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Title: No Light, No Light
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Source: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: "Tell me what you want me to say!" - Kara
Acknowledgments: Without [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s this vid would not exist. The work she did on it goes far beyond 'regular' beta-ing and audiencing. While it is my vision, it is [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s who gave me the space to create it and held that space for me when I faltered. Thank you, dearest!
Download: 76 MB mp4 (zipped)

Notes: These notes get lengthy, and I'd prefer if you didn't read them until you've watched the vid (and no need then either if not so inclined!. They're really a personal record of what it took to be able to make this. vidding Kara )

APOLOGY: Sorry to everyone that watched and downloaded the first version with the shitty aspect ratio! It is corrected now.
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Title: New In Town
Artist: Little Boots
Source: Whip It
Summary: Bliss Cavendar is gonna take you out tonight!
Made for: [personal profile] theleaveswant for [community profile] festivids

ETA: You can now download the vid here (48 MB .avi).

Oh, and if you love Whip It, also check out Firework.
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Title: This Is The Last Time
Artist: Keane
Source: The Good Wife
Summary: Alicia and Will kid themselves that it's the last time.
Thanks to: [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s for betaing and cheerleading
Download: 44 MB mp4 (zipped)
YouTube beneath cut )
shippy chatty chat )
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Title: Dynamite
Artist: Taio Cruz
Source: Dhoom:2
Summary: Dance gods Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan invite you to 'light it up'.
Thanks to: [personal profile] kuwdora for cheerleading as epic as the basketball... and generally inspiring and nursing it into existence
Notes: Er, no explanation really possible, but here goes anyway: dancing, rollerblading, jewel theft, paragliding, sandsurfing, flying motorcycle, exploding helicopter, epic basketball-in-rain madness? In Rio. With star-crossed lovers and a slash interlude. There, I think that was reasonably accurate.
Download: 62 MB mp4 (zipped)

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Song: Every Goliath Has Its David
Artist: The Boy Least Likely To
Fandom: 매리는 외박중, horribly translated as either 'Marry Me, Mary!' or 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'
Summary: Indie musician and big-time music producer face off for the love of a girl (Mary). Arranged marriage versus long-term dating relationship... which will be the ultimate winner?
For: [personal profile] alexandral--thanks for pimping me this show!
Notes: I am head over heals for this couple, and particularly the guy, Jang Geun-Suk, who plays the charming Mu-Gyul in this drama. The drama itself is pretty low-key but the chemistry between the couple is so stellar it's no wonder they rapidly became the biggest couple of the year in Korea.

You absolutely do not need to have watched the drama to watch this--it's straightforward romance (with some quirkiness).

some notes on its creation )


71 MB mp4
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Song: Hug My Soul
Artist: Saint Etienne
Fandom: Nodame Cantabile
Summary: Megumi Noda expresses her love for Shinichi Chiaki through their shared passion (music)... and an invitation
Notes: Vidukon premiere, but actually I first made this vid as a 'thank you' to the YouTube viewers who made Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying my first vid to hit 10,000 on YT. They are, predominantly Japanese teen girls (thanks YouTube stats feature!). I meant to have another vid ready for Vidukon, but ran out of time, and so I submitted this instead. But it is meant first and foremost for the Noda fans. &hearts

That said I think this is a pretty accessible vid and if you watch it and feel your life is lacking such joyful romance--dancing teddy bears, champagne-bubble-exuding-pianos, joy rainbows and so on... let me know and I can pimp you into hook you up with this gorgeous show.


61 MB mp4
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Song: Threnody
Artist: Sophie Koh
Fandom: Nikita
Summary: Nikita's quest--and Alex's by extension--is one of hope, but the journey is a difficult and tragic one.
For: Made for [personal profile] thuviaptarth for [community profile] festivids


53MB mp4.
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Song: I'm Not Yours
Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Fandom: Lip Service (Frankie/Cat)
Summary: Love = Loss
Warnings: Potentially triggery for depression (though personally I find it very calming)
Spoilers: Up to episode 1.6
Notes: This is what happens when you vid Lee's point of view for two months. This was a very experimental vid for me--it's more an associative exploration of a feeling, a certain point in the history of a relationship, rather than an exploration of all aspects of that ship. I played more with canon and with transitions than I usually do, and kind of just let my emotions lead me. It proved to be wonderful therapy after Some Time Around Midnight. For me, at least. For the rest of you, well, I don't know many people watching this show but if you feel inclined to watch pretty girls be epicly tragic at one another...

60 MB mp4

embed beneath cut )
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Song: Some Time Around Midnight
Artist: The Airborne Toxic Event
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: Lee knows that Kara will break him in two.
Thanks: To [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s for betaing and for sharing the difficult emotional journey with this vid and engaging with it more than I could ever hope anyone would, to [personal profile] supacat for not getting it at first... but then getting goosebumps, and to [personal profile] kuwdora for enthusiastic support and keeping me sane when I drifted from reality on occasion.

This one broke ME in two.

75.3 MB .mp4 (available shortly)


embed beneath cut )
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Source: Community
Song/Artist: How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
Description: Abed-focused episode study of Community 2.5 'Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples'
By and for: [personal profile] bop_radar and [personal profile] kuwdora. This vid began as a gift to [personal profile] kuwdora, but her creative input was so great that it really is 95% her efforts. I am the Starburns to her Abed in this scenario. Concept, song choice, titles, banner and art direction are all hers. More than that, in order to achieve said art direction she had to embark on a process somewhat akin to teaching a four-year-old child with ADD the principles of Photoshop... via the internet. Suffice to say that I fear I gained far more from the experience than she did. &hearts
Access vid: download mp4 (30 MB) or watch at Blip or embedded beneath cut )
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Title: Shove It
Fandom: The Good Wife
Artist: Santogold
Description: Kalinda > everyone
For: [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s. I hope you feel better soon, sweetie! It's not quite Kalinda v. Eli (you know I suck at AU) but I did my best to show her PWNing everyone else. It was soooo hard. :p
Access vid: download mp4 (44 MB) or watch at YouTube
Thanks: to [personal profile] brokenmnemonicfor cheerleading, and [personal profile] supacat for last-minute checks
Notes: I couldn't find ANY gen vids for Kalinda on YouTube. That is a TRAVESTY and needed remedied. I ship Kalinda/Kalinda, which is hopefully what comes through in this vid. She is a blast to vid. I made this swiftly and without too much overthinking, which made it massively good fun for me. :)
Lyrics: beneath cut )
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Title: Brand New Start
Fandom: True Blood, Hoyt/Jessica
Artist: Little Joy
Description: Hoyt and Jessica get a brand new start.
Access vid: download mp4 (27.8 MB), or watch at YouTube
Notes: some personal notes on the project )
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Title: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Fandom: Smallville, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
Artist: U2
Spoilers: to mid season 9
Access vid: via direct download (90MB) or streaming at YouTube, (once cleared) or Blip
Credits: With heartfelt thanks to [ profile] supacat, who has wanted an Oliver vid to this song for years: I finally made it for her. She also betaed it more times than I can remember, so it's kind of her baby as much as mine. I'd also like to thank the Vividcon audience for being so receptive to the vid and to clarify that Oliver is BOTH the guy with the dark, angsty redemption plot and the guy who can't find his pants. And therein lies his appeal! *nod nod* [ profile] talitha78 gets a special mention for being the only person to mention Batman to me so far.
Lyrics: Babe, it must be art! )
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Title: When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade
Source: Community
Music: The Boy Least Likely To
Summary: Ensemble vid for 'Community' Season 1
Access vid: YouTube or BAM or download here
Notes: Made as escapist fun, un-betaed. I really needed to make a non-serious vid. This is it. It was made in ten minute blocks of vidding time: that's all I have at the moment. Crappy downloaded source which includes DivX logo: if that bothers you, don't watch. ::ponders:: Vid will likely make more sense if you have seen the show. Have I sufficiently warned you away yet? ;)

Vid: Meddle

Mar. 1st, 2010 05:57 pm
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Title: Meddle
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, Vicky
Artist: Little Boots
Warnings: Violence, sexual themes, adult content including non-consensual sex
Access vid: via direct download or streaming at YouTube or BAM
Notes: Made for [ profile] festivids and finally posted to my own LJ. ;) Yeah, I'm a bit slow...
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Title: Capital G
Fandom: True Blood, Eric/Godric
Artist: NIN
Warnings: very graphic violence, sexual themes, amorality, death, vampirism, Vikings
Spoilers: for Season 2
Access vid: via direct download (50MB) or streaming at YouTube or BAM or Blip
Thanks: to [ profile] supacat for bringing her A-game

cut for embedded video )


Aug. 30th, 2009 03:47 pm
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Vid: Hooker
Artist: P!nk
Source: Gossip Girl
Warnings: spoilers for first season and half of season 2, warnings for language, snark and suggestive bitchiness
Description: Jenny Humphrey through my Agnes's eyes
View at: YouTube BAM or Blip (sendspace download link)
Notes: Unbetaed, because it didn't warrant that, and includes downloaded footage so quality not fab. I also tried a new exporting process and can't work out if the result is better or not. Ah well! This one's been lingering on my harddrive a long time but I needed some zen so finally finished it off.

embedded streaming within )

Making DLZ

Jun. 17th, 2009 08:18 am
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The tl;dr description.

what I set out to do )

Read more... )

Read more... )

Riley, Charlie and Andy
Read more... )

Problems, structure and narrative
Read more... )

Source discoveries
the more readable bit: about SCC )

ETA'd in: can't believe I forgot it! )

To con or not to con
Read more... )

(Ha! Mood icon of appropriateness!)

Vid: DLZ

Jun. 15th, 2009 12:42 pm
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Special note: This vid exists thanks to the amazing generosity of [ profile] counteragent and her donation to the Red Cross appeal for the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires. The Victorian government has pledged to rebuild the affected communities and a Royal Commission is underway to investigate the fires. The bush is recovering speedily with new growth rising from the ashes thanks in part to recent (very welcome) rain. On the personal front, I recently saw a car driving through Melbourne with posters stuck to the windows that read 'Thank you from the survivors of the Marysville fires'. I would also like to thank all the other people who donated even if they didn't bid on the vid or win.

Vid: DLZ
Artist: TV on the Radio
Source: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: spoilers for entire two seasons, violence, disturbing imagery and themes
Description: We are the Resistance. (ensemble)
Download: direct download (79MB), or small version (37MB); streaming at YouTube, BAM or Blip
Credits: Thanks to the incomparable [ profile] supacat for three rounds of amazing and intense beta-ing.
Notes: I will make a longer notes post about my journey with this vid, as it was complex to say the least. I hoped it, like the show, would reach an intelligent, reflective audience--no matter how small. And it already has, so thank you!

lyrics beneath the cut )

ETA: Aspect ratio issues should be fixed now--new versions uploaded, apologies to those that got the first dodgy batch.
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Vid: I kissed a girl
Artist: Katy Perry
Source: Smallville, up to 8.04
Warnings: bad dancing and PG-rated smut
Description: Clark experiments with heterosexuality
Download: direct download (35.7 MB) or streaming at YouTube, BAM or Blip
Credits: Concept by [ profile] svmadelyn who clued me on to the fact that this previously irritating song was actually all about Clark! Betaed by [ profile] brokenmnemonic and [ profile] talitha78 *hearts*
Notes: Possibly the easiest (and silliest) vid I've ever made! :D


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