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I'm at that stage with my current vid project where I have a nearly full timeline and things are starting to come together structurally. My brain's desperately trying to play catch-up with all the decisions I've made based on intuition, kind of trying to hunt them down and detect whether they are actually sound or don't serve the vid well at all. No doubt when I play back my vid over breakfast tomorrow I'll realise I'm a lot further off target than I think I am ... but... I love this stage of a project. My head buzzes, I can't really think about anything but vidding, I'm constantly tossing things over in my mind to make sense of them.

You should hear the way my brain works sometimes (thoughts on Lee, anger and Kara, late S2 )

brief additional thoughts on vidding problematic source )

Can I just stay here forever and not do the boring horrible months of polishing and reediting and tweaking colour and making horrible fucking credits?! Please? (Hee! No, I want it finished for myself too but I do love this stage and it's fun to wallow while it lasts.)
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So it turns out I *do* still want/need to talk about Battlestar Galactica. I'm actually desperately itching to write a serious meta post on the big-picture problems with the finale. I'm reading a lot of response posts and seeing so many good points being made and I'd really like to collate them together. I've also read a few responses from people that liked it and they are fascinating in a headtilt-y, huh! kind of way. I know my response was very personal: it could be summarised as cut for spoilery description of reaction )

I also want to write a post to my fellow Kara/Lee shippers and Lee fans. cut for very short version of said post )

I'd also like to write:
- my reaction post to TSCC 2.19 (eeeeee!!! So much to say! So much to process...)
- a post of unpopular vidding fandom opinions (which has been percolating for a long time)
- a squee post about Skins (which I recently mainlined and LOVE)
- a post about the problematic Dollhouse (1.6 didn't really do it for me, kids, though I saw how it was meant to)
- a post on how Kings is not really doing it for me either
and any number of other posts...

And that's not to mention the VIDDING I want to be doing.

You know what all this means? It means I have no time for such activities. I have two days or so in which to respond to comments and then I will be away from the 'net for the next couple of weeks. So all my love in the meantime and I kind of hope you will still be interested in some/any of those proposed posts when I get back. :)

See you on the other side! :p
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This post is about the spoilers for the Battlestar Galactica finale that Katee Sackhoff leaked in Portland. If you do not want to be spoiled for the finale PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS POST.

Thoughts within )


Feb. 15th, 2009 05:33 pm
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After the week I've had here, I'm only interested in things that lift my spirits and make my heart soar. These are some of those things:
- The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If you're not watching this show, you're missing out on some of the best television out there. My heart totally leaped with joy about it's return this week. So much so that after watching 2.14, I have zero desire to watch either Dollhouse or BSG (both of which I am sure will disappoint): I got all I need from that one awesome episode of mesmerising television. (Yes, I'm probably the only person out there to be happier about this than either the Joss Bandwagon or the BSG Fangasm, but I'm proud.)
- [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game--an annual tradition that gets better and better from year to year. Thank you so much for the kind words, you guys. *hugs* And as usual, I love reading all the other messages about people I heart.
- You guys. I'm going to fess up: I did not send in Valentines messages to [ profile] svmadelyn this year. The week's events overtook me. But I have cosy love for all of you on my f'list and am quite speechless about the response to my posts on the bushfires. You have such big hearts, all of you, and I am so grateful.
- All of the bidders on my vid auction: I am waiting to hear from the winning bidder, but thank all of you for your generosity in bidding and donating. More news on vids to follow.

I am going to write a Sarah Connor Chronicles post when I have rested a little more, and am only going to watch Dollhouse and BSG (in that order!) after that. I gather Dollhouse's gender politics will have me vomiting, and BSG will, well, kick me in the balls in other ways. No worries! I am zen. Just don't expect me to rush to such 'entertainment'. ;)


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:25 am
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If my shows are allowed to have cheap melodrama, why can't I?

I'm so upset you guys! Two shows. MY TWO FAVOURITE SHOWS. At once. Destroying everything I love and hold dear about them. I am so upset I could cry. At first I was numb and snarky and bitter, and then I found humour briefly, but then I went back into rage, and now I think I'm reaching depression...

I'm halfway through a measured response to 'Requiem' to explain why I think it's the death of Smallville, but I keep getting distracted by the badness on Battlestar...


They were both so amazing. Why did they have to throw it away? With SV I can rationalise that Al and Miles left... but with Battlestar? It's hard to understand how RDM could create this universe and then destroy it. Also, I feel way more alone in BSG because so many fans are clinging to hope still. At least in SV, we've more or less all been smacked in the face.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Requiem was TEN TIMES AS DREADFUL as BSG this week, but the BSG decline is more drawn out. Which is better? I don't know! *flails*

It's days like today it really sucks to be a completionist.

ETA: I don't normally quote TWOP. But it occurs to me that this sums up my position on both shows: So if you've ever loved the show and thought it was building to a fitting end for some of its major characters, congratulations. You got played. Go watch Friday Night Lights instead.
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Yo, peoples that agree that BSG has lost it, you can now find your solace at [ profile] bsg_recovery.

Pull up a seat. Share your sorrows! (You know you're going to need company to make it through 4.5, right?) :)
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I have a problem. I cannot stop working! *stares at clock disconsolately*

But [ profile] dionusia has declared this Lee Love Week and I am determined to participate in this most wonderful of causes!

My only problem was coming up with a NEW way to describe Lee's awesomeness, given that I spent most of my time in BSG fandom boring you all senseless on that very subject. But, I can do it! With lists. :) Warning for insane bias and fangirling ahead (and spoilers for 4.0 but no 4.5 please!).

Ten reasons why Lee is awesome for writers/narrative )

Ten ships that showcase Lee's awesome, in completely biased order )

Since I've run out of time today, this post might have to be the first of several. And be warned that the lists may get crazier over time... Aww, I've missed talking about Lee!

BSG giggles

Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:04 am
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In my five minutes online today, I read this, from the wonderful [ profile] dionusia:
BSG, minus the emo, incest and tension

*cries with laughter*
I needed that.
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... I think I might be getting my life back again. It's Day 2 of having my boss back again (and therefore no longer being boss-person myself) and I'm on cloud 9. I LOVE HAVING A BOSS!!! *bounces* And to make this fandom-related... I think I finally get why Kara didn't care that much about being CAG. Because hello, it is WAY more fun to be the slightly loud-mouthed and rebellious offsider than the guy that has to do all the paperwork and answer for shit at the end of the day. :D And yeah, I may seem diplomatic online but in real life? Huahahaha, no. I have an unfortunate habit for telling the truth in meetings and a low tolerance of idiots--this does not get you far in management, I have found.

So what's going on round here?! :) I missed stuff! I owe some people mail--and I promise I'm working on it. My inbox is kinda scary... *guilt*

I do have some posts to pimp though. I'm always a big fan of people focusing on what they like and not what they like to whinge about... and in that spirit, I have really enjoyed:
- [ profile] asta77's post on why she loves Lee Adama
- [ profile] wisteria_'s post on why she loves Kara Thrace
- and [ profile] daybreak777's post on falling for the Kara/Lee ship.

Also, Kara/Lee fans who haven't read this extremely hot fic by [ profile] elzed are missing a treat. *g*

I feel kinda bad not having anything SV-related to pimp... but seriously, people, is there anything out there?!

Oh, and before I forget, I apologise to anyone who tried to dl my new vid the other day when the link wasn't working. I have fixed it now. And I'm even feeling thick-skinned enough (or stupid enough) to stick my name up on the vidding truth meme so if anyone feels inclined to tell me where my weaknesses are or how I could improve... pipe up. :) I do appreciate that it takes time and care to give people proper concrit, so if anyone does, I'll be very grateful.
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This is fun! I should TOTALLY have birthdays more often. :D (Even if I'm days late to collect my presents...)

[ profile] wisteria_ wrote me a lovely gentle, intimate Kara/Lee ficlet.

And... so... this new S4 promo that's doing the rounds. How spoilery is it? Is it one of those things that's going to be totally everywhere and unavoidable anyway? *bites lip* I did end up watching the S3 promos before S3 aired. Is it about that level of spoilery? Or worse? (Yes I AM paranoid, thank you, and happy to stay that way!) There's still three or four months to go... I don't want to suddenly become a spoilerwhore... Er, that's ok--I won't be watching it.
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I am filled with warm fuzzies for BSG fandom at the moment. The response to the first challenge at [ profile] bsg_hiatusthon has been really wonderful so far--we have sign-ups for nearly every day between now and Christmas! It would, of course, be super-cool if there was a post every day... *makes puppy eyes* If anyone out there feels like jumping in with an early drabble, late sign-ups can be accepted here.

I'm a bit behind on my meta-reading post-Razor and have guilt about needing to get to a few posts on my f'list, but my brain's been kind of mushy in the last few days. When my concentration returns, I'll be there. However, I do want to share this lovely post by [ profile] marenfic on Kara/Lee fans and our respective different views. I couldn't agree more. It's sad to see people sometimes torn apart by differences of perspective, but I am blessed with generous, intelligent LJ friends who enlighten me about Kara and respect that a Lee-fan's perspective is different.

And somewhat inarticulately I've been in a very 'Kara' kind of mood recently. I truly adored her in Razor--I thought she was at her strongest, most beautiful, most honourable and most heroic (in the good sense), and I've found that I'm gentler on her in my mind post-Razor. I do think Razor provided a missing puzzle piece for me re. Kara. That might not have been so if I was more naturally attuned to her, but regardless it's been a pleasant experience to find myself thinking about her perspective.

Consequently I've been drawn to Kara vids and wanted to share a couple:
- [ profile] buffyann's Headlights explores her S3 destiny issues in a way that put me 'inside' that journey very effectively.
- [ profile] dayln03's Surrender leant me a positive spin on Kara's feelings for Lee. And yes, it IS the shippiest song ever written, and I'm kind of amazed I 'bought' it as Kara pov (being such a cynic about Kara's feelings), but I really did which is a credit to the vidder.

Also have to rec [ profile] kiki_miserychic's Ain't No Reason which looks at all the women in Razor, Kara included, but which worked most effectively for me as a study of Kendra. There's a stack of meta in there.

(The following are not BSG-specific links, btw!)

Finally, it's starting to be that festive time of year again and holiday wishlists are going up. [ profile] wishlist_07 is a smart idea as a central way of posting wishlists. I usually mosey through them and do what I can, and it's a lot easier having a central archive. Go post there!

And there's a cool idea for a holiday vid exchange. I know lots of non-vidders have ideas for vids sometimes--if you leave them here you never know, someone might pick them up!
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Since the first screenings of Razor have now happened, I've unlocked my Razor meta post and some follow-up thoughts. My thoughts have evolved a lot further than this thanks to some great meta discussions already, but I've had little time to pull them together into a post. I see a few others unlocking their posts--I want to rec a bunch of great (currently locked) posts at some stage so that's exciting!

The last few days have been horrendous for me and I owe a lot of people a lot of things--comments, posts, feedback, emails, time. Sorry, guys! Thanks for bearing with me.

However, I do have some good news! You remember my whinge about the BSG hiatus? (It wasn't really that, but you know what I mean.) Well, thanks to everyone suggestions, I've set up a new community: [ profile] bsg_hiatusthon. I hope it can be a place where we can organise some ficathons and challenges for the fandom as a whole (NOT just K/L shippers, despite the way my f'list is slanted :p) over the coming months, and I have ideas for the first one already. I was going to wait until then to pimp it, but [ profile] siljamus has done such a lovely job with the layout, you should check it out. More details to come as soon as I catch my breath!

super speedy thoughts on Friday Night Lights 2.06 )

brief squee about Dexter 2.07 )
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One day back at work and I'm already grieving the loss of quality online time. :( Especially with so many shiny fun things right now!

There's lots of great meta coming out about BSG's 'Razor' (and I am not going to get sick of talking about that any time soon!) and also the funniest deleted scene I've ever heard of needs to be giggled over. I mean really. *blinks* cut for completely stupid observation that's spoilery for that deleted scene and S3 )

As if BSG fandom wasn't entertaining enough, SV is all geared up for a Lana-centric episode that will no doubt be controversial and cut for spoilery comment about episode 6.05 ) There's a cool post here about Lana--still the best comm name ever. ;)

In sadder news, the latest draft of my latest vid went pfft and I have to do it all over. :( Boo! But I am close to finished and if I wasn't in such a silly mood would be vidding right now.

Finally this is the best anonymous comment I have ever received. :D
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*beams* BSG fandom is such a lovely generous place.
- [ profile] smact46 wrote me a drabble inspired by the Season 4 promo
- [ profile] wisteria_ posted 33 ways Kara told Lee she loved him--with some wonderful additions in the comments as well.
I was going to make a Lee equivalent in return, but [ profile] ez_as_pi has beaten me to it.

Oh, and [ profile] daybreak777 has a lovely post on ways we love our favourite characters.

My plans for an all-BSG-fandom ficathon to cheer us up in the hiatus are coming together. However I'm looking for volunteers who could help with a banner and/or layout. *makes pleading puppy eyes* Anyone?
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**Opinionated post warning**

I sense a malaise in BSG fandom. The first I knew of the (official) delay of S4 until April was posts on my friendslist either bitching about it or complaining about those bitching about it. And somehow that made me... not flip out about it. So first, thanks for flipping out so that I didn't have to! :) And then, ok, yes, we'd all like to see it a lot sooner than that. But now's the time for banding together and having hiatus fun, not falling apart.

Yes, hiatus's are hard. And I've never had a tougher one than this one. And I'm probably really lucky that I have another show to turn to, in Smallville, in the meantime. But hiatus's are good in other ways: they give writers, artists and vidders ages of time to work on their own versions of canon or fanon, and it's a great time to do so with the show still open-ended. Get in before it gets jossed! It's also a good time to rewatch and dig deeper into the show's themes for the meta-ists among us.

In short, I've seen a lot of griping about the fandom recently but I don't feel inclined to gripe myself. I love BSG fandom! Largely because the fandom is, to me, the individuals I've met in it. I don't like collectives, I'm a total loner, so I don't like getting into 'BSG fandom is such and such' or 'Smallville fandom is whatever' arguments. I continue to enjoy my fandoms because I like you guys. You on my friendslist! You guys who read my journal and whose journals I read. If I don't read other forums it's generally because they don't make me happy. But I've met lots of amazing talented and lovely people on LJ in BSG fandom and that's why I LOVE IT. Sure, I'd still watch the show without you, but it wouldn't be nearly so much fun. So the fact that the show's delayed is a minor grievance in the scheme of things. What I would be sad about is losing touch with people.

Also: we have webisodes at the moment! That deserve a lot of squee! cut for said squee about flashback 4 )

I racked my brains to think of something I could do to contribute to the fandom at this time. But I think I'd do best to follow [ profile] dionusia's example and throw myself open to suggestions instead. So here goes:
1. Feel free to leave me a prompt--I may respond with either a drabble or meta, but I'll respond with something, promise.
2. Leave your vid bunnies here! I only have one BSG vid bunny at the moment and I need hi res of Unfinished Business for that so I'm waiting on those damn S3 dvds... but in the meantime, if you want to suggest something, I can't promise I'll do it, but if it inspires me, you never know!
3. Finally, I volunteer my services for organising some kind of challenge or fic exchange or something. We need more to keep us busy! So if anyone's got any ideas about this, let me know and I'm happy to organise or help organise a BSG-specific challenge.

OK, um, *nervous*.
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A brief interlude from the Garden Party: thank you to my entire friendslist (hee!), led by [ profile] wisteria_, for alerting me to the new S4 promo for BSG. I have been fidgeting at my desk ALL DAY waiting to get home to watch it and cut for spoilers for promo only thankyouverymuch )

Oh, and I hope to see more BSG fans at my Garden Party. I know Garden Parties don't sound very Battlestar-y, but you should totally come gatecrash it in your Vipers or something. *nods* :D
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I really should be holding on to this to post as part of my character study challenge, but you know how it is... you work on something for months, getting nowhere, and then finally get so frakking sick of it you just have to post it NOW, dammit! And be done with it.

Title: Middleman
Artist: Bright Eyes
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Character: Lee Adama
Summary: Lee... trapped somewhere between nihilism and idealism/romanticism
Warnings: major spoilers for all three seasons, violence
Download: direct download (34MB) or streaming at Blip, BAM or YouTube
Feedback: Is treasured
Thanks to: [ profile] supacat (I knew I was on the right track when she said 'it's a bit of a downer, isn't it?') and [ profile] brokenmnemonic (for invaluable beta feedback and inspirational conversation)

Read more... )

Read more... )


Aug. 30th, 2007 08:41 pm
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August, my least favourite month, is finally drawing to a close. August is the coldest month in Melbourne and I have developed a superstitious distrust of it over the years--it has frequently been a month that has brought bad news, stress and sorrow. And this year has been no different. But it is nearly over and the fact that I can smell spring in the air is giving me cause for optimism. Today was a balmy twenty-five degrees and I pulled a sundress out of the cupboard. The cherry blossom is out and everything feels a little lighter.

So today I'm making a post about random things that are currently making me happy.
- My cat is recovering much better now (thanks for the kind thoughts everyone!).
- [ profile] sv_ledger is back from hiatus and this makes me feel like Season Seven is getting closer... I miss Smallville so much! :( I even miss the illogical plots and the crazy fan wars! Somebody saaaaave me before I go rewatching Ageless...
- My Friday Night Lights dvds have been posted and I am omgsoexcited!
- [ profile] bradcpu is watching Heroes and the mere idea that his clever clever brain might be combined with the prettiness of Heroes to produce a spectacular vid is very happy-making.
- [ profile] bsg_crack! Clearly a brilliant idea. :D
- Beta-ing for [ profile] brokenmnemonic who is making amazing leaps and bounds in vidding (Lee vid and squeeful Kara awesomeness with a Kara/Lee slant--such productivity! I be jealous. *g*) I love beta-ing vids and it was such a pleasure to help with these.
- On the subject of vids, [ profile] m_a_r_i_k_s's Kara-centric 24 blew me away. I'm still catching my breath and getting the lump out of my throat.
- [ profile] literaryll: I have finally finished all the comics and am itching to get to the store for more. Thank you SO much for enriching my life with them! *hugs*
- The vitamins prescribed by my doc are finally making me more wakeful (without caffeine!).
- I'm vidding. :) I fell into a bit of a malaise there for a while, but I think I'm working my way out of it.

So what is making you happy today? :)
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The lovely [ profile] dionusia wrote me a Lee/Aurora comment drabble(s) of exquisite beauty. While we can't quite agree on its categorisation (crack? angst? humour? moodpiece?) it's undeniably gorgeous so go admire.
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*fly-by reccing*

It's been a good week for Lee meta! [ profile] brokenmnemonic has written a two-part essay on two of my favourite topics: Lee Adama and heroism. Fantastic read! Links:
- Part One
- Part Two.


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