Good Wife
thoughts to 3.18: in which Alicia alternately infuriates and delights me )

thoughts to 214: please don't axe it quite yet! )

Once Upon a Time
to 1.16, seriously what the shit is this? why do I watch this crap?? )

Oh, and I got a tumblr:
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major eeeeeep-age )
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Ohh, you are going to pay for that, Blakey.

yup, I can feel the moral gravity pulling me in )
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Title: Shove It
Fandom: The Good Wife
Artist: Santogold
Description: Kalinda > everyone
For: [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s. I hope you feel better soon, sweetie! It's not quite Kalinda v. Eli (you know I suck at AU) but I did my best to show her PWNing everyone else. It was soooo hard. :p
Access vid: download mp4 (44 MB) or watch at YouTube
Thanks: to [personal profile] brokenmnemonicfor cheerleading, and [personal profile] supacat for last-minute checks
Notes: I couldn't find ANY gen vids for Kalinda on YouTube. That is a TRAVESTY and needed remedied. I ship Kalinda/Kalinda, which is hopefully what comes through in this vid. She is a blast to vid. I made this swiftly and without too much overthinking, which made it massively good fun for me. :)
Lyrics: beneath cut )
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Eeee! TV!! How did you become so good again? This episode of The Good Wife was amaaaaaaaaazing! (Memo to self: get Good Wife icon!)

Remind me to never get you angry )
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I should listen to awesome people when they tell me to watch things. Many, many people with good taste told me to watch the Good Wife, and I scorned it for a long time. A show about a wife that stands by her corrupt, cheating political candidate husband? Bleugh. None of the advertising for the show that I had seen touched on the fact that most of the show is about Alicia Florick's career. Actually it's mostly a procedural--again, not really a drawcard for me, but I have to say it's probably the most compelling procedural I've ever bothered to watch. The big hook for me was the strength of the female characters.

spoilers up to 2.03 )


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