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Eeeee!! It is an exciting new day in my icon-using life! [ profile] radioreverie made me this from the photo I took of Jarvis at V-Festival in Melbourne. \o/
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Too funny! *giggles*

cut for self-indulgent rambling about icons )

In fandom news, there's been lots of great readings post-'Crossroads' (season 3 finale) in BSG fandom. cut for links, as descriptions are slightly spoilery, and because then I start rambling about the show myself )

ETA: Meant to pimp [ profile] btlstr_hiatusca as well--community for rewatching (or watching for the first time) BSG during the nine-month (*groan*) hiatus.

Yes. It is a quiet day at work. Why do you ask? :-p
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Well, the film festival ticks on, and my lucky streak has ended. Today I was scheduled to see C.R.A.Z.Y., but the parking restrictions got the better of me. After circling city blocks for half an hour I decided to fork out for a parking centre spot, only to hit Melbourne's only Sunday CBD traffic jam. I missed the session. I've also been OD-ing on documentaries prior, of which the best was Iraq in Fragments, though the camerawork in the middle third had a hypnotic effect on me--I kept nodding off!

In other news... I made an icon. Yes, that's right. This icon. Does this make this a GIP?! Jen! Where is [ profile] nehellania?! See! I listen to you! I took you up on your dare. *g* Jules, I'm still quaking in my shoes about your mayo-peanut-banana combo. I'm pleading for an extension due to the high price of bananas here in Aus right now. We have a banana crisis, miss! Really.

Anyway, isn't Maggie cute?! *g*
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Because he's just bigoted enough to win

Happy Birthday, [ profile] supacat!! I hereby join your campaign. You'll get your real present tomorrow... but hint hint it's a little 'super'! ;)

Meanwhile, let's take down that independent sonofabitch running as Senator for Kansas... Lex Luthor may be a corporate mastermind and he may not give a fuck about the environment (well, the fishies at least) and sure, he does have a few megalomaniac tendencies... but when it comes down to it, he just ain't right-wing enough, y'know?! Go crazy people = vote 1 Jonathan!

(What was that, Lex? was I bribed? No, I wasn't bribed! Oh... that money that changed hands? I'll have you know that was a private matter. Now stop it with your smear campaign!! Unless there's any diamond earrings going begging... In that case, you can pick me up at 8. *smirk*)
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Today I uploaded my 100th icon! And to celebrate I'm flaunting this new favourite by [ profile] supacat who posted it here, wherein you will also find Part 1 of The Grand Unified Theory of Clark's Sexuality, of which more will be heard anon. (Goodness, that boy is a puzzle!)

Wheeeeeeee icon! *pats the pretty*


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