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... I think I might be getting my life back again. It's Day 2 of having my boss back again (and therefore no longer being boss-person myself) and I'm on cloud 9. I LOVE HAVING A BOSS!!! *bounces* And to make this fandom-related... I think I finally get why Kara didn't care that much about being CAG. Because hello, it is WAY more fun to be the slightly loud-mouthed and rebellious offsider than the guy that has to do all the paperwork and answer for shit at the end of the day. :D And yeah, I may seem diplomatic online but in real life? Huahahaha, no. I have an unfortunate habit for telling the truth in meetings and a low tolerance of idiots--this does not get you far in management, I have found.

So what's going on round here?! :) I missed stuff! I owe some people mail--and I promise I'm working on it. My inbox is kinda scary... *guilt*

I do have some posts to pimp though. I'm always a big fan of people focusing on what they like and not what they like to whinge about... and in that spirit, I have really enjoyed:
- [ profile] asta77's post on why she loves Lee Adama
- [ profile] wisteria_'s post on why she loves Kara Thrace
- and [ profile] daybreak777's post on falling for the Kara/Lee ship.

Also, Kara/Lee fans who haven't read this extremely hot fic by [ profile] elzed are missing a treat. *g*

I feel kinda bad not having anything SV-related to pimp... but seriously, people, is there anything out there?!

Oh, and before I forget, I apologise to anyone who tried to dl my new vid the other day when the link wasn't working. I have fixed it now. And I'm even feeling thick-skinned enough (or stupid enough) to stick my name up on the vidding truth meme so if anyone feels inclined to tell me where my weaknesses are or how I could improve... pipe up. :) I do appreciate that it takes time and care to give people proper concrit, so if anyone does, I'll be very grateful.
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Here for five minutes. Kate was awesome again. :D She says everything that I would say, but with less words and more punch. *nods*
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Temporarily emerging from my self-imposed posting hiatus (hahaha--I lasted one day!) to fangirl [ profile] mskatej. It's an important cause! Kate is one of my closest friends in fandom and one of only three people on my f'list who I've met in person. (And yes, she is even more awesome in person!)

Earlier this week, Kate posted an awesome Lana-centric fic: Seule et Amoureuse. Lana is a character who is reviled by many, ignored by most, but Kate created a thoroughly engaging and sympathetic character study of Lana which was both convincingly consistent with canon and porny as hell (well, it's Kate... *g*).

Now, she's made my week a little brighter by posting this excellent post on sexism in fandom. It covers many issues that get me particularly growly and I'm glad to see someone tackling it. There's some great discussion in the comments as well.

Kate, you are happy making! *g*
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*fly-by reccing*

It's been a good week for Lee meta! [ profile] brokenmnemonic has written a two-part essay on two of my favourite topics: Lee Adama and heroism. Fantastic read! Links:
- Part One
- Part Two.
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My pimping this probably comes as no surprise given how much I love Jamie--click here to find out how you could get a unique special edition of the magazine Factory with Jamie Bamber on the cover. There's a long story behind this, consisting basically of [ profile] asta77, photographer Howard Webster, and, of course, Jamie himself, being ace. :-D

[ profile] norwich36 has posted the second part of her Smallville essay: parallels between 'Promise', 'Reckoning' and 'Lexmas'. Mmmm, parallels! *geeks*

I spent all day cleaning, which was not at all fun, so I treated myself to pizza and DVDs this evening. I finally saw 'Jet Li's Fearless'! I've been ridiculously loathe to see this movie, Jet Li's last, because I'm in denial that he's retiring. But DAMN have I been missing out! 'Fearless' is awesome--beautiful, funny, classic, moving, and it contains unbelievably shithot fight sequences (no surprise with Woo-ping Yuen as choreographer). Way to go out with a bang, Jet! I'll miss you.
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[ profile] butterfly delighted me with her confusion about lightswitching in Smallville. (I'm with you, hon!)

[ profile] never_evil attempted to join the Lex!hate bandwagon but failed. *BEAMS* (Mwahahaha! 'Tis very hard to give up on Lex, especially when he makes Evil so HAWT!)

And [ profile] transtempts has an awesome post on Clark, Oliver and Lois with a promise of Clark/Ollie fic in the offing. *bounces* Please to be going there and inspiring!!

ETA: My day gets better and better: [ profile] mskatej has cute amnesia fic and [ profile] duskwillow has hilarious Christmas icons. Oh, Smallville fandom, I heart you muchly. :-)
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[ profile] hazywizard linked to this article on Queer secrecy in Smallville. It’s a good read if you haven’t seen it before (I think it’s been out a while?), though a little clumsy in places. I was particularly amused by the captioning (and miscaptioning) of the stills. (Um, should someone tell the writer that that bathtub scene is not from Smallville?) The article’s written for an audience not necessarily familiar with Smallville, so it covers some familiar territory for many of us (the Pilot’s echoes of the Matthew Shepherd case; Lex as patron buying the football team to win back Clark’s friendship). However, the writer, Jes Battis, offers several interesting statements and/or explorations that I think would be interesting to discuss further.

I particularly appreciated her argument that: ‘In fact, it is Smallville’s very innocuous nature as a family-oriented, Dawson’s Creek-like program that gives it an unexpected potential for reversing stereotypes and destabilizing some familiar oppressions on television.’ This neatly sums up one of the things I love about Smallville—-it’s unexpectedness. It appears so wholesome on the surface, but it also masks so much!

Note: Spoilers for Seasons 1-5 in the following discussion.

Pastoral paranoia
More detailed discussion of Battis’s article )

Lex as language
Read more... )

Read more... )

Where to from here
Read more... )

Anyone else got thoughts?! *waits expectantly*


Feb. 6th, 2006 01:22 pm
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Wheee! I got a valentines icon! That's my first ever anonymous valentines gift. How lovely!

And in other news...
[ profile] norwich36 has been excelling herself in posting essays on this season's SV. Her latest post on foreshadowing in Splinter is particularly excellent.

And I am hoping that the Slowest Download Ever will have finally completed itself by the time I get home, which means I can catch up on BSG. *crosses fingers*


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