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I am meant to start my Insane Vidding Project today, so this is the world's worst timing... but BSG produced an enjoyable episode this week! ([ profile] mskatej, I'd still wait until they do so consistently if I were you!) I mean, the show was still batshit, but in a FUN way.

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Despite the cracktastic title (srsly, who makes these up? don't answer that!), this wasn't completely terrible (I still wouldn't watch it though, [ profile] mskatej and [ profile] supacat).

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... gets absolutely mangled in the execution by TPTB )

ETA: I found a BSG thing that made me HAPPY!. It's a miracle!!
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But I'm posting about a BSG thing.

chitty chat re. BSG season 4.0 deleted scenes. Well. Scene. )
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spoilers and a lot of chatter and squee for the full ep )
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ETA: Spoilers for the full ep in the comments.
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spoilers for the first three minutes ONLY )
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I've got the can't-be-bothereds about posting on BSG this week, in a major way. I watched the episode a day or so ago and have been procrastinating about posting. But the completionist in me is compelling me to post something. So here goes: nothing of consequence to say )
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Clearly anyone that knows me will guess that I loved that episode. Thank you, BSG, for giving me hope.

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I haven't been talking about it. I've been afraid to do so. But I've been really struggling with Battlestar this season. If you're feeling the love, you probably want to skip by this post.

cut for discussion of 'Faith' and general Season 4 issues )
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I had seen a few comments about this episode being scattered and having too many plot threads being juggled but I actually thought it was pretty well tied together by the central theme of the desire for absolution. something in the universe loves me )
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I've been working on my post about my holiday but it's loooong and in the meantime my thoughts keep flying back to BSG. Not helped by the fact that [ profile] wisteria_ has posed some terrific burning questions about the first two eps. I couldn't really answer any of them but I do have more to say on the subject of pilots.
tl;dr ramblings, with a warning for sap )
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I'm all caught up. YAY! \o/

Going the wrong way )

Phew. I'm exhausted now.
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I'm a believer )

ETA: Also, I fangirl [ profile] dionusia's brain.
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more thoughts, and spoilers of course )


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