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Thank god ONE show knows how to do it. BSG: take note. That's how you do it.

If this does prove to be the finale of Friday Night Lights, then it's a beautiful ending. However, if you have the chance, please do support the show by watching on NBC--you'll be pleased you did!

cut for lengthy ecstasy )

PLEASE SQUEE WITH ME! I need company! \o/
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Thank you to everyone who responded to my bsg woes post: while I wish no-one else felt like I did, it was amazingly comforting to hear that I was not alone. And I feel a lot calmer approaching 4.5 now.

But let's talk about Friday Night Lights while we still can! I gather that this was the second-last episode of the season. And... is that it? I don't think there'll be another season but I'm not up on the gossip.

spoilers for 3.12 Underdogs )
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Oh, FNL! You are winning my heart back. That episode was glorious!

I always skip Wednesdays )

Damn, I love this show!
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I almost forgot to watch Friday Night Lights this week. Which was a tragedy because oh, what a fabulous episode! Someone needs to tell the writers: volleyball > murder, yo!

brutal honesty )

Oh, and while I'm in glowy Friday Night Lights mood, everyone's seen American Baby, right? Just checking. ;)
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I was much happier with this one )
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Hmm... that )
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Wow. Undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far and I can't believe they pulled that off!

kiss and make up )
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Friday Night Lights 2.04 )

Dexter season 2, episodes 1-5 )

breaking up with Bionic Woman )

Ugly Betty 2.05--did you even know I watched this show?! *g* )

Am still thinky re. an all-BSG-fandom ficathon. Follow up to follow when brain kicks in. :p

In personal news I suck. Or rather my vitamin levels still suck despite months of diligent effort. Since I've also failed to lose any weight during this time, I'm officially sulking. So little coffee, so little result?!?! *fake huffs*
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football at last! )
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first tears of the season )
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The Last Days of Summer )
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Friday Night Lights = WATCH IT

Note to [ profile] wisteria_: Matt Saracen was very mini!Lee to me tonight. ;-)

cut for the squee )
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It just keeps on getting better )

ETA: The deleted scenes (Tami & Tyra and Matt & Jason) are essential viewing! Thanks [ profile] brandil!
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Wow! )

And because it is Friday with no Smallville (boo!), so I have time to kill, a meme for my f'list:
Comment and I will...
1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film/tv show.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In return please spread this disease in your LJ.
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Oh, Friday Night Lights, I have missed you SO MUCH!

Recent plot twists
Read more... )

Fathers and daughters
Read more... )

The great and noble men of Dillon Panther football
That is so brokeback )

ETA: Essential reading: FNL's filming process, or why it's awesome!
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So I've come to hate Tuesdays... Tuesdays mean BSG is available for download, but K's at work kicking her desk and impatiently biting her nails until 'hometime' and trying not to read spoilery reactions on my friends list. It also means I'm waiting for the first yoga class for the week and in need of stretching. *g* And that also means I don't get to watch BSG until late Tuesday night, and then I'm up all night with the thinky. Plus, it's hard to be zenlike when you're wondering what punches-to-the-gut the ep waiting on the computer for you contains. ;-)

And then about this time on a Tuesday afternoon (it's 4pm here), the Heroes reaction posts start appearing... at which point K *headdesks* and curses her timezone for the n-th time.

So, I'm killing time by posting some introspective yoga-related thoughts. )

And while I'm at it, some brief Friday Night Lights thoughts. )
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I love my new show! spoilers for Friday Night Lights 1.14 )

Finally caught up on Heroes! So THAT'S what all the squee was about: spoilers for Heroes 1.14 )

And last but not least, I have personal news. My Smallville review may be late this week, but for a very exciting reason. We're going on a roadtrip on Saturday to pick up our new doggie! He's in the next state so we've got a long day of driving, but I'm so excited about meeting him. He will come for a two-week trial with us and if it doesn't work out can go back to the rescue agency. I just hope my cat doesn't completely freak out! Apparently Bob is good with cats. *crosses fingers*
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I need to have more than one Friday Night Lights icon! Though I do love Tim and his peas, it's not always appropriate. ;-)

OMG, I love love love this show )
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So I'm all caught up on Friday Night Lights. *bounces* spoilers for Friday Night Lights 1.09-1.12 )

I've finished A Storm of Swords at last and am now scouring Melbourne for Book 4. Yes, [ profile] queenofthorns, I was very much converted to Jaime by the end of the novel! *g*

I saw 'Babel' the other day--it wasn't bad, but I thought it was self-indulgent in places and needed a tighter edit. Looking forward to seeing Cate Blanchett in a few more movies this year--I know she's got a lot coming out. Hopefully she'll have more to do than just writhe in pain in the next ones. ;-)


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