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Some asshole spoiled me (rightly or wrongly it doesn't really matter--pisses me off equally much) for Season 2 Lip Service, which starts today. In a comment to 'I'm not yours' on Youtube. Which... ok, I know comments sections on YouTube become more like public forums than LJ posts but it still feels like someone spat in my face after I handed them a bunch of flowers. :(

ME: 'Here, have my soul in vid form!'

I am so upset right now! :(((((((((((

This was the ONLY show that I thought might give me something I really care deeply about in the rest of this whole year ... TGW is gearing up for a Peter-focused finale (ugh), OUAT remains ludicrous, GoT is chronically disappointing to me ... I was so fucking THRILLED that I was getting a show I really loved back again.

And I'm sorry--I'm built like that, I care about not being spoiled when it's a show I really really love. I want to have a chance to live the whole journey. Of course there was every chance that season 2 wouldn't live up to the promise of Season 1, but regardless I wanted that experience...

So they say Cat dies.



Maybe I shouldn't watch it.

But I will anyway. And be miserable.

But there goes another show down the fucking toilet, seriously ...

Without even getting into whether you ship Cat/Frankie or Cat/Sam, Cat was CLEARLY a primary focus character of the whole show. Without her, I don't know to make of it. And if she dies, it's quite early--like episode 2 or something. :((



Another character and another ship I loved completely FUCKED OVER by the authors.


And if it turns out not to be true well then FUCK THAT PERSON ON YOUTUBE EVEN MORE.

PS. Yes, I will remind myself that probably that spoiling person was just in their own pain or whatevs and didn't mean to hurt or annoy others. Rational brain is rational. But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Date: 2012-04-21 06:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] blnchflr
Being spoiled is D: - it may be silly, but it robs the enjoyment out of something :(

I hope it turns out to be not true and the person don't know what they were talking about.


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