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Hi LJ! I have been kinda ignoring you this past week or so. I blame dance performances and slumpy biorhythms (seriously they ALL plunged at the same effing time--what is this shit?!).

Anyway, here's my quick quick thoughts on TV...

Friday Night Lights 5.4
Read more... )

Dexter up to 5.9
Read more... )

The Vampire Diaries: 'Rose' and 'Katerina'
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Smallville 10.1-10.3
*coughs self-consciously* Yeah, I finally plucked up nerve to watch the first three episodes of the season! they weren't bad but they were kinda confusing )

Lip Service 104-106
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In other news I have been watching the first season Farscape. flaaail )
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It's ok, Vampire Diaries, I have not forgotten about you! In fact, I had to rewatch you because you were so brilliant.

The plotting! The plotting! OMG, you guys, THE PLOTTING! )
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Oh, Vampire Diaries! How is it possible that you are so consistently delightful?! I have so much love for this episode--it may be my favourite of the season so far.

cut for long squee )

Is there a Vampire Diaries fanvid community on Dreamwidth or Livejournal, anyone know?!
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Maybe it's the migraine but I wasn't that thrilled by Community this week. Shirley was the most sympathetic to me with her 'skinny bitches' snark.

On the other hand, one show never fails to deliver...

Vampire Diaries 2.5
This episode started slow but boy did it deliver! So much happens in every episode! And it used my bulletproof kink! THANK YOU, SHOW!

were you two having a moment? )

In other news, [personal profile] kuwdora is the most amazingest friend ever and talked me down off a ledge when she correctly detected that I had clipped my entire new vid project the wrong f-ing way. Having a Mac-vidder friend at last is AWESOME!

And I am all hyped for Festivids! [personal profile] fan_eunice has a really good post explaining why the brilliance of Festivids in detail, but I shall precis and say that I had a blast last year. I got to vid a character I wouldn't have otherwise vidded, which also meant I kept vidding at a time when I was in a creative slump. I also discovered how amazingly pretty Vampire Diaries is to vid (really people! you need to get on it!) and by the time it came to posting I'd almost forgotten, in all the fun, that I was getting a vid in return. The reciprocal joy out of this event is such a wonderful thing. And then you can watch everyone else's vids too. Everyone wins! :) Go forth and sign up!
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So I should probably just come out of the closet and admit that The Vampire Diaries is kinda my show now. :) Yeah, yeah, Smallville just premiered for its final season ... but I am WAY more excited about TVD. Truthfully, I'm going to catch up with SV over the next couple of weeks and get onboard for S10 because it DOES have Erica, Erica, Erica, but I have REALLY enjoyed my little Smallville vacation and I am happy for it to last a couple of weeks more. *puts on chilled vacation shades*

So... Vampire Diaries... I'll admit I was heavily skeptical in season 1. cut for summary of my evolution into love of this show in Season 1 )

some notes on where my character preferences lie )

some notes on 2.03 )
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I have a double-digit list of posts I want to make but no time in which to write them up. :( Yet, I am feeling chatty today so I will post something completely useless.

Contrary to the impression given by my absence from this journal most of last year, I am actually still watching some TV shows. In fact, in the last year I have adopted creative strategies for enhancing the viewing experience of several of them. For instance, did you know that:
- Legend of the Seeker is infinitely more enjoyable if you place a candelabra (the more serious and gothic the better) beside the TV screen while watching it?
- Merlin is the perfect Sunday night TV to half watch over dinner? (It really makes ZERO sense to me as a show when it's not on a Sunday night at 7:30.)
- The Vampire Diaries is greatly improved by watching it in a park at night? longer explanation herein )
- True Blood is improved with red wine and trashy food of any variety? This one's a no-brainer, but does mean I can only watch in moderation. ;)

I require no added incentive to watch Community, so I don't have a strategy for that one, other than download quickly, watch, laugh.

Smallville, on the other hand, has required countless innovations over the years. There was a brief glory period where [ profile] supacat and I discovered a flourless, orange cake thing we dubbed 'Clark cake' (it tasted like Clark), but then the bakery stopped making it. :( A before-and-after strategy helps somewhat. For instance, fortifying with Indian takeaway beforehand and taking a ranty walk around the park afterwards. A dog on one's lap is also comforting. Due no doubt partly to the fact it sounds similar to 'park' (and to the fact he associates it with both walks and cuddles), Bob Bob now cocks his head and wags his tail when I say 'Clark'. Bless!

But here's where I'm stumped: what the heck is going to make Hellcats more watchable? Because apparently I'm loyal enough to Tommy to download that crazy shit. *blinks* This is going to require a whole new thing...

Suggestions?! Does anyone else have crazy viewing rituals to improve your TV experience, or is it just me?


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