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Hi LJ! I have been kinda ignoring you this past week or so. I blame dance performances and slumpy biorhythms (seriously they ALL plunged at the same effing time--what is this shit?!).

Anyway, here's my quick quick thoughts on TV...

Friday Night Lights 5.4
Read more... )

Dexter up to 5.9
Read more... )

The Vampire Diaries: 'Rose' and 'Katerina'
Read more... )

Smallville 10.1-10.3
*coughs self-consciously* Yeah, I finally plucked up nerve to watch the first three episodes of the season! they weren't bad but they were kinda confusing )

Lip Service 104-106
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In other news I have been watching the first season Farscape. flaaail )
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I have a double-digit list of posts I want to make but no time in which to write them up. :( Yet, I am feeling chatty today so I will post something completely useless.

Contrary to the impression given by my absence from this journal most of last year, I am actually still watching some TV shows. In fact, in the last year I have adopted creative strategies for enhancing the viewing experience of several of them. For instance, did you know that:
- Legend of the Seeker is infinitely more enjoyable if you place a candelabra (the more serious and gothic the better) beside the TV screen while watching it?
- Merlin is the perfect Sunday night TV to half watch over dinner? (It really makes ZERO sense to me as a show when it's not on a Sunday night at 7:30.)
- The Vampire Diaries is greatly improved by watching it in a park at night? longer explanation herein )
- True Blood is improved with red wine and trashy food of any variety? This one's a no-brainer, but does mean I can only watch in moderation. ;)

I require no added incentive to watch Community, so I don't have a strategy for that one, other than download quickly, watch, laugh.

Smallville, on the other hand, has required countless innovations over the years. There was a brief glory period where [ profile] supacat and I discovered a flourless, orange cake thing we dubbed 'Clark cake' (it tasted like Clark), but then the bakery stopped making it. :( A before-and-after strategy helps somewhat. For instance, fortifying with Indian takeaway beforehand and taking a ranty walk around the park afterwards. A dog on one's lap is also comforting. Due no doubt partly to the fact it sounds similar to 'park' (and to the fact he associates it with both walks and cuddles), Bob Bob now cocks his head and wags his tail when I say 'Clark'. Bless!

But here's where I'm stumped: what the heck is going to make Hellcats more watchable? Because apparently I'm loyal enough to Tommy to download that crazy shit. *blinks* This is going to require a whole new thing...

Suggestions?! Does anyone else have crazy viewing rituals to improve your TV experience, or is it just me?
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand [ profile] bananainpyjamas (aka dragonchic) joins the Smallville Vidding Renaissance!

Using a quirky mash-up (what I associate with the Jackson 5 and Oasis has been forever shifted!), this vid captures Clark/Lois at their sexy, upbeat, joyful, funny best, with an underlying emotional trajectory built on Clark's growing interest in Lois that makes my shipper heart do cartwheels. (GOD, CLARK, GET A CLUE FASTER! *ahem*)

Like all good Smallville vids should it strips away the surrounding nonsense and gives us the essence of what we love most.

I Want Your Wonderwall. Watch it. Dance to it. Steal your boyfriend's food to it.
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Ok, so my Smallville squee is kind of dead in the water at this point in time, guys, so my thoughts on Smallville this week were short and sweet.

very short, not very spoilery list of reactions )


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:25 am
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If my shows are allowed to have cheap melodrama, why can't I?

I'm so upset you guys! Two shows. MY TWO FAVOURITE SHOWS. At once. Destroying everything I love and hold dear about them. I am so upset I could cry. At first I was numb and snarky and bitter, and then I found humour briefly, but then I went back into rage, and now I think I'm reaching depression...

I'm halfway through a measured response to 'Requiem' to explain why I think it's the death of Smallville, but I keep getting distracted by the badness on Battlestar...


They were both so amazing. Why did they have to throw it away? With SV I can rationalise that Al and Miles left... but with Battlestar? It's hard to understand how RDM could create this universe and then destroy it. Also, I feel way more alone in BSG because so many fans are clinging to hope still. At least in SV, we've more or less all been smacked in the face.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Requiem was TEN TIMES AS DREADFUL as BSG this week, but the BSG decline is more drawn out. Which is better? I don't know! *flails*

It's days like today it really sucks to be a completionist.

ETA: I don't normally quote TWOP. But it occurs to me that this sums up my position on both shows: So if you've ever loved the show and thought it was building to a fitting end for some of its major characters, congratulations. You got played. Go watch Friday Night Lights instead.
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Rejected. All of it. The whole fucking season.

ETA: Spoilers and ranting in comments.
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reaction to the final minutes only )

I may or may not write an episode review depending on how this settles with me.

ETA: Spoilers for BSG 4.11 in comments.
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Vid: I kissed a girl
Artist: Katy Perry
Source: Smallville, up to 8.04
Warnings: bad dancing and PG-rated smut
Description: Clark experiments with heterosexuality
Download: direct download (35.7 MB) or streaming at YouTube, BAM or Blip
Credits: Concept by [ profile] svmadelyn who clued me on to the fact that this previously irritating song was actually all about Clark! Betaed by [ profile] brokenmnemonic and [ profile] talitha78 *hearts*
Notes: Possibly the easiest (and silliest) vid I've ever made! :D
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Need something to watch while you wait for Smallville to download? Feeling the need of a Clex-injection mid-Season 8?

I recommend [ profile] bananainpyjamas (aka dragonchic)'s Intergalactic Friends. :D It's like doing a SHOT of Clex, I swear. Or maybe 10 shots in quick succession...
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Ok, guys. Unpopular (and unexpected) fannish opinion warning on this one, but I need to get it out there. I've realised what is bugging me about this season. And it's kind of huge. This is in response to 8.04 so may be spoilery, but I'm going to review 8.04 separately because I have other stuff to say about it. warning for capslock of rage: here's the problem )
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Somehow, no matter how mad at or disappointed by Smallville I get sometimes, it always sucks me back in...

and right now, with the countdown on until the final season premiere, I find myself seriously excited again. It helps that I've seen lots of cut-tags re. spoilers from Clois fans on my f'list over the last few days... I don't want to know (obviously!) so smooches for cut-tagging, but I'm glad there's some buzz out there about my last remaining ship on that show.

Personally, apart from anything else, I can't wait to see what cracktastic gems the writing team pull out for the season opener. They are always something special. :) I have my date with a dl all lined up, and since I'm getting a particularly difficult book to print tomorrow, I will be mad keen to celebrate with SV...

And now. My first ever quote meme!

When you see this, post a Smallville quote on your LJ.

Clark: Lois? She's... bossy! She's stuck-up, she's rude... I can't stand her!
Lana: The best ones always start that way.
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Lois has more than 13 episodes in Season 8! I didn't read the full interview, for fear of spoilers but got as far as Erica saying "All I know is I'm doing more than my 13, but they won't tell me how many yet."

and started partying. \o/ \o/

I know, I know, it's too early for a full celebration. And I think it is very mean that not even ED knows how many yet. But seriously, I need something (non-spoilery) to get excited about in the lead-up to next week's premiere.
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So I'm drunk and opinionated.

cut for bluntness about Smallville Season 8 casting spoilers )

Tomorrow I have to have blood extracted from me. This week I gave myself a black eye, and bruised my collarbone and the bit of my thigh right above my knee. I also wore a top inside-out and back-to-front to work (thereby wandering around for the first half an hour of my work day with the tag sticking out from my breasts at everyone), poured tea all over my desk (including over page proof and new book advances) and made the tap in the bathroom explode all over my nice pants so that I looked like I'd wet myself.

You can't hate on me any better than I already do. :D
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Paranoid Android feels like a milestone in my history as a vidder. I learnt so much in making it, both about vidding and about the show (Smallville) and the character (Lex). Originally I was going to post notes about the vid with the vid, but I decided against this for two reasons:
1. I didn't want to impose my own reading of the vid on viewers.
2. I realised I had a lot more to say than could be justified as just 'notes'.

So for those who are curious, this was my journey with 'Paranoid Android'. discussion is spoilery for all episodes, since 7.20 'Arctic' footage is used in the vid )
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Vid: Paranoid Android
Artist: Radiohead
Source: Smallville
Warnings: Spoilers for all episodes including 7.20, adult themes, violence
Acknowledgments: A small army of people helped create this vid: [ profile] radioreverie initially had the concept way back in January 2006 (and persisted in persuading me to make it!) and provided invaluable development advice throughout, [ profile] brokenmnemonic gave me hope that I might finish one day, [ profile] supacat selflessly (since she hates Radiohead) provided meta feedback on a near-finished draft and [ profile] talitha78 gave me the kind of beta feedback that makes you want to jump around the room with joy. The vid wouldn't be the same without any of them.
Notes: This week we bid farewell to Smallville's Lex Luthor. This is my tribute to Michael Rosenbaum's superlatively nuanced embodiment of the iconic supervillain. I hope that this vid is as open to interpretation as his performance.
Download: from sendspace or direct download (50MB) or streaming at YouTube, BAM or Blip
Lyrics:Please could you stop the noise )
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Title: Samson
Artist: Regina Spektor
Fandom: Smallville
Description: Clark/Lana mood piece, spoilers to episode 7.04
Download: direct download (24 MB) or streaming at BAM or Blip (has been disabled on YouTube)
Credits: I had a lot of help with this one! The original concept is [ profile] radioreverie's and huge thanks go to her for creative brainstorming as well. Profuse thanks to [ profile] talitha78 for lifting my spirits with her wonderful feedback, and to [ profile] supacat and [ profile] brokenmnemonic for additional beta comments.
Notes: My aim was to capture the emotional tone of the Clana relationship, rather than take a literal or heavily meta approach, although I couldn't resist sprinkling a little meta in. Although it's in Lana's voice, it's not strictly Lana point-of-view--it was my intention to capture the ship as a whole. I'm passionate about neither the song nor the ship, but it was a satisfying experience vidding them nonetheless and I forced myself to practise transitions. And yes, I squeed crazily when they referenced the Samson/Delilah relationship in the episode last night. (My ep review is late because it spurred me to finish this first!)
You are my sweetest downfall )

Feedback would be wonderful should any of you care to watch! :)
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One day back at work and I'm already grieving the loss of quality online time. :( Especially with so many shiny fun things right now!

There's lots of great meta coming out about BSG's 'Razor' (and I am not going to get sick of talking about that any time soon!) and also the funniest deleted scene I've ever heard of needs to be giggled over. I mean really. *blinks* cut for completely stupid observation that's spoilery for that deleted scene and S3 )

As if BSG fandom wasn't entertaining enough, SV is all geared up for a Lana-centric episode that will no doubt be controversial and cut for spoilery comment about episode 6.05 ) There's a cool post here about Lana--still the best comm name ever. ;)

In sadder news, the latest draft of my latest vid went pfft and I have to do it all over. :( Boo! But I am close to finished and if I wasn't in such a silly mood would be vidding right now.

Finally this is the best anonymous comment I have ever received. :D
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Hmm. That was... odd.

Kryptonian soap opera )
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It's nearly here! I kind of can't believe it. I've kept myself so well insulated from spoilers all hiatus, it feels a little unreal to me that the show is actually starting again this week. I know only one thing about the new season--a casting spoiler--and I'm happy to keep it that way. I have NO CLUE how they will get out of the end-of-season cliffhanger (except that it will probably make no sense!) but it will be great to see them try...

There are many things I'd like to see in Season 7. Most of them probably won't happen but it's fun to wish/speculate... ten things I'd like to see in Season 7 and some other random lists )


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