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Help, oh wise and wonderful f'list!! :)

For Vidukon, I will be running a panel on character study vids. It's a 1.5 hour panel and I'd like to show at least parts of a couple of vids as examples or discussion points. For this reason, and also simply for research and preparation purposes I would love to get recs of any character study vids (in any fandom) that you consider exceptional. Even if I don't end up showing the vids in the panel (there won't be time for many) it would be really helpful to know which vids leap to peoples' minds as the 'best' character study vids out there.

As part of the panel I want to discuss different approaches that can be taken with character study vids, so I'm also looking for character studies that are unusual in some way--either in the way they convey character, in use of an unusual structure, a 'reveal', mood over narrative, point of view, anything you can think of really. And I'm not wed to any particular definition of the genre--if you consider it a character study and think it's great, let me know! :)

Date: 2011-01-16 01:08 pm (UTC)
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The first one that comes to mind is Killa and Carol S.'s Raven in the Storm, a Methos (Highlander) character study, which I have loved for years, because of what it does with dissolves. As with Hitchcock's Rope, there are in fact some cuts, but you don't notice because the dissolves are too powerful.

Date: 2011-01-16 05:54 pm (UTC)
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Cool panel idea. There are too many vids but I'd like to suggest [personal profile] lim’s Snape vid In exchange for all your tomorrows and [personal profile] laurashapiro’s Lee Adama vidA Day Like Today. Both are suberb and unusual for character studies in making the visual focus the people the central character interacts with rather than the character himself. Instead of showing you images of Snape/Lee these vids show you the world they see/as they see it.

Date: 2011-01-16 10:30 pm (UTC)
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If you want some input from the part of the peanut gallery without too much insight....:D

I can't very well point to your own work, now can I? (Else I'd have put Middleman, Clint Eastwood and Some time around midnight on my list. I guess in some ways watching your vids over the years have "taught" me a lot about what I see as character study vids.)

If I stick with BSG for a minute Becca's Dee vid Songs of the Unforgiven: Suicide Planet - No Future is one of my favourites for the very clever use of the source material -- but one probably needs to be very BSG-literate to get it. Also for BSG Jolene by Nicole and For Your Entertainment by Dualbunny for very different values of interesting use of the source to craft a character study. Oh, and A Day Like Today by Laura Shapiro is Lee seen in contrast to the people that surround him (or something like that).

Kudowra's Suddenly I See for Castle is to me kind of a double character study in as it's both a study of the 3 female characters and a character study for Castle himself exploring the way his relationships with these 3 women define him.

Chaila's Suicide Future (Rewind) about Derek Reese is another favourite of mine.

ETA: Aaaand I really should have checked the comments on both posts before hitting "reply". Several of these have already been suggested by others. At least I'm in good company?
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