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This week's vid chat is hosted by [ profile] heresluck, and the topic is creative growth. As always, all vid fans and vidders are welcome to participate. Please join us at her journal!
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Vidding chats return! :) For those of you new to them, you can check out previous chats here.

This week's topic is visualising effects and it is co-moderated by [ profile] lim. We'd really love this chat to function as a kind of shared workshop, with people sharing ideas with each other. So if you have a track out there that you're working with or considering working with and would like some shared brainstorming, share it with us here!

Below is an introduction from each of us.

From [ profile] lim:
an introduction to visualisation )

From Bop:
welcome back and encouragement thoughts )

ETA: Update! We shall relaxedly be attempting to make some things resulting from the conversations herein over the next week or so... we encourage anyone who wants to to try making something (for example "haze on the sand" or "red/green blur") and share it. I promise to handhold for anyone who fears their effects thing may look unintentionally tragic. :) We're just playing, yes? :)


Oct. 24th, 2009 07:08 pm
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So my one week holiday from Melbourne turned into a couple of weeks away from Livejournal. When I got back, all my online time went into writing commentaries for [ profile] vid_commentary. Speaking of which, it's quite the commentary explosion there at the moment. And now that I'm finished mine I get to READ/WATCH OTHER PEOPLE's. \o/ \o/ *throws streamers around* I CAN'T WAIT.

[ profile] acridnym wrote an incredible commentary for Clint Eastwood which has allowed me to achieve ZEN about it at last. (My own blatherings on it are here.)

And I got to write a commentary for 45 by [ profile] bananainpjyamas, and I am proud to say achieved unprecedented levels of non-hatred for Bill Adama. (Aside: Does anyone else have the thing after writing a commentary of someone else's vid that it makes them want to watch it even more times?! You'd think watching a vid 100+ times for commmentary purposes would max you out, but nooooooooo! The opposite seems to happen for me: regardless of how much I liked it before, it rockets up my 'most likely to watch when have a random few mins to kill' list after writing about it.) Dragonchic's own commentary is here and it has cute graphics and vidding formulas!

Less excitingly, I made my first audio commentary: for Middleman. Quite honestly, I'm never likely to make one again. It was sort of hell and I got to say way less than I would have liked, which is pretty funny seeing I struggled to cut it to under 18 minutes. Sigh. I need to work on that tl;dr (or is it tl;dl?) thing. Dragonchic, I envy you your succinctness: I guess 'chic' isn't in your name for nothing. ;)

Other vidding-related announcement: vidding chats will recommence in November. The first chat, the weekend of 7-8 November, will be hosted in my journal but co-moderated by [ profile] lim and it will be on visualising effects. (Seriously, you would be mad to miss that!)
The weekend of 14-15 November, [ profile] heresluck will host a chat on creative growth.
The following weekend, 21-22 Nov, I'll host one on audience.
And I have several other chats almost confirmed--hopefully there will be one a week up until Xmas!

Reminder: Suggestions for topics gratefully received (from anyone!) here and sign-ups eagerly pounced on here.

So what did I miss? How is everyone? Chillaxed? I will be very grateful to anyone who links me to Stuff I Probably Wish I Hadn't Missed (vids released? important personal newses of friends? lolarious things?).

I have watched a lot of TV (duh!) and will post on that soon, no doubt.
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Thank you to everyone who left suggestions for vidding chat topics. Anyone may leave suggestions there at any time.

My plan for hosting is quite simple and mostly consists of me making puppy eyes at anyone willing to do so. here's the lowdown on what hosting a vid chat involves ) Any/all pimpage and promotion gratefully received.

<b>ETA:</b> Sorry, I'm unco with Rich Text. And if you have any questions at all, let me know!
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Thank you to everyone who voted and offered feedback about vidding chats. You are still welcome to do so here as it's all useful feedback. However, I've settled on a plan for now.

I'm opting not to set up a comm for now based largely on:
- people saying they would be as likely to participate wherever it was held
- me having a terrible track record with comms
- a few people saying they'd be more hesitant or quiet in comms.
Instead, I'm going to co-ordinate them from here but people will host in their own journals. Thank you to the people who said they might be willing to host (in the poll): I'm hoping you will be as willing to do so in your own journals as in a comm. Either way, I will put a post up about hosting sign-ups later this weekend.

Which brings us to topics. Great Big Topic Collection Post )
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Pimping vidding polls!

[ profile] vidukon is the community for Vidukon, a fan vid convention that took place in October 2008. We're now polling to see if there's enough interest for another one in 2010/2011. Get the word out! Have your say on dates/location here.

I'm also polling on vidding chats. More votes craved! Also, in the comments, several people suggested having 'roving' chats in various people's journals instead of in a community. If you like that idea best, let me know in the comments as I was not smart enough to include it in original poll.

Also, [ profile] vid_commentary are polling on their next challenge. I love this comm! Now's a great time to head over, join, and have your say about where it can go next.
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I have had Many Thoughts since posting about vidding fandom. One main one has to do with vidding chats.

explanation herein )

[Poll #1450417]

Please feel free to comment with any other thoughts!
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I'd like to thank everyone who has participated / is participating in the discussion in my post about inclusion and exclusion in vidding fandom. I would like to acknowledge that it's not an easy topic to discuss, and I think overall it's been a very positive (if emotionally draining!) conversation.

I also apologise for conflating approximately 100 different issues into one post--that was not ideal, although it was kind of awesome to see people identify with lots of separate parts! I still feel a bit overwhelmed by the responses but I'm making this post in the spirit of moving forward, especially since I personally find myself in a very different emotional place after the post than before. And you'll see that a great deal of this post is framed personally, because... well it always was a deeply personal post/subject, though definitely one I hoped would be constructive for others in the community and the community as a whole.

Personal notes
this is what I personally take away from the discussion )

Personal resolutions
again, just things I'm personally vowing )

my last words on this personally )

Aus/NZ vidding con, reccing, social community )

Thanks all! :)

PS. If I'm slow to respond it's because I still have Work Crisis, not because I hate you or am a snob. :)

ETA: Adding 'investigate possibility of [ profile] vidukon recurring to 'do do' list'.
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After many months of absence, vid chats return! This one's at the request of [ profile] chaila43 and [ profile] daybreak777, and is on the topic of commenting on vids. We're particularly interested in the process of commenting on vids when you're not used to it.

a little introduction )

So to spark discussion, here are some questions about commenting for people to reflect on. They're by no means 'compulsory'--feel free to respond to them or more generally on the topic, as you wish.
Read more... )

This topic has been extensively discussed elsewhere, and [ profile] vidding's memories section contains some great links. Among them:
[ profile] sdwolfpup's Vid Feedback 101
[ profile] gwyn_r's thoughts on the hesitance of non-vidders to comment
[ profile] thefourthvine's On reccing vids (reccing is a whole other topic, really, but it's a great post)

As a counterbalance to this obsession with comments: [ profile] thefourthvine's genius Why aren't people commenting? post--which I recommend all vidders keep bookmarked. ;)

Hijacking this post to pimp a couple of recent vid-related posts:
- For the lolz: vidding anthem
- There's much discussion of streaming platforms at the moment. Personally I'm trying out BAM vid vault. Helpful links: here and here.
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This is a speculative vid chat. Or a pre-vid-chat post. I feel a bit sheepish calling it a proper vid chat because it's a very personal post, but at the same time, I'd love other vidders to feel they could share their own experiences with these issues, and since I want to start vid chats up again this year, I thought I may as well just leap in.

I have a confession to make: I have a creative block when it comes to effects. )
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Hi all! I have been slacking with the vid chats in the last couple of weeks. But I'm determined to get back on track.

For reference, here are the previous discussion posts:
- Planning vids
- First vids
- Defining vid genres and narrative styles
- Lyrics and literalism

This week the topic up for discussion is betaing. cut for discussion )
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Hi guys. Vidding chats are back (although I'm running a little late with this one, hope you don't mind)!

This week I've chosen lyrics and our relationship to them as vidders as the topic, partly because it's come up several times in the comments of previous posts, and partly because it's a topic I'm personally very interested in.

cut for discussion )

ETA: This post got long. Feel free to just chat without reading all of it! *headdesk*
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My apologies: I meant to put a post up earlier to mention that I'm taking a break from vidding chats this week. The discussions so far have been very rewarding and I look forward to returning to them next week. In the meantime, feel free to add to the discussions in the posts so far:
- Planning vids
- First vids
- Defining vid genres and narrative styles.
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This week in our vidding chats I want to start talking about different narrative styles in vids. There's a lot of meta out there already on this subject, and many experienced vidders or vid-watchers may have discussed this and thought about it for a lot longer than I have. But this post is where I ask everyone--whether a vidder or vid-watcher--to share with me your thoughts on the following subjects:
- What different types of vid are there?
- What characterises these different types? How do they vary in their structure?
- (As a vidder) are you mainly concerned with telling a story? with making an argument? or with capturing a mood?
- (As a watcher) do you prefer a particular narrative style in the vids you like (e.g. linear story)? /do you have a preferred genre of vid (e.g. humour)?

cut for expanded discussion )
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I was so thrilled by the response to the first vidding chat last week. Thank you to everyone that shared! I was especially pleased to see people chatting among themselves in the comments--please always feel free to do so.

This week: your first vid )

ETA: Over 70 'first vid' stories were collected here in 2007.
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My thanks to everyone who expressed interest in my idea about vidding chats and who completed the poll. I am quite overwhelmed by the response! I was particularly pleased that people began chatting in the poll post itself--even if it's just sharing the feeling that it can be intimidating and hard to discuss these things with others.

I plan to post chat posts weekly, usually Sunday mornings my time, which means Saturday afternoon in the US. But I'm popping this one up a bit early.

First, some guidelines for vidding chats )

Vid planning
cut for the first week's discussion )

My planning process
I'll share my process first--nervously! )

I am, however, insatiably curious about how other vidders do things. So... share? :)


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