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*lays down four clips of new vid*

*cries inconsolably*

Oh Fuck. So that's how it is.


HI! :D

I never update my journal nowadays so but what the hell, I shall randomly do so today. :) What follows are where my fannish attention is these days...

The Good Wife

So much delights me about this show that every episode I am \o/ about something or other, but there is invariably also accompanying confusion/angst/annoyance at Alicia. Ok, granted, I usually have an ambivalent relationship with protagonists but Alicia's definitely had me all wound up this season. A large part of that has to do with the fact that after a season or two of being suspicious of Will I found myself heart and soul on his 'team' and I really feel deeply the loss for him in the breakdown of their dalliance... or perhaps it would be better to describe it as the failure of it to deepen into something more formal and solid. Yes, it would have been better if he could have been more honest earlier about wanting a deeper commitment but the fact that he got to that point *just* as Alicia panicked and fled is a scar that's lingering badly for me.

I worry that the writing team think they have 'done' Will/Alicia now and I feel a bit ripped off because I think they tried to get the best of two separate scenarios: 1) Will and Alicia have a one-night fling in which neither is fully honest with the other about the depth of their emotions, and 2) Will and Alicia date over a longer time and have to deal with awkwardness in the office. Trying to combine the two was awkward, imo, and if it wasn't for the stellar acting of the cast members I don't think it would have felt convincing that they could skirt away from the deeper emotional currents between them for so long.

Sigh. Regardless they seem to be writing Alicia as 'moving on' now and I'm left wondering what the hell she DID ever feel for Will? Just please god, writers, do NOT have her get back together with Peter! I am terrified by this toying with buying the old house... while I can see a symbolic reason why it might be a powerful storytelling choice (she now owns the house through her own means, not as the wife of a powerful man), I really really hate the idea of Alicia clinging to this nostalgia for the past, even if she's doing so largely for her children's sake. It's so foolish! They are going to be off to college soon anyway! And it's stupid because the idyll they long for doesn't exist any more.

On the brighter end of the spectrum, I was over the moon about the Kalicia scenes in the last episode. And--delightfully and unexpectedly--particularly liked Alicia's handling of them. I think it's understandable that she would be startled and react defensively to Kalinda's first overture of friendship. Although I felt the slight keenly on Kalinda's behalf, I sort of think it was inevitable. Kalinda was pushing behind Alicia's nice, neat, 'professional' behaviour with her in the workplace and it was a shock. What I think is wonderful though is that even immediately Alicia appeared annoyed and dissatisfied with the way the exchange went.

In the second exchange it was very clear that Alicia had thought further about it and what she wanted and realised that in fact she doesn't want to stay in the past and doesn't want to cling to bitchy outrage as a defence. In making this choice I feel her exchange with Tami was instrumental in shifting her perspective. Being cast as the 'other woman' for once was very disorienting to Alicia and I think she was repulsed by Tami's insistence on rubbing in that the relationship decline with Will was her fault. Of course the two situations aren't completely parallel but in her heart I think Alicia does know that her own issues with Peter are hers and aren't or weren't 'created' by Kalinda. What lingers for her is the betrayal, the lying to her face... so when in the second exchange she focused so directly on the need to be open and forthcoming, I was overjoyed. I was thrilled that Alicia phrased it as a question (even if it was clear she wasn't convinced): can you do that? This allowed Kalinda the opportunity to make a clear, conscious choice, one that she will have to live up to if she wants Alicia's friendship (which she does so sharply and painfully).

I loved K's anguished face in these scenes. She was torn apart by the rejection--understandably, as it's so rare for her to reach out to anyone. And she was also a little terrified about what she had agreed to ... although she didn't hesitate for one second, which was beautiful, since being open is the thing she finds hardest to do in the world.

Instinctively I feel the power that this relationship has to be transformative for both women and I can't wait to see where it leads.

In a lighter arena, I am SUPER AMUSED that Diane's dating exploits get out of hand when Will's not around. They're adorable! That suspicious glance Will gave her through the glass was priceless. They're such a funny pair.

Was delighted at the insight into Will's home and his interfering sisters in the previous episode. Would be entirely happy to hang out on his sofa for whole episodes... couldn't the office just come to him??? ;)

OMG, I still love this show to pieces but I seem to be the only one that does... I hear it's getting completely pulverised in the ratings in the US and I'm so sad. Also I neeeeeeeeeeed it to hang in there a little longer as I feel instinctively that I need more footage for the vid I have planned for it, footage they haven't quite given me... yet!

I love Nikita so much. Favourite line from last episode: 'My personal feelings ARE right'. :D

Her openness in her confusion/guilt and then relief and joy at Fletch being alive was really beautiful.

Mostly just want MORE MORE MORE from this show!

Once Upon a Time
Gaaaaaaawwwwwwwd this show. It's so baaaaad. But I'm still watching it. I find the overall plot arc at the moment to be RIDICULOUS but hey, that's in keeping with the overall premise. :p

Things I liked recently:
- Red's storyline! Cool twist! And am super-glad that her episode didn't involve her actually being a whore because I've been squicked by the way she's been cast as the town slut in the lead-up episodes. Thank you writers for avoiding that in her classic tale, at least!
- Emma is her LEMUR!!!! Endlessly delighted by this line and by the mentoring relationship formed there.
- Less Rumpel/Gold in recent eps. THANK YOU! What a relief!

Am anxious that August may turn out to be the Sheriff reincarnated, as the theory is going around... I think that would be SHIT as I do not like the actor at all and find him to be slimy around Emma, which Graham never was. :/ I am, however, curious to find out for sure who he is... from Henry's perspective I appreciated the scene where August came clean about being another 'believer'.

Oh, and I got a tumblr:

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It's good to see your electrons around!

I hope the procrastination went well *g*

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I'm doing okay, not great, but okay at the moment, and I'm doing what I can to take care of myself and handling things. So that is good, at least *s* (Thank you for asking *hugs*)


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