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[ profile] chaila43 is making vids I can watch again! \o/ (I still can't watch BSG. I just can't.)

Shelter From the Storm is a thoughtful Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid, focused on Ellison. It's not so much a character study as an exploration of his point of view and his relationship with Sarah, his search for answers to the big questions and the role Sarah plays in this. (ETA: I don't mean to say it isn't a study of Ellison--just that it takes us inside his point of view on Sarah to create understanding of his character. Rather poorly expressed: sorry! very tired!) For me, it was a new lens through which to watch the show since I rarely slip into Ellison's point of view naturally (even when the show itself constructs it that way). While it might have greater (or different) resonance to Ellison fans, I feel this vid plays well to anyone interested in the overall meta of the whole show. It certainly made me think a lot about Ellison's plot and purpose. I particularly liked seeing scenes I knew well in a slightly different light.

Also! Attention vidders, students, freelancers and anyone else requiring round-the-clock work abilities! New discovery of awesome in the energy level department: homemade affogato!

Ice-cream (sugar) + triple shots of espresso (caffeine) = all night wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Not that I'm working round the clock or anything... really... *whistles*)

Vid: DLZ

Jun. 15th, 2009 12:42 pm
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Special note: This vid exists thanks to the amazing generosity of [ profile] counteragent and her donation to the Red Cross appeal for the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires. The Victorian government has pledged to rebuild the affected communities and a Royal Commission is underway to investigate the fires. The bush is recovering speedily with new growth rising from the ashes thanks in part to recent (very welcome) rain. On the personal front, I recently saw a car driving through Melbourne with posters stuck to the windows that read 'Thank you from the survivors of the Marysville fires'. I would also like to thank all the other people who donated even if they didn't bid on the vid or win.

Vid: DLZ
Artist: TV on the Radio
Source: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: spoilers for entire two seasons, violence, disturbing imagery and themes
Description: We are the Resistance. (ensemble)
Download: direct download (79MB), or small version (37MB); streaming at YouTube, BAM or Blip
Credits: Thanks to the incomparable [ profile] supacat for three rounds of amazing and intense beta-ing.
Notes: I will make a longer notes post about my journey with this vid, as it was complex to say the least. I hoped it, like the show, would reach an intelligent, reflective audience--no matter how small. And it already has, so thank you!

lyrics beneath the cut )

ETA: Aspect ratio issues should be fixed now--new versions uploaded, apologies to those that got the first dodgy batch.
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Dear All Five People on my F'list that Love SCC (*tongue-in-cheek*),

It has been rightly pointed out to me that rather than be angry at Fox or, even less directly, Dollhouse, we should listen to Josh Friedman, and find a way to come to terms with the horrible reality that Sarah Connor Chronicles has ended.

So I think we should have a party. With pancakes! To celebrate what was one of the best shows on television.

Sarah Connor fans are awesome, intelligent, passionate... but we don't always relax and just HAVE FUN with our show. So I am inviting you all over to have fun telling me what you love about the show, why you love it and what you're going to remember the most. Be sad, by all means, but let's make this an anger-free celebration zone.

Share your favourite pics, quotes, characters, episodes, fan creations, links here. Send other fans here. And love our show! Forever! We are the Resistance. Amen.
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I am devastated.

I ... really hung on to hope.

Apologies to Dollhouse supporters but I can't believe Dollhouse got renewed and T:SCC got canned. Or rather, I can believe it and I think it says a lot about the ugly reality of network television.

Damn it, damn it, damn it. *sad*

This week needs to pick its game up, news-wise. Over to you, American Idol! If Adam Lambert does not win, I will be punching puppies, a la Kristen from 'Idolatry'.

Unfortunately (clearly) the world does not bend to my will.

*returns to some manuscripts that will*

ETA: Apparently Ausiello may have been basing that on previous advice, not the news that was/is due today, the 18th. Does anyone know anything more definite?
ETA2: And now it's definite. Josh Friedman's announcement is extremely gracious.
ETA3: The transcript of Friedman, Ashman and Thomsen in the SCC chat room is super-cool and soothing me greatly right now. Though apparently it was Fox or nothing. SyFy no go, and Ashman will be 'curling up with the DVDs' now. For those of you that can't be bothered reading the whole thing, my personal favourite chat gems were:
- Friedman saying he'd written a part from a dog's perspective and it was awesome (I want that!)
- Friedman saying we would have found out what happened in the basement in Season 3.
- Friedman saying Derek was never considered a love interest for Sarah (phew!)
- Dan admitting he wrote Trek fanfic when he was young and saying "the ONLY two other male characters in genre who have more chemistry than Kirk and Spock are Clark and Lex". Duh! *hearts*
- Oh, and Friedman saying he liked 'the first three seasons' of BSG. Hahaha, with you, mate.
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Are you disappointed in BSG's finale? Wondering how all the promise of the mini-series and Seasons 1 and 2 drained away into a cross between Days of our (Cylon) Lives and Angels in America?

Maybe you're feeling too scarred right now to ever trust a TV series again (understandable). But that's a great pity because there IS a show, doing it all right.

Ten ways in which Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica are similar
very vague spoilers for the BSG finale/final endgame within )

Ten ways in which Sarah Connor Chronicles does it better than Battlestar Galactica
even though SCC is incomplete (some spoilers for 2.19) )

Obviously Terminator's not everyone's taste, I wasn't really sure it was mine to begin with--to be honest I started watching for Cameron to begin with but have grown to love all the characters. I've found the show really rewards rewatching. And I do honestly believe it tells a similar story to BSG's but in a more sophisticated way--its control of its own metaphors, narrative and characters is, I believe, objectively more successful even in its 'unfinished' (and possibly to receive early termination!) state. Do check it out if you think it sounds interesting. :)

ETA ((((((HUGS))))))) to BSG fandom
ETA2 Yes, I am going to review SCC 2.19 (but not the BSG finale because it doesn't deserve thought). I just needed to get this post out of my system first! ;)
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I've been sick this week and when I first watched Terminator this week my thoughts were pushed aside by speechless spine-tingly feelings and so this post is a late response to 'Today is the day' (how great is that episode name?!).

spoilers for SCC 2.18 )

I hear that Fox are currently undecided on whether to renew the show or not. I'm REALLY hoping the big finale they're building to will bring the ratings up enough to influence them. And if there are any other Sarah Connor fans out there, please do check out the Save Sarah Connor website:
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That was the most riveting hour of television I have watched in about a year. It was all so smart and had so much suspense. Real suspense of the I-totally-don't-know-who-is-going-to-wind-up-dead here kind of way.

Much squee is required... spoilers for Ourselves Alone beneath cut )
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Read more... )


Feb. 15th, 2009 05:33 pm
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After the week I've had here, I'm only interested in things that lift my spirits and make my heart soar. These are some of those things:
- The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If you're not watching this show, you're missing out on some of the best television out there. My heart totally leaped with joy about it's return this week. So much so that after watching 2.14, I have zero desire to watch either Dollhouse or BSG (both of which I am sure will disappoint): I got all I need from that one awesome episode of mesmerising television. (Yes, I'm probably the only person out there to be happier about this than either the Joss Bandwagon or the BSG Fangasm, but I'm proud.)
- [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game--an annual tradition that gets better and better from year to year. Thank you so much for the kind words, you guys. *hugs* And as usual, I love reading all the other messages about people I heart.
- You guys. I'm going to fess up: I did not send in Valentines messages to [ profile] svmadelyn this year. The week's events overtook me. But I have cosy love for all of you on my f'list and am quite speechless about the response to my posts on the bushfires. You have such big hearts, all of you, and I am so grateful.
- All of the bidders on my vid auction: I am waiting to hear from the winning bidder, but thank all of you for your generosity in bidding and donating. More news on vids to follow.

I am going to write a Sarah Connor Chronicles post when I have rested a little more, and am only going to watch Dollhouse and BSG (in that order!) after that. I gather Dollhouse's gender politics will have me vomiting, and BSG will, well, kick me in the balls in other ways. No worries! I am zen. Just don't expect me to rush to such 'entertainment'. ;)
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Happy New Year, all!

Confession: Every so often when I feel weird, I check my daily biorhythms to see what's going on. Today it told me that in physical terms I 'feel beaten and you'd prefer to lie down all day' but that intellectually 'you can finish demanding tasks without any great concentration efforts' and 'have many good ideas'. Now does that sound like a day to spend on LJ, or what?! :)

We had a BBQ party for NYE which turned into an exhausting karaoke battle. I think it was fun, but got too wiped out to really know. (And my slaved-over party playlist was underappreciated! *sniff*) My puppy still has a hangover.

I'm having rather the love affair with The Sarah Connor Chronicles at the moment, thanks to a particularly challenging vid bunny. cut for rewatch reactions )

It's resolution time, and yes, I have several. I am trying not to think too much about how they potentially conflict with/undermine each other. cut for resolutions )

Finally, birthday fic! [ profile] daybreak777 completed Circuit for me, a five-part BSG fic. It's a very original look at different incarnations of Kara and Lee--check it out, if you haven't already done so!
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I have a bit of catch-up work to do in terms of recording my reactions to Sarah Connor Chronicles episodes 2.09 and 2.10. this is a start, only, I suspect )
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Once upon a time in Mexico )
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My kind of story )

To the Americans on my f'list: happy voting! :)
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How awesome was Sarah Connor Chronicles this week?! VERY AWESOME. It's my favourite ep of the season so far and I'm going to have to squee at great length. Homesickness )
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Well I'm kind of surprised that Sarah Connor Chronicles won the poll, but am happy to oblige. :) (Although I'm going to have to chatter about the other shows at SOME point!)

Goodbye to all that )
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After months of the TV-drought that is the US hiatus, I am suddenly spoiled rotten with good television! This week was so brilliant for so many shows I don't know where to start.

I'm even loving Mad Men! (brief but spoilery thoughts for 2.09) )

And of course there is my new love, True Blood (spoilers for 1.04) )

At least his lame 90s dad likes him (spoilers for GG 2.05) )

And a Cameron-centic episode of TSCC? To good to be true (spoilers for TSCC 2.04) )
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very brief thoughts on Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.03 )

even briefer response to this week's Gossip Girl )

and I confess I've fallen for True Blood (with spoilers for first three eps) )

Oh, and quick folllow-up to this post: I'm planning to make weekly vidding meta-chat posts on Sundays my time (Saturday US).

T:SCC 2.02

Sep. 18th, 2008 07:16 pm
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Finally grabbed time for T:SCC this week.

spoilery thoughts )

Aaaaand .... that's about as much as you'll get from me in the way of thoughts this week, I'm afraid. Work's been driving me mad and I need to leave emotional/squee space for the Smallville premiere tomorrow night. ;)
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So I finished all nine episodes of Season 1... cut for spoilers for the first season )


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